Hairprint – Natural Solution To Gray Hair


Hairprint Review

Hairprint claims to be a 100% non-toxic solution for greying hair. Learn how this 75 minute solution can help both men and women restore their natural hair color today in our review.

What is Hairprint?

Hairprint is a new product targeted towards people with brown and black hair. The product takes about 75 minutes to apply. After the application process is complete, your hair should look naturally brown or black with no visible grey color.

Hairprint relies on the power of food-grade ingredients and can be applied at home, although some people apply the product with a friend or even a hair stylist.

Each Hairprint kit includes three part hair-restoring treatments, a pair of gloves, a brush, and a set of instructions.

Many people will notice sufficient results after a single 3 part treatment. Others, however, may need up to three treatments to achieve their desired results – especially if you have thick hair or lots of grey hair.

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How to Apply Hairprint

As mentioned above, Hairprint is only available for those with brown and black hair. Blonde and red hair contains an additional pigment called pheomelanin and Hairprint will not work with it.

The application process takes about 75 minutes and involves five steps:

Step 1) Wash and scrub your hair vigorously using the Hairprint pretreatment, focusing particularly on your grey hairs. Leave the product on your hair for two minutes, then rinse and dry hair until damp.

Step 2) Put on your gloves (included in the package) and pour the contents of Packet #1 into a bowl and add the contents of Bottle #1. Stir vigorously and watch it expand and change colors. When the mixture turns a light red color, immediately begin applying it to your hair (see step 3). Don’t worry if the mixture turns black: this isn’t your final color.

Step 3) Place the mixture on your hair using the brush as a spatula. Don’t slap it onto your hair like dye. Instead, work it thoroughly into the grey areas, starting at the top of your head first and then working your way down to the longer hair. Ensure the grey hairs are totally covered with formula and rub the mixture into your hair using your gloved hands, rubbing it into the roots just like you would rub in a hair conditioner. Make sure you finish applying the mixture within 6 minutes, as the dyes start to break down in the mixture after about 6 minutes and lose their effectiveness.

Step 4) Leave the dye on your hair for approximately 15 minutes. It’s not a big deal if you leave it on longer, since the product uses natural ingredients instead of harsh synthetic chemicals. Rinse your hair until the water runs clear, then towel dry your hair until damp.

Step 5) Repeat the above steps using Packet #2 and Bottle #2, then again using Packet #3 and Bottle #3. Formula #3 will turn purple and won’t expand like the first two packets and bottles you used.

The manufacturer recommends applying Hairprint every 3 to 5 weeks, depending on the growth of your hair. Some people are okay to apply it every 6 to 8 weeks, especially if they have less grey hair.

How Does Hairprint Work?

Hairprint is a lot more scientifically advanced than you might think. Instead of just bleaching your hair or flooding it with dye, the product actually stimulates the growth of a certain pigment in your hair. Here’s how the product’s official website explains the science:

“Hairprint creates a process whereby the natural pigment in your hair called eumelanin is recreated in the hair shaft. Eumelanin is arranged in the hair in a pattern unique to each person. We coined a word to name that unique pattern: Hairprint. That pattern determines how we see color. Chemical hair dyes remove the pigments in the hair shaft and replace them with coal tar or aniline dyes. When eumelanin is restored to the shaft of the hair, your innate hair color returns.”

When you dye your hair, you have to be careful to choose the right color and leave the dye on for the correct length of time. Otherwise, your hair will end up looking faded and fake. Hairprint replicates your natural hair color to ensure that isn’t a problem.

Hairprint Ingredients

Here’s the full list of ingredients used in Hairprint:

— Baking Soda
— Mucuna Pruriens
— Sodium Carbonate
— Carbomer (a Thickener)
— Hydrogen Peroxide
Diatomaceous Earth
— Manganese Gluconate
— Ferrous Gluconate

According to the creators of Hairprint, the product takes all of these natural ingredients and turns them into another natural ingredient: eumelanin, which is the pigment that colors your hair.

