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Many studies have shown that between the ages of 0-4 years a child needs optimum nutrition to help in his/her physical growth. A primary reason for many children suffering from issues like upset stomachs, poor immunity is the fact that many mothers end up feeding their children formulas that they have been traditionally passed down to them.

While these recipes might be good, but modern needs of young children have shifted dramatically. Today, with all the research that has become available, there are now supplements available which help in delivering key nutrients into the neural systems of our young ones.

From a compositional standpoint, we should realise that children should be fed foods which are made wholly from natural and organically derived products. This is because the digestive systems of young children are still in their development phase and hence it is easier to digest foods that are derived from organic milk, plants etc.

Also, due to the the immune system of children not being fully formed, foods should be kept free from GMO's, pesticides and herbicides as much as possible. This is important because certain viral agents have the capacity to root themselves in the intestinal linings of young children and thus cause health issues later on in the child's life.

About Bubs Organic

Bubs Organic is  a range of ‘childrens super foods' that enable young one's to receive maximum nutrition. The products have been supplied and composed of ancient grains & nutrient rich superfoods which nourish and help in the optimal physical growth of young bodies.

Also, all of of the products available for purchase have been composed free of any pesticides & GMOs. Thus, parents can be assured that they are only feeding their child the best possible ingredients. Some of the other key aspects of Bubs products include:

  • No Preservatives: many commonly used infant formulas are made using wheat, rice extracts that have been packaged with the help of preservatives and ‘shelf life enhancers'. However, Bubs products are free from any external agents that may interfere with the working of internal mechanisms of our little one's.
  • No Artificial Flavours: all of the taste that one can extract from Bubs is from natural plants, fruits and grains. These ingredients have been naturally grown and thus offer users with a highly organic flavour that is not only nourishing but also extremely healthy.
  • No Additives: there are no binders, volumizers in the any of the products. Bubs follows a ‘full disclosure policy' wherein all of the ingredients contained within the products have been fully disclosed on the label outside.

Why Choose Bubs Organic?

Research studies have suggested that Bubs Goat milk products are naturally digested by our tummies, making them a nourishing alternative for tots with sensitive tummies. Similarly, the Advanced Plus+ blends feature a combination of highest quality goat milk and goat whey protein.

In addition to this, the formulas have been infused with a highly efficacious mix of ‘essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, Omega-3 DHA, Omega-6 ARA and prebiotics'. These components have been clinically shown to not only improve digestive health, but also enhance the mental, cognitive and immune functions of little children as well.

Bubs Organic Product Range

Bubs Puree

These solutions are made using a wide variety of natural fruits including bananas, peaches, mangoes etc. They are made especially for children above the age of 6 months, and provide them with optimal nutrition for their physical growth and overall mental well being.

There are many variants to choose from, some of the core one's being Berry, Banana, Bircher and Muesli. In terms of their pricing, each of these packets is priced between $2-2.9 (depending upon the variant chosen).

Bubs Organic Baby Porridge

This porridge based meal plan has been infused with a wide variety of healthy nutrients like quinoa, oatmeal and banana. It helps in restoring digestive efficiency as well as improves the immunity of young children. Each ‘easy to squeeze' packet is available for a price of $4.95.

Bubs Goat Milk Stage 1

This milk formula is designed for children under the age of 6 months. It is made especially to promote immunity and increase a child's overall vitality. Each container is priced at $34.95.

Similarly, there are Milk formulas that are available for children of ages all the way upto 3 years. Thus, depending upon the age of one's child, a specific product can be chosen.

Bubs Organic Availability

All of the aforementioned products can be easily purchased from the official store of the manufacturer.

Bubs Organic compositional details and pricing have been clearly delineated on the product, and additional details can be viewed by simply clicking on the desired item. Payments can be completed using a host of safe and secure transactional means like PayPal, Maestro etc.

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