Steelman Powerpants – Wearable Weight Loss Fitness Technology?


STEELMAN Powerpants is a garment that you put on under your clothing to help stimulate the reaction of your body that you normally find in a vigorous workout.

This garment is still presently earning funding on a Kickstarter campaign, and is estimated to be available to other consumers by August 2017.

What Are The Steelman Powerpants?

Life is busy. Between your commitments at work, different issues you face at your children’s school, and your personal life, there isn’t a lot of room left for working out.

You know that it’s an important responsibility to take on, since the act of exercising has plenty of health benefits, but you are being pulled in many different directions.

To make matters worse, if you get sick or become injured, there’s no way that you can keep up with your workout. Luckily, that’s about to change with the STEELMAN Powerpants.

The STEELMAN Powerpants is still in the production stages, helping you to burn fat by putting on these shorts and controlling the device via Bluetooth.

This product is the best way to complement any workout regimen, because it guarantees that your muscles will get the attention that they need to look and feel strong. It’s able to treat many issues in your body with this remedy, which helps you:

This regimen involves an intensive guide to show you all the different ways you can expand your workout. You will even have access to coaching sessions for self-dense, to help you feel energized and more.

You don’t have to have sweat pouring down your face to end up with an effective regimen. Instead, if you decide to introduce the STEELMAN Powerpants to your workout goals, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the minimal amount of effort needed.

How Do Steelman Powerpants Work?

The reason that the STEELMAN Powerpants are healthy and effective in improving your physique is due to a method called “electric muscle stimulation,” or EMS. With this type of energy delivery, the method helps you contract your muscles more effectively to build them up and strengthen them.

In your regular workout, the only way to get this effect is with the use of weights and other accessories to workout. However, you are not in control of the contractions in your muscles during a normal workout, so you are left to guide in how effective your regimen is.

You may quickly become exhausted, and you may struggle to build upon this muscle as you move forward.

The STEELMAN Powerpants aims to cut out the middle man. Rather than forcing you to work out when you’re low on time, these pants stimulate the effect of the workout for you.

This method of stimulating your muscles in especially helpful for consumers that have recently become restricted in their mobility, or for consumers that will be at work during the normal hours that their gym is open. Essentially, the EMS output works your muscles when you can’t, for some reason.

The electrodes are completely wireless, and the skin-tight shorts form to your body to improve your muscle mass. These shorts can easily be concealed under your clothing, which makes them easy to use at any location.

This type of technology may not be new, but it is a revolutionary way to avoid losing muscle mass as you heal from injuries, illness, and other mobility-restrictive issues.

Use Of The Steelman Powerpants

The great part about the STEELMAN Powerpants is that it is easy to put on any situation. You can wear it at home, your gym, or even while traveling.

Once you put on the shorts, all the stimulation is done with the use of electrodes within the device. You shouldn’t even need to move a muscle on your own, but you may be able to enjoy an EMS workout, which is guided by specialized trainers.

The EMS workout takes about 20 minutes for you to complete the regimen, but the full instructions to activate the device will be with your package.

Pricing For Steelman Powerpants

Right now, STEELMAN Powerpants is earning funding on the Kickstarter website, which allows you to make contributions to the campaign for a reward of your own. While there are small prizes for lower amounts, the real prizes start at $99.

With a $99 donation, you can get a pair of the pants for yourself, which is a significant discount from the $249 retail value.

This option is only available for the first 300 backers. However, as the spots fill up, there will also be opportunities to get a smaller discount, when the product is offered for both $119 and $139 for the same reward.

The next option is exclusively available for the first 100 couples, since it offers two pairs of the pants. The first discount is $179, but as slots fill up, you can purchase it from another promotion for $199.

To offer an incentive for the people that pledge for support, the creators of the team will make three other fabrics available with the product when their support reaches $100,000 in pledges. Once they reach the $200,000 mark, they’ll start making yoga pants to match them.

Contacting The Creators Of Steelman Powerpants

With such a new and innovative solution, you probably have other questions about the STEELMAN Powerpants, which you should address before you make your purchase.

The customer service team is available via email, when you send a message to [email protected]

Steelman Review Conclusion

The STEELMAN Powerpants will be available by August 2017, but you have the opportunity right now to secure your own pair (or pairs) at a discounted rate.

You should be able to get a workout in whenever you feel the need to build up muscle. However, when you need to fulfill other obligations ahead of your desire for physical activity, these shorts can keep you on track.

If you’re ready to see the impact that EMS has on your body, make a pledge today to become a part of the launch of the STEELMAN Powerpants.

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