How to Buy Hairprint

There are two options when buying Hairprint: Brown and Dark. The ingredients in each formula are identical, although the Post Treatment solution is different.

Those with light to medium brown hair are advised to use the Brown formula while those with black hair should use the Dark formula. If you have dark brown hair, you can choose to either move to the “warm” side of the color spectrum (use the Brown formula) or get a richer, darker color (use the Dark formula).

Colors are also separated into two different categories based on your ethnic heritage:

— Caucasian, Hispanic, and Asian Hair (Men and Women)

— African American, Afro Caribbean (Men and Women)

You can order Hairprint from the product’s official website at

That website sells all Hairprint products for $39. You also pay a flat shipping charge of $4 to get 2-3 day delivery anywhere in the United States.

If you spend over $75, you get free shipping in the United States. International customers will have to pay international shipping rates that vary from country to country.

If you want to order regular repeat shipments of Hairprint, then you can do that by signing up for the autoship program at checkout. That autoship program lets you save 15% with the option of receiving new shipments every 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 weeks.

Does Hairprint Actually Work?

Most reviews online have positive things to say about Hairprint. However, there aren’t a lot of reviews online at the moment. One reviewer said:

“I have not seen my hair like this since I was 25 years old.”

As more evidence for Hairprint, the company claims the product was extensively tested in “salons operated by experienced AA cosmetologists and stylists” for two years. Better yet, “all reported that Hairprint restored color to grey hair.”

These cosmetologists were also surprised by how well the product “added strength, sheen and body, and eliminated frizz, while being gentle, odorless, and harmless.”

Oh, and when the company says this product is natural and food-safe, they’re not kidding: you can eat this product, although it wouldn’t taste very good.

Certain types of people may need to order two initial kits. The company recommends that people with long hair, thick shoulder length hair, or lots of grey hair may need two kits to start. So if you found the product wasn’t effective after just one kit, it’s not unusual to use two kits.

You can read more testimonials at the company’s official website.

Who Makes Hairprint?

Hairprint was made by a research institution called the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry.

That company describes itself as: “chemistry based innovation factory” devoted to finding “ground-breaking chemical solutions for every industry.”

You can learn more about the company at their official website:

The company lists its address as:

Warner Babcock Institute
100 Research Drive
Wilmington MA 01887

The Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry is a subsidiary of Cthulu Ventures.

Conclusion: Who Should Use Hairprint?

Hairprint is recommended for anyone who wants to avoid the “scourge” of grey hair. If you have brown or dark hair, then this may be the natural product you need to fix your grey hair problem (it doesn’t work on people with blonde or red hair).

Reviews from cosmetologists and users seem to all agree that it works. If you’ve over 50, going grey at a younger age, or just want to fix up the natural color of your hair, then Hairprint appears to be a valuable solution.

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  1. Buyer Beware: I ordered Hairprint and was extremely disappointed in their customer service. They required a photo of the package before any returns, which they stated to me was their company policy but not mentioned on the website. There is absolutely no personal contact/help. Everything, any questions is done via the internet, unlike many companies.

    All coloring products are in ketchup like packets, very cheaply manufactured and not user friendly. I am very wary of this company. They seem very cheap and that makes me wonder about the contents of its product.

    As a recommendation, I would not recommend trying. I am going to use Simply Organic or Kevin Murhpy products. I would never order from here again

  2. I had a completely positive experience with Hairprint. I used it for the first time a few weeks ago. I have been dying my hair for years. I am about 30 to 50 percent gray with some resistant hairs. I applied Hairprint in the usual way. Just one box. I had wonderful coverage. It seemed about the same as when using a permanent and harsh dye. My hair was dry, initially, I assume because of the baking soda, but once it was washed it, it was soft and manageable. I do not take any special precaution in avoiding my color treated hair. I applied the dye at the roots, just as I normally do. The colors blended fine with my colored hair.

