Sunniva – Coconut Oil Super Coffee For Ultimate Focus & Energy?


Coffee is a go to beverage for many consumers. While there are some people who’ve restrained from consuming any form of caffeine in their life, majority knows that the added kick is well worth it, especially in the morning.

Coffee has been the go to drink for many reasons such as boost in energy or simply to remain awake throughout the day.

Unfortunately, there has been mixed opinions on whether or not coffee is healthy. At the end of the day, the added sugar and milk or cream component is sure to bring a negative effect if consumed on a regular basis.

Does this mean consumers can no longer drink coffee? Definitely not and here’s why: Super Coffee. Sunniva is a brand that ensures consumers have their cup of coffee that will not harm, but will alleviate one’s overall wellness.

This review will look closely at this rather new concept and will provide consumers with a general idea as to why Super Coffee should be part of one’s daily diet.

What Is Sunniva?

The concept behind Sunniva and their Super Coffee sprung from a student’s dorm room. Students, especially those participating on sports teams, have had a hard time waking up early and ensuring that their energy levels are sustained over long periods of time.

A man’s search for a solution to such concerns is now known as Sunniva’s Super Coffee. Today Sunniva is a family run business that provides consumers with the healthiest coffee alternative, which is coffee.

This might sound confusing at first, but once consumers have a better idea as to what goes into these products, this idea of coffee’s alternative being coffee itself will make more sense.

What Makes Sunniva’s Coffee A Super Coffee?

Sunniva’s Super Coffee is no ordinary coffee, which normally is served black, with or without milk, sugar and cream. Sunniva’s Super Coffee is superior because of the hand picked ingredients, which consists of the following:

1) 100% Columbian Coffee beans: Columbian Coffee beans are known for bringing consumers a sweet taste, while ensuring that one’s coffee is medium bodied. This is the most popular blend of coffee because of its potent blend itself.

2) Organic Coconut oil: organic coconut is known a food item that is worldly known as Superfoods. It contains a wide range of health benefits, which consist of the following:

3) Grass-Fed Milk Protein Isolate: milk protein helps to include amino acids to the Super Coffee, which will help to maintain lean muscle. This drink contains 10g of Milk Protein Isolate per bottle. This ingredient is also important because it will remove sugar in the milk for easier digestion.

4) Other ingredients that build upon the flavors of the Super Coffees are: Organic Cocoa, organic vanilla bean, organic blue agave nectar, and organic dark maple syrup.

What Flavors Do Sunniva’s Super Coffee?

Currently, the Sunniva’s Super Coffee comes in the following four flavors:

  • Black Brew
  • Dark Mocha
  • Hudson Valley Hazelnut
  • Vanilla Bean

Every Super Coffee provided by this respective brand contains a sufficient amount of protein that is equivalent to a meal, contains no trace of added sugar, and ranges from 90 to 120 calories per bottle, depending on the flavor.

How Much Does The Sunniva’s Super Coffees cost?

Sunniva made sure that consumers have the ability to try the different flavors they currently offer. When purchasing these Super Coffees via , consumers have more choices to pick from. The following is a list of formats one can choose from:

  • Pack of four: which is currently unavailable
  • Pack of twelve: $36
  • Pack of twenty-four: $69

In addition, consumers can either pick black brew, Hudson valley hazelnut, vanilla bean, dark mocha or variety pack, which is a combination of flavors.

When one looks at the prices of each bottle, it goes for about $2 to $3 each. This might seem slightly expensive, but this is in fact much more affordable compared to cheaper beverages, not because of the prices, but because of the quality.

Each Super Coffee contains a source of protein, healthy fats and other organic components that are certain to bring a positive impact on one’s health.

Overall, Sunniva has created a type of fuel through their Super Coffees to ensure that each and every individual has the ability to help improve upon one’s lean muscles, improves brain functions, and ensures that each individual gets through the day in full form.

This Super Coffee is a great alternative to traditional coffee, which is healthier and tastier than traditional coffee. For more information on how to achieve focus and energy, check out Sunniva at:

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