Solar Garcinia Review – Does It Work?

Solar Garcinia is a new diet pill that recently launched online as part of a risk-free trial. Does Solar Garcinia actually help you lose weight without exercise? Here’s our review.

What is Solar Garcinia?

Solar Garcinia is a diet pill that claims to help anyone lose weight by suppressing appetite and blocking fat production.

These are the same benefits you see in virtually all Garcinia Cambogia supplements sold online. In some small studies (mostly involving rats, not humans), garcinia cambogia has been shown to have mild appetite suppression benefits and mild fat blocking capabilities.

Despite the limited evidence, garcinia cambogia diet pills have surged in popularity ever since Dr. Oz infamously called the Southeast Asian fruit extract a “miracle weight loss cure”. Solar Garcinia, like many other garcinia diet pills, aims to capitalize on this hype.

How Does Solar Garcinia Work?

Solar Garcinia uses garcinia cambogia powder to achieve its weight loss effects. That powder contains something called hydroxycitric acid, or HCA. That’s the active ingredient in garcinia that’s been linked to appetite suppression and fat blocking.

“The secret ingredient is scientifically proven to help maximize your weight loss program!” enthuses the makers of Solar Garcinia.

Garcinia cambogia is far from a “secret ingredient”. It’s one of the trendiest diet pill ingredients ever made and can be found in thousands of other supplements sold online.

Solar Garcinia claims to contain 1000mg of 60% HCA garcinia cambogia extract. However, the supplement never actually lists its ingredients label. It also doesn’t specifically say that it contains 1000mg per capsule. It just says that the “Recommended Dosage is 1000mg”.

Shady tactics like this make it difficult to see how Solar Garcinia works or even what ingredients it contains. For all we know, Solar Garcinia contains a small amount of garcinia cambogia mixed with a large amount of caffeine and other stimulants – without an ingredients label, independent testing, or any other verification, we just don’t know.

Solar Garcinia Pricing

If Solar Garcinia wasn’t already setting off red flags in your head, then the scam-like pricing policy certainly will.

Like many other garcinia cambogia scams found online today, Solar Garcinia uses a “free trial” to lure customers in, and then secretly fills your credit card with hundreds of dollars of hidden fees. Then, the company legally protects itself because you checked a box saying you read the terms and conditions.

In any case, Solar Garcinia claims to cost only $5, but its final cost could add up to hundreds of dollars. Here’s how pricing works out:

-You pay $4.95 for shipping today and receive a full-sized bottle of Solar Garcinia within 5 to 7 days

-Your credit card has already been pre-authorized for the charge of $79.95, which is the full retail price of the supplement. 14 days after you ordered your trial, that $79.95 charge will be processed on your credit card.

-Every 30 days from that point forward, you’ll be charged $79.95 again and receive another 30 day supply of Solar Garcinia in the mail

-You can cancel your autoship subscription at any time by calling (866) 841-1203. You’ll also need to call that number to cancel your trial if you want to avoid the first $79.95 charge.

Ultimately, all of this information is listed at the bottom of the Solar Garcinia ordering page in fine print. Technically, you accept these terms and conditions when you make your purchase – but most people never read through the terms and conditions. Yes, it’s a scam – but it’s one that can easily be avoided with a little reading.

Who Makes Solar Garcinia?

Solar Garcinia lists its phone number as (866) 841-1203. You can get in touch with the company from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm EST.

The company does not list an email address or any physical mailing address. They only list their fulfilment center in Centennial, Colorado – which is the same fulfilment center we’ve seen used by plenty of other garcinia cambogia supplements and diet pills.

Ultimately, reputable supplement manufacturers make it easy to get in touch. They list where their pills are made and they explain their backstory. Solar Garcinia does none of these things, which is a little bit suspicious.

Should You Use Solar Garcinia to Lose Weight?