    After three weeks, I have grays coming through which would have been the case with permanent color. I am so surprised by the negative reviews. It felt great on my scalp from beginning to end. Sure, it was time-consuming, but I knew that going into it. I did not find it overly messy. I plan to use the same towel when using it and I wore an old t-shirt. The color did not get everywhere. I put the bowl of dye in the bowl of the sink when using it, and all went smoothly.

    I am thrilled by this product and plan to use it exclusively. I can’t wait for the nasty store bought dye to grow out.

  3. I used Hairprint 2 times on my hair in May last year. The first time I used it, my scalp was burning like with a normal dye. The same thing happened when I applied it 3 weeks later again. I had to stop using it as my scalp started to itch so severely that I couldn’t even sleep at night. It took my scalp 6 months to recover. The worst thing was that it made my hair fall out in buckets so that you could see my scalp. Verdict: It didn’t cover gray, it made my hair fall out, my scalp started itching and the application left a severe burning sensation, it stained my skin so I couldn’t leave the house the next day, it is very messy to apply and it is very expensive. After complaining to Hairprint, I couldn’t even send my boxes back as I live in Europe and it would have cost me more to ship it. I still have 8 boxes unopened. The only comment I got from Hairprint was that my scalp must have been damaged before the application. Trust me, this was not the case. USE WITH CAUTION. I went back to applying Henna.

  4. I love the concept of Hair Print, which is why I spent over $100 for all the fixings on my first purchase. But that will be my last purchase, unfortunately. After reading through the entire website, which was a bit confusing and in some cases, contradictory, I used my best judgement and went ahead with a hairstylist to do the treatment. I am caucasian with long, course hair and although I only have about only 20% gray hair, it did not work to cover it at all!!!! I was using the Chelating Shampoo for two week before the treatment, have 1.5 inches of hair growth without chemical dye, did not use any Shea Butter, as it seemed obvious to me and the stylist that it would be getting in the way of the color and also make it impossible to apply it in 6 minutes, as suggested. Thats all I’m saying is, we did everything right, so do not waste your time and money if you have somewhat course hair like me…. grays are more stubborn apparently:(

    • no surprise, for me it worked very well ..becasue this is normal colour like any other……pigment…and that is it….more natural but less durable…and only 1 colour available… also stains pillow..

      but what annoys me is the price tag! with shipping :) so this is no serious business…even for that natural stuff i would pay max 40 usd with all :) becasue it doesnt last longer then 1 month :) with 3-4 washes in that time

  5. Well, I never, ever colored mu hair in my life! Virgin hair 100%, I have dark brown almost black hair, BUT I am 39y old, yep I am getting old! So my white hair star to be more shameless! So, I found Hairprint because I hate chemical at all, I decide to try.
    I like it, because look like that I never color, look like my normal hair. But to be honest, even that I have just at least 20-30% whit hair, not from the roots, they are under and sides and back, not from the top-front, I take the kit to the salon and have my stylist apply for me. I don’t think I’d have the patience to do this at home. It makes the whole thing super pricey, but honestly I think it’s worth it. Hairprint did not cover 100%. I am happy with the results but 100% cover hair, maybe just to use for the second time!
    To be $39.00, would be cover 100%. But, just the fact that I am not harming myself, my hair or my healthy, I am satisfy!
    Lets see the second time! I do not want VERY black cause I do not want to be a fake color, looking like SHE COLOR HER HAIR!!! Hate artificial everything!
    Lets see!

  6. I LOVE Hairprint. It does stain so I use the same towel. No big deal. My hair was completely gray, mostly white. It covered beautifully. I did two boxes the first time as instructed for all gray. It lasted almost 6 weeks. My hair is so soft it feels silky. The color is so natural looking, guess because it IS my natural color. I rinse in the sink because the shower did stain for awhile. Does fade, I think the gals co planning of dry hair used a lot of harsh hair products before. It is so soft, smooth and feels wonderful. I would never EVER use toxic dye. That is why I was all gray. I was thrilled to find this and thrilled with the way it works.

