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The wait has finally come to an end as the Super League takes its place. This is an event that many people look up to as it brings together passionate athletes, bodybuilders and fans.

Unlike most competitions that require bodybuilders to pose and judges to give opinions, the Super League is different, as it invites passionate men and women to prove to others and most importantly to themselves what they are capable of and how far they’ve come in their individual journeys.

The Super League contains 2 respective rounds and to better understand what this respective competition is all about, those interested in taking part in this competition will be provided with the dos and don’ts one must follow, which will be outlined right here right now!

What Is The Super League?

To better understand what the Super League is, it is best to inform potential participants what the Super League is not. The Super League is not a physique pageant, therefore it does not entail posing, nor will one be judged.

In addition, opinions, biases and personal interpretations will not be allowed. This event, so to speak, is only for real athletes who will be provided with real metrics. Let’s take a closer look at what the 2 rounds consist of.

What Are The Rounds Like In The Super League?

For starters, there are two rounds in which participants must take part in and they are as follows:

Round One: Output Quotient

  • 8 movements: Plate Loaded Squat (by Arsenal), Plate Loaded Leg Extension (by Super League), Rack Deadlifts (by Sorinex), Lat Pulldowns (by Hammer Strength), Dumbbell Curls (by jBells), Vertical Chest Flyes (by Super League), Standing Shoulder Press (Smith Machine) and Dips (amrap, 12 rep rule does not apply).
  • 1 set per movement (12 reps rule)
  • Weight x completed reps = output
  • Total output divided by bodyweight = OQ

Round Two: The Deltas

  • Upper Body to Waist Ratio (D1)
  • Lower Body to Waist Ratio (D2)
  • Upper Body to Lower Body Ratio (D3)
  • Total of 3 Deltas = 3D Score

The sum of both rounds will provide participants with their respective scores known as the superscore. To put it in simpler terms, round one requires participants to do a specified set of reps of the 8 movements mentioned above.

Some of the things that will be considered are the weight one lifts, whether or not the reps are completed and one’s overall physique. Now that the idea of the Super League is presented, let’s look closely into how one can get into the Super League.

Who Can Compete In The Super League?

Anyone can compete in the Super League by sending in an application. Once the application is sent, the League Council consisting of Dorian Yates, Erin Stern and Stan Efferding will evaluate the potential participant in terms of his or her SuperHuman Form, SuperHuman Function, their presence on social media and athletic accomplishment is an asset.

When Is The Registration For The Super League?

The registration for the Super League 1, which takes place on July 29th, 2017, is now open.

What Are The Prizes Of The Super League?

All registered athletes will be eligible for the World Championship Title and a monetary sum of $10,000 for each weight class winner will be presented.

In addition, the winner will be featured on the live stream. The top three will also receive a travel reimbursement. Drafted athletes will achieve Pro Status.

What Are The Dos And Donts Of Taking Part In The Super League?

To ensure one meets the needs of the Super League, the following list will outline some of the basic things one must keep in mind in terms of taking part in this competition:

  • One must be lean and cut, but does not need to be dehydrated
  • The lighter the bodyweight, the better the output quotient
  • The smaller the waist, the better the 3 Deltas Score
  • Since participants will not be posing, spray tan is not needed
  • Required apparel is Nike compression shorts and shoes; men can compete shirtless, whereas women need at least a sports bra; other apparel will need to be approved by the League Council
  • One training partner is encouraged and the maximum number of partners allowed is two
  • The duration of the event is four hours and a schedule will be sent two weeks prior to the competition

Do Participants Need To Pay League Fees On A Yearly Basis?

Athletes pay a single fee of $99 to join the Super League for a lifetime. The only other additional fee in an entry fee for every championship event, however if the partners of Super League sponsor the participants, then the entry fees are omitted.

Is The Super League Open To Friends, Families And Fans For Live Viewing?

The Super League is live streamed on for free, but for those wanting to see the action live in person, then he or she must purchase tickets at each Championship Event. There is no exact pricing to date, as prices fluctuate when approaching closer to the date of the event.

Super League With Superior Figures

The League Council itself consists of renowned figured like Dorian Yates, who has been a 6-time Mr. Olympia bodybuilding legend, Erin Stern, who’s been a 2-time Ms. Olympia Olympic Level Athlete, and Stan Efferding, who’s known as the world’s strongest pro bodybuilder. Other well-known names that will be present at the Super League include: Rich Piana, Joey Swoll, CT Fletcher, Kris Gethin, Larissa Reis, and Ryback.

Overall, unlike most competitions where there is so much emphasis on posing, one’s looks and being judged, the Super League focuses greatly on one’s abilities, how far they’ve gotten in their individual journey, and how they can further improve upon themselves.

Everyone will be scored on an individual basis and on what they are capable of rather than how they look. For more specific information on this respective competition, go to:

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