Standup Varibike – Dull Or Full Body Fitness Scooter Exercise Bike?


We are living in quite interesting times. The inception of the Varibike confirms. Finally, here's a revolutionary scooter a.k.a foot bike that can double up as a practical hand bike.

Welcome to Standup Varibike

What's more, this Standup Varibike boasts of a variety of different driving styles that can be said to correspond to kick scooting, cross-country skiing, and standup paddling. As much as the Standup Varibike is optimized for fitness and staying in top shape, it is practical enough to be used as a daily driver for everyday commute.

Physical Benefits of the Standup Varibike

That aside, the Standup Varibike is lauded for the following physical fitness benefits.

1. Easy Way to Ensure a Full Body Workout, Anywhere Anytime

Standup Varibiking – as what it can be commonly referred to – is designed to exercise your entire body, right from the arms, the shoulders, torso, and the back. This implies that the consequential impact to your level of fitness plus corresponding physique is quite high.

In other words, this is arguably the best way to move from one point to another while still exercising all through. In other words, this is the best version of having a personal gym with you all the time.

2. Simple, Dynamic and Effective

There is literally no other kick scooter that accords you the same variety as the Standup Varibike. Unlike your regular tricycle or mountain bike, you can alternate between the following riding modes to optimize your workout sessions.

i. You can decide to ride it while kicking only with the aid of your legs. This is almost the same way that you would use to ride a conventional scooter.

ii. You can push it forward with using your arms only. This is actually one of the best ways of training your biceps.

iii. You can use the combination of your left/right arm while kicking it forward with a single leg to move it.

iv. Alternatively, you could alternate between pushing it with just the arms and cruising synchron style during the entire ride.

3. Versatile and Mobile

The Standup Varibike, just like any other conventional fitness bike, is quite versatile and mobile. For example, it is easily foldable and can seamless fit in the trunk of many cars.

And in direct contrast to most standard bikes, it can be used on pedestrian zones and footways that ordinarily restrict access to cyclist and motorcyclists.

4. A Good Way to Hone your Endurance

A glimpse at the design and construction of the Varibike would reveal the fact that using this bike predisposes you to a scenario where you can enjoy more physical endurance than when using a conventional scooter.

This stems mainly from two things: One; you can use your leg and arm to drive it with levels of varying intensity ( relaxing and contracting repeatedly ) during your ride.

5. Increased Fat Burning

Thanks to the higher rate of muscle activity that can be achieved using this scooter, you can burn fat easily and quickly by integrating this bike into your lifestyle than relying on your regular cardio machine.

6. A Way of Achieving Better Coordination

Standup Varibiking is one of the best ways of improving one's physical coordination and focus level. And as for improving balance, it does a better job in honing one's spatial skills than ordinary cycling.

Furthermore, the continuous and simultaneous cranking and pushing will significantly improve your general movement coordination.

7. A Good Workout Outfit for Professional Cross Training

Standup Varibiking also doubles up an extremely efficient supplementary workout outfit for professional athletes that are looking to exercise their full body. This includes the likes of martial artists, swimmers, rowers, surfers, motocross bikers, triathletes, biathletes, skiers and cross country runners.

8. Stand Out from the Crowd

Standup Varibiking is an almost sure of getting the attention of your fellow commuters, whether they are on foot, cycling or driving. What's more, apart from the apparent ease of striking up a conversation while using a Standup Varibike, you get to separate yourself from the crowd to the extent of some of them being envious.

In Closing

A Standup Varibike employs a 4-speed gear hub which is then complemented by a centralized strut bar enabling one to switch between high and low gears with comparative ease.

This also implies that you can ascend uphill with the same level of comfort and difficulty you would encounter while cruising downhill. Also, it makes good use of a foldable frame that makes the entire set-up very versatile and mobile.

The primary material used in the engineering and material science construction of this bike is an Aluminum 7005/7020 that is powder coated for maximum durability. What's more, the combination of a front drum brake and complementary rear fender brake makes the scooter safe for use by people of all ages above 12 years.

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