  7. I have now used Hairprint 3 times. I am naturally a dirty-blonde, with bleached highlights. I use the light brown Hairprint product. It covers the gray nicely. The highlighted hair will pick up darker color if it is not coated with Shea Butter or something similar. I have not been effective at covering the highlighted strands and sections. As a result, some parts of my hair came out darker, in those sections. I am tempted to use more bleach highlights to lighten those areas, but, then I am stuck in the vicious cycle of having to try to coat bleached hair when I use Hairprint. So, I’m walking around with darker hair than my natural color. Feels a bit self-conscious. My husband misses the blonde hair, but in truth, after turning 57 four months ago, I can’t achieve that blonde-highlighted look anymore because the balance of gray hair has overrun my head. He didn’t really know that, nor do I really want to tell him that. Yes, I will continue using Hairprint, and in fact, just ordered 4 more boxes as they are having a 25% off sale this week for customers on their mailing list. Yes, it is messy, and more thoughtful preparation in advance is needed, so that everything I need is right there. Cleanup was easy though, as it only stains porous surfaces, and in my bathroom, none of the surfaces are porous. I got a cape online so I don’t worry about clothing staining, and it’s easy to take off to get in the shower for the final rinse, then wash. I moved rugs out of the room, and anything else that might get a splash. What I like about this product is that as the weeks went by, the color lightened, but the grays held on to some color, so they looked like blonde hair, and not gray. For anyone wanting to try this, it is important to read through the Hairprint website FAQs and instructions thoroughly. You can use half a kit, and the FAQ tells you how. All the information is there on troubleshooting, what to do days before you use the product, etc. It’s important to get products out of your hair, henna, and anything that might prevent the Hairprint from being able to penetrate your hair. The first 2 times I used it, I brought it to my salon, and they did it for me. I watched carefully. The 3rd and most recent time, I did it at home by myself. It’s manageable. Next time, will do it at night, rather than early morning. That will give my skin time to let go of any color it picked up, and come off more easily in the shower. That’s all I can think of for now.

  8. I used the product for the first time today, and holy cow it is so messy!!! Everything this product comes into contact with will stain. I had to go behind myself with bleach water to clean things off and to clean the dye off my skin where it came into contact with my arms.
    Now it’s advertised that the product will work on dyed hair, where as in the instruction booklet it says the product is not for dyed hair. Since my hair was already dyed a browninsh red color, the Hair Print product dyed some of my hair a darker brown, left some of it reddish in places, and didn’t cover over any grays.
    I’d also like to mention that in this article’s instructions, it says to rinse the hair in between each application of 1,2 & 3. Where as in the instruction booklet it says DO NOT RINSE between application of 1 & 2.
    Since I did not rinse in between steps 1 & 2, those of you that did rinse their hair did you find it covered the grays?

  9. I have used hair print 3 times now and I still have grey hairs at the front of my scalp
    I have emailed and followed the suggestion to use bicarbonate and still the grey remains, despite applying the product correctly
    Help – I love the concept and want to continue, however I cannot keep paying for a product that’s not delivering

  10. I left a comment here the other day and I would like to recant some of my complaint. The color is nice even though I did not do the double dose I would have had to do to cover all my greys thoroughly and the dryness that worried me the most has subsided a bit applying some oil to my hair and conditioning it again after washing it. I do wish they would be more up front about the hard water issue. I would recommend that people do this in entirely in the tub or shower with a watch or timer of some sort right there with them to eliminate some of the hassle of cleaning up the mess. However, all in all I have to say my initial complaint was too hasty and harsh. It’s actually, in my opinion, worth it if you can afford it and have the patients to do it and even better if you don’t have hard water. Maybe one could buy a few gallons filtered or distilled water for this event, but I’d ask the customer service people about that first.

