Titin Tech – Athletic Weighted Compression Shorts & Shirts?


There are many different weight training mechanisms on the market today. Titan Tech has created a weighted shirt system that allows you to add and remove weight as necessary without affecting your size/mass. We will be discussing these products today

What is Titin Tech?

Titin Tech is a company that makes workout gear for sports. The increase your endurance with weighted garments that put weight evenly across your body, instead of just targeted areas. Weights are great for resistance training, but putting weight evenly across the body will help condition all of your muscles.

Their apparel is form fitting, and is guaranteed to change the way to view weight training. Their secret to success is their form fitting, gel inserts. The gel inserts hug your body but are weighted so they create more resistance to your movement. The gel inserts can also be heated up or frozen, to add to the intensity of the workout and muscle recovery.

Their garments are weighted, but not cumbersome, and do not weigh you down. Their 8 pound garment has the same feel as a 20 pound weight vest, without the extra bulk. Their system has been tested on military personnel, celebrities, and athletes, and has shown promising results.

The weight is distributed evenly, so all aspects of your body can see the same result and have the same resistance.

Titin has also worked with Under Armour to create their products, and the sizing is the same as Under Armour. If you are a large in Under Armour, you are a large in Titin Tech.

How Does the Titin Tech Line of Products Work?

Titin Tech’s products work by creating garments that you can wear in the gym or during your workout, without adding bulk.

Because a lot of weight vests are bulky, it is hard to work out with them on and complete the same circuits that you can without the weights. Titin Tech makes the compromise for you, so that you can wear the weighted vest and still have the mobility necessary to maximize your workout.

Weight vests can also cause you to damage parts of your back due to distribution that causes slouching. Because Titin Tech’s products are form fitting, there is less resistance and better, more even weight distribution that will prevent you from slouching or injuring your back.

By distributing the weight on the extremities AND the torso, you still get the same resistance that you would from a weight vest but it is evenly distributed.

Other benefits of the Titin Tech products:

  • Tight enough fit that it does not change the centers of the athlete’s body
  • Removable gel packs so you can remove or add weight as necessary
  • Gel packs can be heated up or frozen to create heat therapy or cool therapy for after the workout
  • Sizes are the same as Under Armour
  • Non-bulky form makes it easy to maneuver while you are working out
  • Weight is not solely on your shoulders
  • Extremities bear some of the weight also, creating resistance in your arms and legs too.

Titin Tech Product Pricing

Titin Tech has many different products that are priced on their site from $32.95 – $350.00 plus shipping, depending on which product you choose and what you are trying to do. They have different products and systems to choose from based on your goals and experience level.

Titin Tech Review Summary

If you are an athlete, body builder, or just want to create a better body shape, Titin Tech can help you achieve this goal with their weighted products. To view specific system information and decide which is right for you, you can visit their website.

You can learn more about the specific Titin Tech products, read workout information, and purchase your Titin Tech system at their website at www.titintech.com. You will find specific product information as well as reviews about the products, and can order yours directly.

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