Survival Cave Food Cookbook – Survivalist Meal Preparation?


Imagine an event, an unpredictable one that changed how you lived – either short term or long term. An event like a nuclear attack and extreme flooding. Picture no grocery stores, or fresh food available. It might be a time you were wishing you had prepared for something like this to happen. You might be asking yourself ‘how does one prepare for an event such as that?’

That would be a great question, and too often it is the one question we tend to ask ourselves after the incident has happened. Unfortunately, emergency situation type foods often taste and leave you feeling disgusting. It is likely why it isn’t something on everyone’s priority list. They can cause your body to experience awful sensations from diarrhea to constipation, nausea to vomiting. They do not contain enough protein to sustain your hunger forcing you, to some degree, to consume more!

The good news is however, there just might be a solution. What if someone went through all the trials and errors, experimenting and formulating for you – with all the ups and downs, to deliver to you, recipes that work!

Your survival plan in the event of an emergency should include nutritious and food that tastes great too. After a horrific incident that forces you to change a lot of things around you, including where to find your food, should be an enjoyable process.

It might very well be the only thing at that time that may elicit a smile on your face. There is something special about a wholesome, home cooked meal that brings out the best in everyone.

Would it be fair to say that to survive we require food? Yes, of course it would be. And, this doesn’t always have to be as a result of a natural disaster either, ever gone camping unprepared? Ended up in the woods with minimal resources – it happens, and the suggestion would be, always be prepared.

Food Canning

It is likely you have heard of it, may have even taken part in its process – would you be more interested in knowing the short cuts to nutritious, sustaining and delicious food that you could provide for yourself and your family?

Canning foods can be a long drawn out process, and the worst part is when you are preparing meals and you take a last-minute taste and realize, you end up having to throw it out, because it may as well have been one of those disgusting meals we spoke of earlier.

And, taste isn’t everything either, the advantage of having someone go before you is they are able to also consider how the foods make them feel – even into the next day.

What Is Inside the Survival Cave Food Cookbook?

Remember that person we mentioned who came before you? The best part is everything from his cooking mishaps and don’t do’s, to recipes and how to store foods is all complete in the Survival Cave Food Cookbook available to you.

  • How much food per person should be stored in case of emergency
  • Necessary temperature adjustments based on climate
  • Must have staples you can use for a variety of meals
  • Which foods to keep on hand that are portable and provide long lasting energy
  • The best foods that you will be able to barter and trade in the event money becomes indispensable

And there’s more:

  • Hearty breakfast recipes that are also delicious
  • Quick and easy lunches, including snacks that are great for ‘on the go’
  • The favorite and filling stews and pot roast recipes
  • Recipes for the sweet treats and sauces that add a nice addition to your meal
  • Comfort foods! Turn disheartening situations into a vacation with each bite

Survival Cave Food Cookbook didn’t miss a beat! It also contains all the necessary cookware you should have on hand and how to cook meals without attracting people such as looters or rioters where that of an open fire just might. Water, probably one of the most important resources available – this book also includes ways you are to purify it in case you’ve forgotten your necessary tablets to do so.

Bonus! How would it sound if you were also taught how to make your own liquor? This is an especially handy skill to know, especially in situations that may require bartering for other goods. In addition to all the things mentioned above, included in this handbook is also the Survivalists Food Prep Bible – simply an additional bonus for you!

Survival Cave Food Cookbook Review Summary

Overall, you want to be prepared. Whether it be an unforeseen circumstance like an apocalypse, or a camping trip with friends, this survival handbook should be a priority and necessity in every home.

Given its exceptionally low price of only $7.00, there’s absolutely no reason it shouldn’t be! A keepsake for you and your family, or one of the best gifts, of survival you can give to someone else.

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