  11. I read about this product and thought I would try it. I looked for reviews. I found a few and they were good. I ordered the product. I later found a video on line of the product being applied to a woman’s hair. I did not read previously that you had to do it in three parts. That was the first bummer, but if it works ok. I read a reviewer on that site and they said the product left their hair dry. I had already received the product. someone complained about the people complaining which I found very distasteful as people want to know if a product they might spend time and money on really works or not so I appreciated both the negative and positive reviews. My review is unfortunately negative, having just used the product. It did dry my hair out immensely. It made a huge mess. It stained my skin. I hope that fades. It stained the bathroom sink and tub. I hope that fades, but the worst part is the dryness and it did not color my hair so great and if I were to do the double dose they recommend for stain resistant grey’s, I guess that would not only cost twice as much, but it would dry out my hair twice as much. If it did that, I am pretty sure my hair would fall out. The product left my hair really dry. So much for how it makes your hair nice. I noticed the person who had her hair done in the video, would not reply to any of the remarks on her page. There are some words I would like to use, but I won’t.

  12. I am a 50 year old guy, this is my second treatment with hairprint. I have never dyed my hair, last few years went real grey at top and side. I used the product and it worked great. I have brown to dark brown hair. I use the light brown. The last treatment seemed to be good for 3 months, then greys started back over next 2 months more heavy. So I am doing it again. I mix d in big bowl, coated my hair and then scrubed it in. I did use coconut oil on my head where hair is thin… stain…rinses off in shower and I spray shower each time for splatter and comes off.
    For me works great, some of the other experiences I don’t get. I would never use chemical dye…rather have grey….if you don’t have brown or black hair, don’t use. Anyway thought I would mention this as was ready through this during my 15 minutes in between bottles :)

  13. I have a braided hairpiece I wore 30 years ago that used to match perfectly. I used it on stage. Guess what? It matches again. Thanks.

  14. Unfortunately not only did this not work for my hair but it caused some hair loss. When my sister (who applied the product form me) contacted the company they told her that there can be some hair “loss” or “exfoliation” of hair that is dry or damaged. Wait? What? Had I read that I may not have tried it. So now I have grey green hair because it never covered my gray AND I have some hair breakage/very thin spots. Be very careful when trying this product.

    • I just used this product and it totally dried my hair out. It made a huge mess, stained my skin and did not thoroughly color my hair. I don’t care so much about the color, but the dryness. I had not read anything about hair loss either. I read, after I bought the product and then saw a different review that it did dry hair out, but that was from a customer and the company said , if you have hard water it might dry your hair out. Really? Thanks for the warning ahead of time. It took me years to stop cutting my hair for nervous/anxiety reasons. I finally grew it out and was somewhat happy with the grey, but then t hought how nice it would be to have my old color back if this product being so natural really restores MY color. Well, the sink and tub are enjoying MY color. Some of my skin is enjoying MY color and I scrubbed with soap and my fingernail and it did not come off my skin, my hair has a translucent tinge of MY color in it and no way could I see buying twice the amount of this stuff making twice the mess and spending twice as long and getting my hair twice as dry. I hope your hair is growing back.

      • This is the third day in and I have to say it is not as bad as I originally thought. The bleached ends are darker and my overall hair is still a little dry, but after conditioning it adn using some oil on it it is getting better and the color that did show up is nice. I wish it did not dry my hair out an dthta it did not cost so much and that they did put more acurate warnings for the possible dryness and in your case the possible falling out of hair in cases where one has hard water and/or bleached hair.

  15. I was so excited when I heard about this product that I immediately read up on it and ordered it. I seemed to be the perfect candidate, dark brown hair, grown-out greys, etc. I am sorry to tell you that this product DID NOT WORK ON MY HAIR AT ALL. I still have grown out greys. Also, the way they package it is extremely wasteful, I could have used a scant 1/3 of the product at a time, and I threw away a ton of unused product because there was no way to just use a portion. Also, the CUSTOMER SERVICE IS TERRIBLE. It has been a week, and despite multiple attempts to contact the company, no one responds. I NEED TO KNOW if it safe to use the organic hair dye I usually use to fix this expensive, time consuming and failed experiment. file this one under SAVE YOUR TIME AND YOUR MONEY AND DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT.

