Suunto MoveSense – Smart Sports Sensing Measurement Solution?


Suunto is a Finnish company that recently released a developer-friendly fitness tracking kit called Movesense. Find out how this kit works today in our review.

What is Suunto Movesense?

Developing your own fitness tracker isn’t easy. You need to design it, source the parts, manufacture it, and work with advanced biotech technologies like heart rate monitoring. For many startups, all of this is overwhelming.

Suunto, a Finnish company best known for their fitness, diving, and navigational gear, came up with a solution. It’s called Movesense. It’s a collection of fitness tracker tools packed into a developer-friendly kit.

Movesense is a small, circular device about the circumference of a large wristwatch face. The device comes packed with the same sensors as Suunto’s heart rate tracking strap.

In a recent preview at CES 2017, Suunto’s team were shown using the Movesense while it was embedded in a long-sleeve shirt. The team was using it as a high five sensor. Movesense was able to track the number of high 5s someone gave over a certain period of time simply by tracking the movement of the arm.

The idea behind Movesense is that developers will be able to adapt it for all sorts of unique applications – like everything from attaching it to a kayak paddle to a bicycle pedal.

How Will Suunto Movesense Help Developers?

Suunto is selecting a group of 50 developers who have cool ideas for fitness tracker products – but haven’t been able to bring those ideas to market because of various challenges. Each of these 50 developers will receive an early version of the Movesense developer kit.

The company is currently accepting applications for this program through its website. If accepted, you’ll get a free development kit.

After this initial launch, Movesense will be available to purchase for around $105 USD (100 Euro).

How exactly does this help developers? Well, instead of worrying about the hardware aspects of developing a fitness tracker, developers can focus on writing software, creating apps, and integrating their platforms with other platforms. The actual circuit board of a fitness tracker is pretty straightforward and similar across all products – it’s the software where companies can really differentiate themselves.

Suunto Movesense Tech Specs and Features


-1.44 inches (36.6mm) diameter

-0.35oz (10g) weight

-Connects to a number of different things, including clothes, shoes, and sports equipment (there are two prongs on the bottom of the device that connect to corresponding ports in special clothing or shoes)

-The stud/prong system makes it easy to swap Movesense between activities (as an example, Suunto describes how you can keep it on your bike pedal to measure your pedaling, then swap it to your kayak paddle to measure your paddling)

-Built-in memory, so there’s no need to sync your data via a phone (although you can sync data at a later time)

How to Buy Suunto Movesense

The Suunto Movesense is not available for general sale right now.

However, you can apply to the Movesense developer beta program through the company’s official website here. The company is inviting no more than 50 individuals or teams to join the program.

If you’re accepted, you’ll receive a free Movesense Developer Kit with two Movesense sensors and connectors, along with access to the beta SDK. As part of the beta program, you’ll be encouraged to share your feedback with the company.

When Movesense is released, it will be priced at 100 Euros.

About Suunto

Suunto is a Finnish company owned by Amer Sports, an international sporting goods company. Other brands under the Amer Sports family include Salomon, Wilson, Atomic, Arc’teryx, Mavic, and Precor.

The company’s About page describes how its “technically advanced sports equipment, footwear and apparel improve performance and increase the enjoyment of sports and outdoor activities.”

You can get in touch with Suunto and the Movesense team by emailing [email protected] or by using the contact information found here.


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