Swiss Bliss Bra: Bust Shaping & Posture Supporting Garment?


The Swiss Bliss Bra is an undergarment with a patented design that can offer support without the need for an underwire beneath each cup. The design is made with breathable aloe vera and bamboo fabric.

What Is The Swiss Bliss Bra?

Any woman with at least an A-cup needs to wear a bra consistently to support their shape as it lifts. However, since most people do not know how to wear the right size, and bra companies do not offer much of a middle ground, it can be taxing just to find one that supports the breasts and their shape.

Even if someone finds such a bra, their weight and hormones can fluctuate throughout the month, which makes it even more difficult. However, the creators of the Swiss Bliss Bra believe that they have a product that can help.

The Swiss Bliss Bra looks a lot like a sports bra, but the dramatic plunge at the front ensures that consumers can wear it with just about any top. Even though the bra has no underwire to support the structure, it still helps the wearer maintain a desirable shape. Furthermore, the design of the fabric keeps the user from spilling out of their bra, keeping the right balance of comfort and coverage.

Along with the obvious benefits, this design features thicker straps, so consumers will not have to worry about uncomfortable weight on their shoulders. The bra also automatically straightens the user’s posture with this profound support, reducing back pain and creating that straight posture that helps women feel relieved from the soreness of large breasts.

With bamboo and aloe vera fibers, the material is incredibly breathable, so women can comfortably perspire without feeling uncomfortable. Consumers of all shapes and sizes can wear this design, because it adjusts to the user’s figure.

Wearing The Swiss Bliss Bra

The Swiss Bliss Bra has absolutely no clasps for consumers to have to uncomfortably hook together. Instead, after the user slides the bra on, the only thing that they have to do is to adjust the strap lengths for their desired lift.

How To Purchase The Swiss Bliss Bra

The total cost of the bra is $39.99, and consumers can choose from sizes ranging from small to XXL. While videos indicate consumers can visit to make their purchase, the website does not appear to be active anymore. Luckily, consumers also have the option to call in their order by dialing 1-800-416-5921.

There are no listed hours of operation right now.

Swiss Bliss Bra Review Summary

The Swiss Bliss Bra is meant for everyone, since it is not designed for a particular body type, cup size, or even age.

With the structure of this undergarment, consumers with larger breasts no longer have to feel sore and hunched over, just because of the weight on their chest. However, since the website is no longer active for this product, there is still a chance that consumers can no longer buy it.


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