Garcinia cambogia has shown some limited evidence that it can help people lose weight without diet or exercise. However, Solar Garcinia is unlikely to replicate those effects on your body. First, the manufacturer doesn’t list its ingredients, its dosages, or any other relevant information about the supplement. it just makes vague mentions about a recommended dose of 1000mg.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the makers of the supplement also hide hidden fees in the terms and conditions. The supplement is advertised as costing you only $5 for shipping – but in reality, your credit card is being silently charged $80+ in fees every month until you specifically call the company to cancel.

There are few garcinia cambogia supplements out there that use pure garcinia from reputable sources. Solar Garcinia is one of many low-quality, underdosed, overpriced supplements we’ve seen.


  1. I find it funny that at the bottom of this page,, there was a google add for the product that was in question on the page.

  2. James Stryker you are obviously an employee of this company and put this lying information on this Web Site. I know this to be true because like your lying ass proclaims, EVERYONE WHO HAS BEEN VICTIMIZED BY THIS COMPANY HAS TRIED TO DO EXACTLY LIKE YOU CLAIM TO HAVE DONE SUCCESSFULLY!!! GUESS WHAT IT’S A SCAM AND DOESN’T WORK LIKE YOU CLAIM. In my case I never even ordered Solar Garcinia. My order was with another company claiming “THEIR GARCINIA” was the strongest. After several months and a letter from my Attorney, that company stopped. They just passed my credit card information to one of their subsidiarie companies, i.e., Solar Garcinia, who I am in the process of taking legal action. It’s a deplorable racket, illegally scalping consumers who are looking for that “MAGIC PILL” that will help to loose weight. I’ve read hundreds of testimonials from consumers credit cards getting charged hundreds of dollars before they either change their cards or start legal action. I am requesting the Attorney General of North Carolina to take action against these scammed and have reported it to the Better Business Bureau. It’s a he’ll of a mess and we consumers need to try aND find a Law Firm to consider a Class Action Suit.

  3. You people are fucking idiots.. you’re posting complaints on an affiliate marketers website. This won’t help you. I ordered this product to see if this is legit. The fucking number and email are right on the side of the bottle, I got a order confirmation email immediately after I ordered with the company contact info in it and another tracking email when it shipped with the contact info in it. I called the number on the bottle and was on hold for a few minutes. So I left a message and sent an email and both were returned in the same day. You fucktards are pathetic. Learn to read before you order and stop blaming others for your ignorance. It’s dumb asses like you that are bringing our societies collective IQ down and sending us spinning down a black hole of incompetence.

  4. I want these orders stopped now! You are taking 84.95 from my checking account every month and I did not authorize this action. I have sent back the pills I have received from you with numerous letters requesting you to stop taking my hard earned money. If I have to, I will call the better business bureau for assistance and then get legal advise. Please stop taking my money and stop sending me your product. I cannot take this product because I am on dialysis. It I a detramental to my health. I oiled appreciate your consideration in this matter. I will place one more phone call to better prove productive.

  5. This product/company is a total farce! I was charged for a product that I DID NOT request!!!!! It took forever to find a contact number for the company. They say they do not give refunds or take the product back. I requested a refund, and the most they would return was $19.99 which didn’t even cover the overdraft charges. Tho I expected a full refund, I was happy to get back the amount they offered. I figured it was that or nothing at all. The representative I spoke with was rude, just a smart @$$ frankly. I will never do business with this company or any other company like this.

  6. I want mine STOPPED as well. CANCEL!!! CANCEL!!! I never want anymore of your products again. I get ripped off each time. I have tried to contact you and nothing. No phone number no nothing. Just leave me alone and don’t expect any more money from me ever. Already called my credit company to block you from charging me for these pills.

  7. The company states they return all calls within 1 business day , but they take a week to call you back , they state you can cancel at any time but it took 5 calls and 3 e mails to get their attention !!! They do not take returns even though they state you can request a return merchandise authorization , they lie !!! They never answer the phone when you call during business hours , always states they are busy and then go to voice mail , no one ever picks up !!! Warning , call you credit card company and block them from charging you $150 for 60 pills every month , the add said it was 29.95 and nothing said about automatic billing and shipments !!!


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