Infertility Cleanse – Holistic Healing Liver & Colon Detox?


There are many different types of cleansing one can undertake. There exists detox cleansing, facial cleansing, smoothie cleanses and may others, but has anyone heard of infertility cleanse?

Look no further, today there actually exists and Infertility Cleanse created by none other than Whole Family Products.

What is Infertility Cleanse?

Infertility Cleanse is a 2-week body cleanses that works to clear up the liver, colon, intestines, blood and lymph. The significance of cleansing such functions has not been that evident to consumers. Here’s a list of the following benefits of the infertility cleanse with respective to the different types of bodily functions:

  1. Liver: aids in weight loss, enhances the immune system, prevents liver stones from forming, and increases one’s energy.
  2. Colon: Like the liver, a colon cleanse is required to support multiple aspects of the human body. For instance, it helps to boost metabolic rates, increases one’s energy, aids in ensuring that the body absorbs essential nutrients, enhances focus and energy, reduces the chances of having colon cancer, etc.
  3. Blood: cleansing blood enables the body to extract unwanted toxins, viruses and bacteria found in the blood. What this does, is that it ensures that the blood is renewed that way people can perform at an optimal level on a daily basis.
  4. Lymph: lymph is a colorless fluid found within the body’s tissues. It is important to cleanse lymph because it is the source that transfers tissues into the bloodstream, once the tissues have been drained in the lymphatic system. Some of the benefits associated with lymph cleansing are as follows: stimulates liver, pancreas and other glands, cleanses kidneys, supports healthy immune system, restores white blood cells, etc.

In other words, this Infertility Cleanse works to clean individual aspects of the body to achieve an overall healthy system.

How To Use The Infertility Cleanse

Whole Family Products has created the Infertility Cleanse to work, which works at one’s convenience. It is in the form of capsules and should be consumed for two consecutive weeks with two consecutive weeks of a pause, before commencing the cleanse again. It is recommended to consume one capsule with 8 ounces of water and this must be done at most three times per day. For anyone with medical issues, under aged or undergoing pregnancy, this should be avoided in order to prevent further issues from occurring.

The Infertility Cleanse costs $19.95 for a total of 100 capsules. This is definitely an inexpensive cleanse, as it will last up to 2 months (since there is a break in between cleanses). Whole Family Products has ensured that everyone has the chance to cleanse his or her entirety by providing this product at an affordable price.

For The Mind, The Body And The Soul

Overall, the Infertility Cleanse does not stop at only cleansing the body. Once the body is cleansed, the mind has become clearer and focused and thus the inner self has achieved peace. For instance, if one’s metabolic rate has decreased; he or she becomes worrisome, thus ultimately feeling negative. The time has come to cleanse the mind, body and the soul. For more information on how to achieve this, go to:

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