  16. I have used Hairprint twice now, and I am very happy with the results. I have fair skin and my natural hair color is black, and it’s been virtually impossible to achieve realistic results with dye. In addition to weird color, dye has always wreaked havoc on my hair, making it dry and frizzy. Hairprint is a pain in the ass to apply, but my color looks just like it did before I started going gray. It is also soft, shiny, and healthy. The first application didn’t cover the gray completely, but don’t lose hope right away. They say it takes a few times. The second application came out much darker and is very natural looking. I take the kit to the salon and have my stylist apply for me. I don’t think I’d have the patience to do this at home. It makes the whole thing super pricey, but honestly I think it’s worth it.

    • I was going to have my stylist apply it for me too. Did you experience hair dryness like some of the other reviews claim?

  17. I used Hairprint for the first time. 2/13/16. It was a little lengthy in process but I followed the instructions to the letter and it worked like a charm. My severely salt & pepper (was Black) ethnic hair, became completely Black with ALL grays covered. My hair is still Black now, what is almost 2 months later! I wasn’t sure how this product would work on my already chemically-treated hair ( I have a cold wave curl). But it worked just fine and my hair strands seem fortified and stronger as a result of the treatment. The new growth that has come in is also Black. I am due for another cold-wave perm to process the new growth, but I think I will definitely be ordering more Hairprint when time comes to renew the color treatment.

  18. I’m sorry to say that I tried this too… Which ensued in months of embarrassment… My hair turned a color alright… Orangey brassy n the grow out is very unattractive..:(:(:( It’s hard to believe with a color like this that this product is truly not a dye ….i truly truly was hoping this would work:/:/:/

  19. I just used hair print for the first time a week ago. It is time consuming to apply, but it did work great for me. Love the natural looking color. They do emphasize the fact that any residue hair product on your hair will prevent hair print from working. I washed with an anti-residue shampoo and then used no product/shampoo for a two days before using hair print. I also put olive oil on my forehead and ears to prevent staining my skin (they suggest this) and my husband helped me do it.

  20. The product does not work as stated. Its not a product for Gray hair. I tried, spent about two hours applying, washing per 4 steps and extra time for clean up. With all the time spent with no results is a disappointment. The advertising is misleading, Perhaps the product works for dark hair to add tint which has nothing to do with restoring gray hair to its original color. with henna and Indigo, there is no guessing, it does cover gray and is equally time consuming.

  21. It worked for me after one application. I hope the second will cover the grays completely. But I have a question to the company. If it does not contain any dye, chemical or natural, how come my plastic foam sponge, which I used to remove stains from my skin and counters, also is now the color of my hair? It does not produce eumelanin!

  22. Hairprint is the answer I was looking for, my natural color is back! It did take the 2 treatments as they said it would. It’s long and over 50% grey. I hated both dyed and natural grey on me. I was in a crazy cycle of dye because I hated the grey but then never happy with dye because it was never really my color so I would grow it out just to hate the grey and start the cycle over again. I was blown away at the end of the 2 treatments, it was MY NATURAL COLOR. Yes, it was 3 hours of following directions precisely but worth every minute to be able to look in the mirror at end and see my exact color from 20 years ago. I can now get off the crazy cycle and will be giving this to my stylist for maintenance. I’m sorry others didn’t have my experience and I hope they contact Hairprint to see why it failed. I didn’t experience any staining that did not come out with a good wash on my towels and no issue with staining on skin. Possibly others left it on surfaces to long before cleaning it off.

