Siren Smart Socks – Siren Care’s Diabetic Health Tracking Socks?


Siren is a biotech company that just released its first product: a pair of temperature-monitoring “smart socks” to help diabetics avoid foot ulcers. Here’s our Siren Care Smart Socks review.

What is Siren Care?

Every year, millions of people with diabetes will suffer from foot ulcers. Diabetic foot ulcers, however, are completely preventable. The key to prevention is early detection.

That’s where Siren Care – also known simply as “Siren” – wants to help. Siren Care’s key product is the Siren Socks, the world’s only temperature sensing socks designed specifically to prevent foot ulcers caused by diabetes.

By wearing the socks regularly and monitoring your feet temperatures, you can prevent diabetic foot ulcers and avoid amputations, among other neuropathy-related problems.

Siren Care estimates that 1.5 million Americans will develop a diabetic foot ulcer every year, out of a total of 29.1 million Americans with diabetes. These ulcers lead to 100,000 amputations every year, and 25% of diabetic foot ulcers don’t heal.

Clearly, foot ulcers are a problem for diabetics around the world. Let’s take a closer look at how the Siren Socks work.

How Do the Siren Smart Socks Work?

Siren Socks are the flagship product offered by Siren Care. The socks are the world’s first and only temperature sensing socks to help prevent foot ulcers caused by diabetes.

The socks monitor the temperature of your feet 24/7. They also track foot injuries using special injury sensors – so you know exactly when an injury occurs even if you don’t feel it.

All of this information is transmitted to your phone via Bluetooth. You receive alerts on your phone as soon as a significant temperature increase occurs, or if there’s an injury detected. You can check the temperature of your foot using the mobile app, viewing hot and cold spots to assess your risk of developing diabetic foot ulcers.

Here’s the process Siren Care’s Siren Smart Socks use to prevent foot ulcers:

1) Skin inflammation leads to temperature increase. Wounds in your foot are preceded by inflammation. When temperatures increase, it’s a sign of inflammation.

2) Sensors detect the temperature of your skin. There are six tiny temperature sensors in the fabric of the smart socks. These sensors detect even the smallest changes of your foot’s temperature.

3) Siren Care App alerts are sent to you when the socks detect a significant temperature increase on your foot, allowing you to take action immediately.

4) Check your feet when the app tells you. The app alerts you when there’s a potential risk, then tells you to do a visual foot check to avoid complications. You can also schedule an appointment with your doctor if the problem persists over time.

Siren Socks Features

  • Can be worn to protect your feet
  • Measures temperatures
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Automated alerts and connected mobile app
  • Ease of use
  • Machine washable

Siren Smart Socks Pricing

The Siren smart socks are currently available to pre-order through the official website. Estimated shipping is in spring 2017. Here’s how pricing works:

7 Pack of Socks (14 Socks): $120 USD

You can pick black or white colored socks in 7 different sizes. Your purchase also comes with the free mobile app.

The final retail price for the Siren smart socks will be $180. You can also purchase an auto-ship six month subscription to Siren’s smart socks to receive 7 pairs of smart socks that you can wear daily for up to 6 months before being replaced.

About Siren Care

Siren is a biotech company that just released its Siren smart socks onto the market. The company was founded with the goal of combining smart textiles with user-centric software “to give people actionable data in order to make informed decisions about their health”. The Siren smart socks are the company’s first product.

Siren Care has offices in Denmark and San Francisco. You can get in touch with the company by email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-628-444-9603. Siren was founded in 2015.

Should You Buy Siren Care’s Siren Smart Socks?

Siren Care’s Siren Socks could be the difference between losing your foot and saving it. These unique socks track the temperature of your feet to spot ulcers before they occur. Siren Care cites research showing that 72% of foot ulcers can be prevented using temperature monitoring technology.

The socks come with six small sensors embedded in the fabric. These sensors continuously monitor the temperature of your feet, helping you spot inflammation early, and avoid all inflammation-related problems (like foot ulcers).

If you or a loved one has diabetes and is concerned about foot ulcers, then Siren Care’s Siren Socks could be a lifesaving device.

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