STYR Labs Smart Bottle – Healthy Intelligent Hydration System?


STYR Labs Smart Bottle is a new tech product that promises to track your hydration levels using an intelligent hydration system. Find out if it lives up to the hype today in our review.

What is the STYR Labs Smart Bottle?

STYR Labs is a smart product manufacturer that just launched its third product, the STYR Smart Bottle. the product uses an intelligent hydration system to track your daily water intake and hydration levels based on your motion, biometrics, and environmental conditions.

That’s right: you now have a smart bottle that can accurately tell you how much water you should be drinking.

STYR Labs Chief Operations Officer said in a statement that the water bottle is designed for serious athletes, recreational exercises, and everyone in between:

“Whether you’re a serious athlete or a recreational exerciser, it’s important to make sure you get the right amount of water before, during, and after exercise,”

Mackay added that,

“Proper hydration goes beyond the athletic realm; it impacts every single individual and we finally have a way to make it easy, fun and convenient. We created the smart bottle to not only have consumers stay hydrated and on top of their game, but to actually enjoy and look forward to drinking water.”

Have you ever felt that you weren’t drinking the appropriate amount of water? Do you believe that drinking water is boring? The STYR Smart Bottle may be the right product for you. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

How Does the STYR Smart Bottle Work?

The STYR Smart Bottle connects into the STYR Labs’ ecosystem and joins up with the other two STYR Labs products (an activity tracker and wireless scale).

Then, the STYR Labs app (available for Android and iOS) will automatically adjust hydration goals based on your activity or body water content. It will even take into consideration the geographic location of the user, adjusting for things like temperature and humidity.

Another cleverly-hidden feature in the STYR Smart Bottle is the “smart cap”. Inside that cap is a touch-sensitive display. Just tap on that display to track your daily water intake and manage your electrolyte balance. The cap will also deliver visual notifications (and vibration reminders) when necessary.

The STYR Smart Bottle is made from insulated stainless steel and claims to keep your drinks hot or cold for hours. It’s also dishwasher-safe.

The Water Bottle Will Tell You Which Supplements to Purchase

If you’ve ever used STYR Labs’ products or heard of the company before, then you know that the smart products have an additional goal: they use your biometric data to recommend specific supplements.

STYR Labs doesn’t just recommend various brands of supplements. They actually custom-design nutritional supplements in their Phoenix-based lab. These supplements are specially designed to meet your unique nutritional deficits.

Conventional supplements are designed for everybody. STYR Labs promises to make supplements designed specifically for you.

With that in mind, the STYR Smart Bottle works as part of the STYR Labs ecosystem. Once all of your data from the fitness tracker, smart bottle, and wireless scale is analyzed, STYR Labs will recommend multivitamin supplements, then deliver those supplements in single-serve packets to your door. You can purchase these supplements using the STYR Labs smartphone app.

To be clear, the three different parts of the STYR Labs ecosystem recommend different products:

-The activity tracker recommends vitamin mixes

-The wireless scale pushes protein powder

-The STYR Smart Bottle recommends electrolyte powder mixes

The supplements aren’t exactly cheap. A 30 day supply of vitamins will cost you $68, while protein costs $28 per pound – which is far more than you would spend at a nutritional supplement retailer. Of course, nutritional supplement retailers don’t sell supplements catered to your exact body type.

In any case, a big part of the STYR Labs business model is pushing users towards buying nutritional supplements. If you want to use the STYR Smart Bottle to its full potential, then you’ll want to purchase the monthly electrolytes as well.

STYR Smart Bottle Pricing

The STYR Smart Bottle is priced at $59 USD.

The device is currently available exclusively through (preorders just opened at the start of November 2016).

About STYR Labs

STYR Labs is a nutrition technology company that creates tracking platforms and supplements for athletes and health and fitness consumers around the world. The company was launched in 2014.

With the launch of the Smart Bottle, the STYR Labs ecosystem has grown to three devices, including the fitness tracker and the wireless scale.

Should You Buy the STYR Smart Bottle?

The STYR Smart Bottle is a unique smart device that tracks your water consumption throughout the day, helping you make intelligent decisions on your electrolyte consumption as well.

If you need extra help planning your daily electrolyte dosage, then STYR Smart Bottle can actually deliver single-dose packages to your house every month – similar to how the company’s smart scales and fitness trackers deliver customized protein powders and multivitamins to your address.

If you already use the other two STYR Labs products, then the STYR Labs Smart Bottle is a natural extension. Many people, however, will find that the monthly charges for customized nutritional supplements (which cost between $50 and $70 per month) are a little higher than they were prepared to spend.

That being said, the STYR Smart Bottle has been getting good early reviews. The only bad thing people have to say about the bottle include the fact that the screw-on cap is mildly inconvenient, and that the wrist strap can’t be removed and gets wet easily.

Aside from these minor complaints, the STYR Labs Smart Bottle may be the intelligent water bottle you’ve been waiting for.


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