Synthol – Why Bodybuilders Use Site Enhancement Oil For Muscles?


About Synthol

Synthol is a chemically synthesized oil that has had a variety of uses for a very long time. However, the oil only recently became popular in the bodybuilding world as a site enhancement oil (SEO).

To use synthol to build muscle, the muscle builders simply inject the oil into that specific spot on their bodies where the muscles are not responding well to regular treatments or are not developing as fast as other sets of muscles. The oil then bulks up the injection spot to give the illusion of full muscles.

But this goes beyond a matter of perception vs. reality. There are benefits and harmful side effects to be explored before making an informed decision to use this chemical in your body.

Why do it at all? Unlike power lifters, body builders aren’t judged by the amount of weight they are capable of lifting. What matters is the level of muscular development and conditioning. For example, to lift a great deal of weight on the bench press does not mean that one has a well developed chest.

Performing compound exercises such as dead lift squats, barbell bench press, barbell rows, pull ups and others involves many different muscles. For instance, the primary movers in a bench press are the triceps, chest and shoulder muscles.

However, for some people, the chest musculature may not grow because of the workouts, while the triceps and shoulder muscle continue to increase in size. For this reason, many pro body builders are now using synthol to hide these underdeveloped muscle groups.

Synthol is often injected in the muscle of the lower leg (calves), the visible shoulder muscle (deltoids) and the muscles of the upper arms (biceps and triceps). The use of this oil to cover a weakness is often referred to as “fluffing.”

The substance that is typically injected into the problem area is often a mix of 75 percent synthol, a small portion of alcohol (about 7.5 percent) to sterilize the wound and 7.5 percent lidocaine, a painkiller that works to numb the site of the injection. The oil used in synthol is usually based medium length MCT chains because it is believed that this is what provides the best results.

Benefits of Synthol

Although synthol is not new, you are probably wondering why you are suddenly seeing it all over the internet? Well, this popular item was fueled by the recent adoption of its muscle building product in a number of Latin American countries such as Brazil, Columbia, and Argentina.

Taking synthesis is a quick and easy way of looking big and muscular without having to actually lift weights or be strong. Here is how it works: once injected, synthesis remains in your muscles long enough for the fascia to stretch.

As the oil dissipates, the space created by its presence is replaced by new muscle tissue growth, which will happen if the user is in a proper anabolic environment.

Professional body builders use synthesis sparingly to enhance their weak spots. This site specific muscle enhancement oil is most useful when you are lifting hard but certain body parts simply won’t respond as expected.

Injecting the right amounts of synthesis into those muscles is the best trick to repair what is lagging.

This is very important when you consider the fact that body building requires the development of a proportional and symmetric physique. Some of the factors that cause some muscle groups to lag behind other despite training are genetics and exercise technique.

A few famous bodybuilders such as Dennis Wolf, Dexter Jackson and FLEX Wheeler had a lot of trouble developing powerful and muscular calves despite intense workouts, the best muscle development coaching in the world and use of anabolic steroids.

They solved this by having just the right amount of synthesis injected into these problematic muscle groups. Some body builders supplement this with muscle implants to hide and reduce any obvious weaknesses.

Synthesis Side Effects

While site enhancement oils such as synthol may not have the side effects normally associated using prohormones, SARMs or AAS, their use still exposes body builders to a number of dangers.

1. Unnatural Muscle Growth

Getting your muscles to look even when using synthol can be very difficult and in many cases the result is unnatural looking muscles. This is true for cases where the oil has been unevenly injected or when too much of it is used.

2. Muscle Destruction

Injecting synthol into your muscle can permanently destroy them, especially if too much of the oil is used. The muscle can balloon fat and essentially explode or some parts of it may be deprived of oxygen.

In the end, the muscle will wither away to nothing, thus defeating the very purpose of using the SEO. Synthol may also damage the nerves in the arms, resulting in a weakness of lack of movements in that particular spot. Beware; accidents are very common during the injection process!

3. Cerebral Stroke

The oil is fat, and there is always the risk that you will inject it into a vein, allowing it into your circulatory system and into the brain. If any of the blood vessels in your vein gets blocked by this oil, it can cause cerebral stroke, which may lead to a wide range of medical complications and even death.

4. Blockage Of Arteries

If the oil is accidentally injected into a vein, it could find its way to any of the major arteries of the heart & lungs, causing a blockage. You would get this same effect from eating too many fatty foods.

5. Chronic Wounds And Ulceration

Injecting too much synthol in any particular muscle group can lead to ulceration. This muscle wounds are hard to cure using conventional medications. Cysts, which are dark hollow pouches of tissue containing fluid or pus, can also form in the injected muscle. Cyst generation is often bad sign as it may lead to cancer.

6. Other Medical Conditions

Some users whose bodies do not go well with synthol use may develop conditions such as Lymphangitis. Here the lymph vessels are infected throughout the body.

Top Synthol Products

1. Synthrol 877 100 ml

This is the most popular synthol site enhancement product in the world. No other product in history has received so many endorsements from professionals in the body building industry.

This is just the right product for you if you are looking for a professional grade muscle enhancement solution with thousands of top user reviews. This real, legitimate synthol can add 2-3 inches of rock hard muscle to a your bicep in as little as 30 days.

2. Synthol Pump N Pose

This is a state of the art synthetically engineered topical posing oil. It is safe and sterile, prepared and sealed in a lab so you need not worry about infections.

The products are tested in a High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) lab before being bottled. Some of the ingredients in this product include capric acid, caprylic acid (n-decanoic acid) and benzyl alcohol.

3. Authentic SYNTHOL | SYNTHOBOLIC EXTREME Synthol oil (3) 100ml vials

Invented by the Esik Clean, swesspharma Labs creator, this product is touted to help bodybuilders gain 3 inches of bicep within a month of use.

This specific product is more effective than all previous versions. But always beware of fakes being sold under fictitious company names. Ensure that the product was developed by swesspharma Labs before purchasing it.

4. Intense Synthol Site Enhancement Oil Posing Oil 100 ML

Manufactured in Asheville, North Carolina by Brooks and Company, this synthol oil is formulated to match Esik Clean pump and Pose 3rd generation posing oil. Ingredients include Lauric Acid, Caprillic Acid, Capric Acid, Caproic Acid, and Benzyl Alcohol – in a sterile solution, of pharmaceutical quality and purity.

5. Syntherol – Site Enhancing Oil

If any of your muscle groups, be it biceps, triceps, quadriceps, deltoids, calves, pectorals etc., have failed to successfully break through the plateau to make those stubborn muscle groups grow ,and still has not worked, well then, Syntherol can very well be what you need!

It is the only SEO formulated by a major pharmaceutical company. This means that you need not worry about issues such as sterility, which can arise after using some of the home-made formulations that abound on the internet.

Synthol Review Summary

Overall, trying to achieve a strong body or acquire that body builder look using synthol may not be the best idea. This is the case not only because you will essentially be cheating, but also because, your body will never achieve those harmonious lines and aesthetic proportions associated with lean exercise fueled muscle growth.

While synthol or other SEOs (site enhancement oils) are not androgens and contain no steroids, you could easily end up with an infection or damage your muscle if you insist on using them without professional advice.

This is because, your body could be the right size in the first place and you could be in fact be suffering from a form of body dysmorphia, a psychological condition where an individual believes that they have a defective physical appearance that has to be fixed by all means.

The lesson? Train clean and give your training enough time to enhance your body rather than detracting from it. Only use synthol when necessary. You goal should be to achieve great health, increase your self-esteem and well-being, and develop and overall positive approach to life.

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