Suzy Bra – Backless, Strapless, Stick On Maximum Cleavage Bra?


Suzy Bra is an undergarment for the breasts that offers no bands or straps, while remaining completely in control of the user’s cleavage. The design is meant for any kind of top, without having the restrictions that some necklines cause.

What is Suzy Bra?

Looking the best often coincides with feeling the best, and any woman feels good about themselves in a supportive bra. While there are many assorted styles on the market, the hardest part about finding helpful intimate apparel is the struggle of having one style that suits every neckline in the closet. Even with strapless bras, consumers are left with an awkward band across their back when they want to expose it. That is when the Suzy Bra comes in.

The Suzy bra is one of the many options that consumers have for outfits that require no straps or bands, covering only the breasts. However, it also helps to improve the cleavage of the wearer to whatever intensity that she prefers. The simplicity of the design is probably why consumers gravitate to it, allowing them to wear any outfit they want.

How Does the Suzy Bra Work?

The reason that the Suzy Bra is an effective way to create cleavage and coverage is due to the adhesive that goes on the inside of each cup. Though no residue is left behind, the formula is carefully balanced to ensure that it does not irritate the skin, while still offering long-lasting results.

Few details are listed on the website about this bra, but the key to getting the look desired is to wear and adjust the cups properly.

Applying the Suzy Bra

Most people enjoy wearing the Suzy Bra for how easy it is to apply. The bra offers an adhesive that leaves no residue behind, allowing consumers to line up the cups at the place they want coverage on their breasts.

Once the cups are in place, the user tightens the string attached between them to create the desired amount of cleavage.

At the end of the day, the user can gently peel back the cup off each breast, covering the adhesive side with the original plastic protection that was on it before. To keep the cups clean, consumer can hand-wash the material with soap and water.


Normally, consumers would need to pay $79.95 to get this kind of performance from a bra. Usually, even high-prices lingerie comes at a cheaper price. However, the company beats out their competitors with their latest promotion, offering the bra for just $19.47.

Consumers will need to choose their cup size (A, B, or C), which is available in both beige and black. There is no need for the band size, since there is no band to secure in place.

If the wearer of the Suzy bra is not complete happy with the way they look or how the bra feels, there is a restricted 14-day return policy in place.

Contacting the Creators of the Suzy Bra

Even though the bra seems so simple, some consumers may want to learn more information before they commit to using this bra. The customer service team does not provide a phone number to reach the team, but anyone can send a message to [email protected]

Suzy Bra Conclusion

The Suzy Bra is anything but classic in its design. There are no complicated assembly instructions, and consumers can use the bra under any clothing, whether it is a seductive blouse or a relaxing t-shirt.

With the ability to forgo the straps and enjoy a more natural look, consumers can order multiple Suzy Bras to accommodate them on any day of the week.

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