Fitbit Charge HR – Wearable Heart Rate Activity Wristband?


The health and wellness of people in the Western world has become a hot topic across the globe. While research finds that almost three out of every four adults in the United States suffers from being overweight or obese, there is also another end of the spectrum. Throughout the country, more and more people are adopting healthier lifestyles, eating better and exercising smarter. With this change in lifestyle that is sweeping the country, the percentage of those suffering from being overweight or obese may start decreasing, something everyone hopes to be true.

The problem with adopting a healthier lifestyle is that it can extremely difficult to maintain. One of the biggest hurdles of becoming healthy is that it is extremely difficult to find a balance between the three key elements that support better health. For many, even hearing that there are three elements to health is a surprise. Many people know that diet and exercise are the two biggest keys to being healthy. However, there’s a third that is often forgotten: Sleep. Everyone who wants to achieve better health struggles to find the balance between eating well, exercising properly, and sleeping smart.

Until now, there were several options available for each individual aspect of getting healthy. There were coaches, gyms, systems, and programs available for those who wanted to exercise. On the diet side of things, there were also programs, as well as logs and journals that could be used to keep track of everything. And, recently, there are more and more apps available for tracking and monitoring sleep, so users can get the most out of their nightly rest. However, there hasn’t been anything that has combined all three of these things into one, easy to use system. Until now.

Fitbit is a wearable technology that has swept the nation, offering users an easier way to keep track of their lifestyles, from how they exercise to what they eat and how they sleep. While Fitbit has been popular for quite a while, it’s the newest version of the technology that is making the biggest splash, the Fitbit Charge HR.

What is the Charge HR?

The FitBit Charge HR is one of the newest versions of the Fitbit. The smaller versions of Fitbit were great at keeping track of heartrate and other exercise stats, but weren’t quite as comprehensive as many people wanted. The larger versions of the Fitbit offered a wider range of features, but in a bulky form that looked more like a watch than wearable technology. With the Fitbit Charge HR, the best things from both ends of the spectrum have been combined, offering one of the most comprehensive, streamlined options for those who want to get healthy and stay that way.

The Charge HR looks very much like the older versions of the Fitbit, coming with a band about the size of a watch with a small strip for information. Because the screen of the Charge HR is much smaller than the one found on the Fitbit Blaze or the Fitbit Surge, it is much more discreet, looking more like an accessory than a smartwatch.

For those who are serious about getting and staying healthy, the Charge HR offers the most thorough system to support and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Using the Charge HR, users will be able to track, monitor, and share their goals and progress, making it the perfect support system for their lifestyle journey.

Benefits of the Charge HR

As mentioned above, the Charge HR perfectly combines the best features of the larger and smaller versions of the Fitbit models. Because of this, there are so many amazing things that make the Charge HR the perfect option for those who want a wearable technology that will truly push them to get healthier.

The first benefit of the Charge HR is that it include the PurePulse Heart Rate monitoring system. Fitbit uses this system to give users automatic and continuous information about their heart rates, tracking it every minute of every day. Up until the Fitbit, tracking and monitoring the heart rate required a bulky and uncomfortable strap that went across the chest, as well as a wrist monitor. Now, with the Charge HR, heart rate, calorie burn, and so much more can be tracked in real time, right on the wrist.

While it’s very important to keep track of heart rate during exercises, it’s also important to track things throughout the entire day. Workouts play a huge role in the health and wellness of others, but all-day activity is important, too. Because of this, Charge HR tracks everything, from workouts to other activities users participate in throughout the day. Users of Charge HR will be able to track their heart rate, steps taken, distance walked or run, calories burned, and even stairs climbed throughout the entire day. Using this information, the Charge HR will be able to give users a complete picture of their daily activity.

People take their phones with them everywhere. However, anyone who has ever run or worked out with a phone strap knows how obnoxious it is to try to see what’s happening on the phone in the middle of an exercise routine. With the Charge HR, users can see information that is coming in on their phone on the devices screen. Now, users don’t have to take their phones off their wrists or arms to see what’s happening, they can see all their call notifications and even Caller ID on the Charge HR without missing a beat.

As mentioned above, one of the keys to living a healthy life that is often overlooked is sleep. However, more and more, research is finding that sleep might play a larger role in health than many people realize. Because of this, the Charge HR also offers several support options for users so they can regain control of their sleep habits, allowing them to recharge better during the night so they can perform better throughout their day. The Charge HR tracks sleep trends, letting users know how much quality sleep they’re getting and offering advice on ways sleep can be improved. In addition to this support, the Charge HR also has a silent, vibrating alarm, for those who don’t want to wake their partners with a louder alarm option.

Finally, the Charge HR gives users all the information they need about their health, exercise, and wellness through easy to read charts and graphs. By providing this information in simple formats, Charge HR gives users complete control over their lifestyle, showing them what needs to be changed, as well as how they’ve improved and grown day to day.

Purchasing the Charge HR

The Fitbit Charge HR is currently available for purchase for only $149.95. While the Charge HR can be purchased on the Fitbit website, it is also available in several stores, like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. For those who don’t want to wait for their Charge HR to ship, they can check out their local stores for the device.

The Charge HR comes in a variety of color options. Because the Charge HR band can’t be removed and replaced, it’s important for users to pick a color that they feel comfortable wearing on a daily basis. The band colors available for the Charge HR include:

  •  Pink
  •  Teal
  •  Tangerine
  •  Blue
  •  Plum
  •  Black

While all these colors are available online through the Fitbit website, it can’t be guaranteed that all stores will have all colors.

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