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Mega Hydrate and Crystal Energy Review

Mega Hydrate and Crystal Energy are two nutritional supplements that promise to make your water more efficient using a liquid supplement and a pill. Are these supplements too crazy to be true? Let’s find out today in our review.

What is Crystal Energy?

Crystal Energy is a nutritional supplement that promises to enhance the benefits of water simply by adding a small amount of liquid to an ordinary glass of water. The nutritional supplement claims to enhance the effects of water – like the ability to regulate your body’s temperature, lubricate your joints, remove waste, and perform all of the other critical functions performed by water.

We all know that we should drink more water every day. But few of us actually follow through on that promise. Most of us don’t drink enough water, and that’s leading to big health problems.

Instead of forcing you to guzzle more water every day, Crystal Energy has a different solution: just add a small serum to your water every day to instantly make your water more efficient.

How Does Crystal Energy Work?

Crystal Energy claims that regular drinking water is just “large, disorganized clumps of molecules”. Apparently, ordinary tap water isn’t very good for transporting nutrients to your cells (and removing waste from those cells).

The makers of Crystal Energy have a solution: structured water. Instead of being a disorganized collection of molecules, structured water organizes water neatly and efficiently. This purportedly helps it work more effectively throughout your body.

How exactly does Crystal Energy “organize” water? That’s where the “crystal energy” technology comes into play. Crystal energy is a form of colloidal silica found naturally in glaciers around the world. According to the makers of the Crystal Energy supplement, crystal energy helps increase the water flow across cell membranes 2.54 times more quickly than ordinary water.

Conveniently enough, the makers of the supplement sell bottled Crystal Energy. They claim their supplement provides all of the following benefits after being added to your water:

-Reduces the surface tension and wetting angle

-Makes water wetter (seriously, this is the word-for-word benefit stated on the sales page)

-Cells “can have more intimate contact with water”,

-Cells can “more easily acquire nutrients or remove waste”

That’s right: just by adding a few drops of Crystal Energy to your water, you can instantly group water molecules together so they achieve more uniform, powerful effects throughout your body. The makers of Crystal Energy call this “The Secret of Longevity” and claim their benefits are “scientifically shown” to work.

When you use Crystal Energy in conjunction with Mega Hydrate, you can supercharge your water.

What is Mega Hydrate?

Mega Hydrate is a nutritional supplement sold online in conjunction with Crystal Energy. The two supplements work together to supercharge your water and make it more efficient.

The makers of Mega Hydrate claim their supplement is “the most powerful universal antioxidant.” By taking it daily, you can combat free radicals in your body and enjoy better overall health and wellness.

How Does Mega Hydrate Work?

Mega Hydrate works by “increasing the zeta potential” of your body, which means you have more surface area between your cells, allowing fluids to travel more freely.

The supplement claims to work in a different way than conventional multivitamins and antioxidant supplements: these ordinary pills use antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, selenium, manganese, and others that actually increase the production of free radicals.

Mega Hydrate, on the other hand, doesn’t use any of these traditional antioxidants. Instead, the main ingredient in the supplement is silica hydride, which purportedly increase the water content in your body. As proof that it works, the makers of the supplement post a “Before” picture where cells are clumped together and then an “After” picture where cells are perfectly spaced apart.

Crystal Energy and Mega Hydrate Pricing

There are a number of different prices and packages available online, including all of the following:

— MegaHydrate Crystal Energy Combo: $84.95 (1 x MegaHydrate, 1 x Crystal Energy)

— MegaHydrate Crystal Energy Double-Pack: $169.95 (2 x MegaHydrate, 2 x Crystal Energy, 1 x 2 oz Bottle of Adya Clarity)

— MegaHydrate Crystal Energy Family-Pack: $254.95 (3 x MegaHydrate, 3 x Crystal Energy, 1 x 16 oz Bottle of Adya Clarity)

That Adya Clarity supplement is a liquid supplement that promises to be the “best, most effective counter-top filter & purifier system.” It removes 250 contaminants from your water to provide clean, great-tasting drinking water for your home. Adya Clarity has actually faced legal problems in the past after it was revealed the supplement contained unsafe levels of heavy metals like aluminum.

In any case, all purchases come with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

Who is Dr. Patrick Flanagan?

Dr. Patrick Flanagan is the original creator of Crystal Energy and Mega Hydrate. The official Water Liberty website describes Dr. Flanagan as the inventor of several patented breakthrough technologies, including a “guided missile detector” that he sold to the US military after inventing it at age 11. Dr. Flanagan later became known for inventing the neurophone in 1958. That was an electronic device used to transmit sound through the nervous system to the brain.

Dr. Flanagan created Crystal Energy and Mega Hydrate as part of his research on “water and specific mineral structures”.

Both Crystal Energy and Mega Hydrate are sold online through WaterLiberty.com, where you’ll find a wide variety of water purification equipment and water filtration systems. WaterLiberty.com lists its physical mailing address as this:

3773 Howard Hughes Parkway
Suite 500 South
Las Vegas, Nevada

You can contact the company by phone at 1-888-318-9445 or email them at [email protected].

Should You Use Crystal Energy and MegaHydrate to Improve the Quality of your Water?

Crystal Energy and Mega Hydrate make big claims about how they can supercharge your water. They claim ordinary water is virtually useless for cleansing your body, and that’s why many people are supercharging their water with these two supplements.

In reality, neither Crystal Energy nor Mega Hydrate have ever gone through any types of scientific studies confirming these benefits. The manufacturer has never invested in major research projects or clinical trials that definitively prove these supplements make your water “more efficient”.

The lack of scientific evidence is a problem – especially when the manufacturer makes big claims like that it “makes water wetter”. You can’t just say things like that without backing it up.

Ultimately, you either believe in the benefits of MegaHydrate and Crystal Energy, or you don’t. Some people think they can improve their health by adding supplements to water – we just want to see more independent, peer-reviewed scientific evidence that it works as advertised. Without that evidence, it’s hard to say whether or not Crystal Energy and MegaHydrate make your water “better” and “wetter”.

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