  23. Did not work! I tried several times following instructions very carefully and using baking soda as directed. They said it works for all hair, but it simply did not… even after several times. The idea of the product is great, and one wants it to work, but it doesn’t. I think Hairprint should take the responsibiilty of saying, it will not work for all hairs. It is so messy, time consuming, cumbersome and costly; It is quite a disappointment after all the investment one makes… The website makes one believe it is a definite solution to the alternative of harsh hair dyes, but the product is not a success and the company should make this known.

  24. I developed a deadly allergy to hair dye and hennas that had indigo. I was almost 5 inches into growing out my silver hair when I learned about hair print. I sis a patch test, even though they say you do not have to and passed! From there Iddi my first treatment with shaky hands and was brought to tears to see my natural hair color coming back without any physical reaction! I did my second treatment 5 weeks after and that one was even better. I am looking forward to my next application and am so happy to have found a product which doesn’t kill me and is truly restoring my natural hair color! I have not had any problems with staining, however, I did have a dry scalp after the first use and did a deep condign treatment right after my last application. That worked for e. My scalp is still healing form my serious reaction to hit dye. Hair print makes my hair look natural and not coated with color. I love it! Thanks Hairprint.

  25. The product did not work for me. I’m not a hater, and I love the idea. Better for human use/environment. Followed instructions to the letter using a timer and help. Heavy staining to the scalp and face area, yet still grey hair. A day later can not go out in public because of the heaving staining. I have brown hair with gray in the side burns, and above the ears. I think MyHairprint should place a caution that this may not work. And don’t tell me I need to keep using it multiple times. I would like my money back. Not worth high cost.

  26. I agree with Steve’s review. This product does not work. It stained everything and turned my hair almost black, except for the gray hairs. The gray hairs stayed gray. I even contacted the company and got clarification on how to apply the product, watched the video and tried it a 2nd time. Its a shame because I really wanted this to work.

  27. My hair has been very damaged and stripped of its natural color after years of dyeing and sun exposure. My medium brown hair was actually VERY brassy light golden brown with about two inches of darker brown roots exposed, with a few gray hairs scattered around. I have been trying to grow it out, but couldn’t stand it any longer. I used Hairprint for the first time to try to even out the color.

    Well, the Hairprint did even out my color so that I am brown all over. It appears to have varying shades of brown to make it look more natural. It looks so much better than the brassy look I had. The few scattered gray hairs are still gray, though. I will use Hairprint again and maybe the gray strands will turn brown as my hair becomes healthier.

    • Hi, this sounds like my situation. Did you use the Dark or brown? I have ordered Dark and I am hoping it isn’t too dark for my medium brown hair.

  28. this has to be one of the worst products ever created in the history of America. It stains everything in it’s path ..the sink the shower.. your skin…BUT DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO CHANGE THE COLOR OF YOUR HAIR…..back to natural hair dyes that actually work!!!

    • Thousands of people do not share Steve’s experience. If he was correct, we would not have people all over the world and in the U.S. using the product every month. We would be happy to talk to Steve to see what happen for him. We take care of our customers if they contact us. Thank you.

      • Sorry Jasmine, but we had the same exact experience, in fact we were in contact with your company directly, and they sent us a replacement box, with even more time consuming, explicit instructions, which we followed to a “T”. It stained my husbands head and forehead so bad, and your reps had no solution. He ended up using even more toxic solutions to get the dark brown stains off his head, that he got chemical burns. We have now found a TRULY all plant based product that works. It, too, is time consuming, but for a product that works, the time is worth it. Search for Green Hare. I have no affiliation with the company (unlike Jasmine with Hairprint), other than being a 100% satisfied customer.

      • Jasmine, I used conventional hair color for years, after the third week, my hair would turn blonde, not the color I was going for. I tried Hairprint out of desperation because my constant coloring was frying my hair! I let my hair grow out for 6 months. Two months later, and after only one application, my hair is still brown! Yes, its lighted up considerably but I’m amazed that the color held so long for one treatment. From the comments I see it’s not working for everyone, but for the majority of us, it’s FANTASTIC stuff… well worth the cost. Thank you!

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