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The Fresh Diet Review

The Fresh Diet is a food delivery service that delivers three healthy meals (plus two snacks) to your home every day to help you lose weight.

Find out if The Fresh Diet is worth the high price tag today in our review.

What is The Fresh Diet?

The Fresh Diet promises to deliver “taste, convenience, and results” to dieters across the United States.

Fresh meals are delivered straight to your doorstep. They’re not frozen, freeze-dried, or vacuum-sealed. Instead, they’re prepared fresh by chefs and are specially made to be nutritionally balanced. You receive meals 5 days of the week inside of thermally-insulated cooler bags.

The Fresh Diet promises to be the most convenient way to maintain a healthy diet. Instead of spending all day shopping and preparing meals for yourself, you can stay healthy and slim using The Fresh Diet’s special meals.

Plus, you’ll save hours of time because you won’t have to cook, do dishes, or go grocery shopping. You can use that time to exercise and maximize your weight loss results.

There are a variety of meal plans available, including vegetarian meal plans and gluten free options.

How Does The Fresh Diet Work?

The Fresh Diet works with a simple three step process:

Step 1) You select a meal plan, which lasts for either 7 or 31 days

Step 2) You receive fresh meal deliveries 5 days a week in thermally insulated cooler bags. Meals are delivered between 7pm and 5am and you receive double deliveries on Thursday/Friday and Saturday/Sunday. These delivery times are also flexible based on your unique schedule.

Step 3) “Eat and enjoy”. The Fresh Diet claims you can lose 1 to 3 pounds per week by eating the meals included in the diet plan.

Some other things to note about The Fresh Diet include:

— You get one breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day as well as two snacks per day

— Each meal has calorie portions to help you stick to your diet

— You can customize your meals using the online meal planner, which lets you select up to 50 ingredients you don’t like

— You choose from four different options for each main meal

— There are over 50 meals from which to choose and new menu items are added every month

— All members can talk to a nutritionist to receive customized recommendations based on their dietary needs

The Fresh Diet Sample Menu

The Fresh Diet provides sample menu items at its official website. You can view those sample menu items here. Here’s what an average day on The Fresh Diet might look like:

Breakfast: A fresh fruit salad with cantaloupe, red grapes, honeydew melon, pineapple, and banana ricotta cheese (300 calories).

Lunch: White albacore tuna salad and baby lettuce on spinach tortilla wrap (370 calories).

Midday Snack: Spicy shrimp with papaya salsa (190 calories).

Dinner: Thai curried noodles with broccoli and tofu with roasted Roma tomatoes and curry and cauliflower mash (325 calories).

Dessert: Key lime cheesecake (220 calories).

Other main meals include pumpkin apple quinoa oatmeal, grilled chicken breast with baby arugula, mango stuffed pork, lemon pepper grilled shrimp salad, and caramelized fennel stuffed chicken with acorn squash and wild rice.

Ultimately, most women get meals totaling 1,200 to 1,400 calories per day, while most men get 1,600 to 1,800 calories per day. You also tell The Fresh Diet how much weight you want to lose, and they customize your daily calorie amount even further based on that information.

Of course, one of the benefits of The Fresh Diet is that it’s easy to stick to the diet: if you completely follow the plan, then you shouldn’t have any other food in your house. If you get hungry between meals, then you won’t be tempted to reach for some of the extra food you have in your fridge – because you won’t have any.

You’ll also have lots of extra time to spend exercising. Since you’re not shopping for groceries, you can spend all that free time burning calories to maximize the weight loss benefits.

That’s why some people only subscribe to The Fresh Diet for a month or two at a time. They pay to have their meals cooked and achieve their weight loss goals, then try to maintain those results over time by cooking their own meals.

How Much Does The Fresh Diet Cost?

With The Fresh Diet, you have someone in your local area cooking food and then delivering that food to your doorstep almost every night of the week. Obviously, all of that convenience is going to come at a cost. Here’s what you can expect to pay with The Fresh Diet:

7 Day Fresh Premium Starter Plan: $249
31 Day Fresh Premium Plan: $39.99 per day ($1239.69 per month)

You can buy these plans from the official Fresh Diet website, which is Or you can call 1-866-FRESH-50 to get started.

Where is The Fresh Diet Available?

The Fresh Diet calls itself America’s #1 Fresh Meal Delivery Service. Currently, the company provides free doorstep delivery to customers in 12 states, 44 metro areas, and 573 cities.

You can view a full coverage map here. That coverage is based around five major cities in the United States, including:

— Los Angeles
— Dallas
— Chicago
— New York
— Miami

However, coverage extends far around those cities. If you’re within about a 2-3 hour drive of those cities, then your city may be covered.

Should You Try The Fresh Diet?

The Fresh Diet was designed by a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef. You get fine dining-quality meals delivered directly to your doorstep several nights of the week. Meals are customized based on your unique health goals, your gender, as well as your dietary preferences.

All of that quality and convenience comes at a price. It’s cheaper than hiring a personal chef to run your kitchen – but you’re still paying a pretty penny.

For the distinguished customer that wants to pay to enjoy fine-quality, healthy meals every day of the week, The Fresh Diet can be worth the entire $1240 monthly fee – especially if you don’t want to shop for groceries, cook, or do dishes.

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