Sunny Health & Fitness Cross Training Magnetic Upright Bike


A home fitness machine designed to target the arms, shoulder and back, the Cross Training Magnetic Upright Bike is designed as an affordable tool for an exerciser at home. To find out more about this product, see the following review.

What Is The Sunny Health & Fitness Cross Training Magnetic Upright Bike?

Designed to be affordable and efficient, the Sunny Health & Fitness Cross Training Magnetic Upright Bike, has been crafted for home use, to help athletes get their cardio, while also working out the muscles that are important to fitness and overall health.

The seat is adjustable for people of various sizes and designed to be comfortable.

The product includes a display system that demonstrates to the user their time, speed, heart rate, distance traveled, and calories burned.

Knowing each of these is essential to maximizing benefits while working out, whether to imagine the effects the exercise is having, as well as allowing the consumer to measure how challenging their workout is.

Included with this exercise bike, is an adjustable 8-level magnetic tension control system, which can be used to develop strength over time. With adjustable tension, the product is also flexible for exercisers of all levels of fitness.

The max user weight of the bicycle is set at 220 lbs.

Sunny Health & Fitness is the company that sells the product. Rather than being a traditional manufacturer, Sunny Health & Fitness is a distributor and importer of products primarily from China and Taiwan.

Using their large network of manufacturers, this importer aims to have effective products at a reasonable price. By accessing a distributor, the consumers get the added bonus of having quality customer service in America.

The product out of the box weighs 72 lbs, with dimensions of 43.5” x 25”x 53 making it relatively small and able to fit into most homes. Its seat, which is adjustable can be changed by up to 9 inches from a minimum of 29” to a maximum of 38”.

How Does Cross Training Magnetic Upright Bike Work?

Stationary bikes tend to focus primarily on developing the leg muscles, necessary for cycling or to facilitate indoor cardio. Instead, this product, acts as a cross trainer, by exercising both the legs, and the arms through the bars on the side of the exercise bike.

The bars are moved as one pedals allowing the shoulders, arms and back to be involved in the exercise process.

Essential to any exercise routine is resistance and tension. To create more tension, all the consumer needs to adjust is the tension knob located on the center bar of the bike, which will make the exercise more challenging.

This product is aimed at simplicity of use, rather than to be a replacement for complex machinery.

The tension is created by a magnetic resistance system.

Rather than using physical breaks, which can be worn out over time, bikes in this category use electromagnetic induction to create resistance, and they tend to be quieter than other resistance systems with such direct contact.

Sunny Health & Fitness Cross Training Magnetic Upright Bike Pricing

Sunny Health & Fitness’ bike is available for purchase at Amazon normally for the price of $279.93, but is currently available for a 9% discount at 253.39, directly from the distributor.

Included in this cost is also the cost of shipping, which currently Sunny Health & Fitness offers for free.

Sunny Health & Fitness Cross Training Magnetic Upright Bike Summary

Sunny Health & Fitness Cross Training Magnetic Upright Bike should appeal to consumers that are looking for an easy to use, and low cost upright bicycle that strengthens the body from multiple angles.

While there are other cross training bikes on the market, often they come with a series of tools in order to increase the price.

Those looking for more complicated cross training systems will find this bike to be of limited value.

Yet, for consumers looking for an easily accessible, small, cozy bike that is efficient in exercising multiple areas of the body simultaneously, the Cross Training Magnetic Upright Bike, will be the perfect fit.

Due to its small size, and relatively low weight, it will fit well either as part of a larger home exercise system, or in a small apartment.

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