SOL Water – Healing Blue Glass Water Bottle Purification?


Not all water is made equally. This is why it’s so important to find just the right water. Unfortunately, many of the bottled water options on the market contain more contaminants than tap water.

For those who want to elevate their water, but want something that will truly transform their bodies and minds, SOL Water is the perfect solution. Coming in a distinctive blue bottle that has its benefits as well as being classy, this bottled water is unlike any other on the market today.

What is SOL Water?

SOL Water is a sun purified water that harnesses the power of blue glass, as well as the sun. While the concept behind SOL Water might sound strange at first, it has its roots in ancient history, a version of alternative medicine and science that has grown in popularity recently.

The first aspect of SOL Water is its dark blue glass bottle. The color of the bottle as well as its glass body are part of color therapy, which has a positive influence on the body and the overall energy of users. These bottles are left out in the sun, solarizing the water and activating the therapeutic aspects of the blue color. All of this works to energize the water and establish the healing properties found in the water.

SOL Water is based on the concept of chakras, which is an ancient and proven area of healing. The solarized water and blue glass used in SOL Water vibrate at certain frequencies that balance out the seven nerve center chakras in the body.

Because these chakras are connected to the endocrine system, as this balance is restored, the hormones in the body are balanced as well, bring about peace of mind and a higher consciousness.

Benefits of SOL Water

Because the number one goal of all bottled water is to hydrate the body, this is the biggest benefit of SOL Water. However, unlike regular bottled waters, not only does SOL Water hydrate the body, it also uses its therapeutic qualities to bring balance back to the body. This reduces the stresses and anxiety that so many people experience on a daily basis.

In addition to hydrating and balancing the body, SOL Water is able to boost the physicality of the body. The water is able to boost the immune system, decreasing the frequency of headaches, PMS symptoms, and insomnia. It is also able to stimulate the metabolism, lowering blood pressure and increasing overall physical health.

Finally, SOL Water and its natural vibrations are able to bring about an empowerment to users. Over time, drinkers will notice a boost in their creativity and how the communicate. They’ll have a peace in their minds and soul that can only be brought about by complete balance.

Purchasing SOL Water

SOL Water is available for purchase on the company website ( The sizes SOL Water offers are 8oz, 16oz, and 32oz. There are also different bottle types. SOL Water offers regular twist bottle tops as well as flip tops for those who like to reuse their bottles.


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