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Everyone knows the importance of a smile. Songs and poems have been written about how a smile can light up a room or make someone fall in love. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then smiles are the doors to the heart. And it’s because so much importance is placed on smiles that people will do anything and pay anything to keep theirs looking bright and healthy.

Oral hygiene has become a huge part of everyday life for most people. From brushing and flossing to straightening and whitening, people want to do anything and everything within their power to make sure when they smile, it makes an impression. Unfortunately, not only are all these different treatments expensive, some of them aren’t very ineffective.

One of the most important aspects of a smile is also one of the hardest things to get: Whitening. While there are many toothpastes, mouthwashes, and even strips and gels that claim they can whiten teeth, often these options are ineffective, short-term, or too expensive to use for very long. With the other option being going to the dentist for these treatments, which is even more expensive, it’s no wonder that people are desperate for alternatives.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening is a company that was created around giving users the best teeth whitening options, but without the expense of going to the dentist. Through the products offered by Smile Brilliant, anyone and everyone can have beautiful white teeth, ready to make the best impression at any time.

About Smile Brilliant

Smile Brilliant was started over a decade ago with the goal to provide consumers with inexpensive, effective teeth whitening options for as many people as possible. A national dental lab, Smile Brilliant has created teeth whitening products that are at a professional level. However, unlike expensive visits to the dentist, users can get these treatments without leaving the comfort of their homes. And because Smile Brilliant was created to cut costs as much as possible, users don’t have to worry about the expenses of these options either.

Smile Brilliant is technically a dental lab, however it works quite a bit differently than the majority of labs. Instead of working directly with dental offices, Smile Brilliant works with customers, taking out the middle man completely. Offering a service unlike any other, Smile Brilliant is able to offer the same teeth whitening options used by professional dentists, but gives them directly to consumers instead of making them go to the dentist and paying a premium for the products. By keeping the focus on the satisfaction and savings of its customers, Smile Brilliant has become a favorite amongst people who care about their teeth.

To clarify how much Smile Brilliant can save customers, it’s important to understand how much dentists are charging their patients. The teeth whitening system used by Smile Brilliant, which is the same one used in dentist offices, uses custom-fitted trays that fit onto both the top and the bottom teeth. These trays are filled with a professional strength whitening gel which is able to deliver the highest quality treatment right to the teeth.

While the system described above is very effective, it costs quite a bit when it’s done at a dentists’ office. The going price for each individual tray in the system costs $500 or more, and that only for one tray. However, with Smile Brilliant, about 70% of the cost is taken off. Considering 90% off all costs at dentist offices are just for the time of the dentist, Smile Brilliant wants to cut out that 90% and give the 10% to customers directly, saving them money and time. Plus, Smile Brilliant offers amazing results, allowing users to love their smiles again.

What Makes Smile Brilliant Different

As mentioned above, the biggest difference between Smile Brilliant and other teeth whitening options is that it offers professional level whitening, but at a fraction of the cost of going to the dentist. This makes Smile Brilliant different in two very distinct ways.

The first is that it is professional-grade products, unlike the whitening treatments offered in grocery stores or pharmacies. The problem with these store bought systems is that they can’t provide the same strength of treatment as Smile Brilliant and dentists can provide. This means the treatments need to be used for longer or used repeatedly to get beneficial results. For those who don’t have the time or energy to repeat this process, these options can be quite a drag.

The second way Smile Brilliant is different from other options is that not only does it provide professional grade treatment options, but it offers them at a fraction of the cost as those offered in a dentist’s office. When a patient goes in to the dentist, they’re paying for the offices, the personnel, the dentist’s time, and the treatments. With Smile Brilliant, the majority of these costs are taken out, leaving customers only paying for the treatments. What makes this so great is that customers of Smile Brilliant still get dentist-quality products, just without the dentist’s prices.

Another huge way that Smile Brilliant differentiates itself from other teeth whitening companies is that it is a professional dental lab. As mentioned above, the health and wellness of teeth is hugely important for people, being one of the most distinct qualities about people. If something goes wrong with someone’s smile, it isn’t just embarrassing, it can be a health hazard. Because of this, no one should buy teeth whitening products from companies they don’t trust. Smile Brilliant has been building its reputation for years, working with cosmetic dentists for over a decade, perfecting the systems it offers to customers today. In addition to the professional lab used to create Smile Brilliant products, the lab is run by a team of expert lab technicians who care about the health and wellness of their customers first and foremost.

Products Sold by Smile Brilliant

Because teeth whitening is all that Smile Brilliant does, it only offers three products on its website ( However, these products are all that users will need to get the brilliant, white smiles they’ve always wanted.

Below is a list of the products offered by Smile Brilliant, as well as a brief description for each option. Prices for each product can also be found below.

Teeth Whitening Trays

Smile Brilliant provides its customers with these custom fitted whitening trays to offer users the best support for whitening their teeth. These trays will fit perfectly on each customer, because each one was made specifically for that customer.

The teeth whitening tray kits come with the trays, a carrying case, material for making impressions, postage, and whitening gel. Not only does each kit come with all these amazing products, but it also comes with a two year warranty and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

The purchasing options and their prices can be found below.

  • Trays and Three Whitening Gel Syringes – $119
  • Trays and Six Whitening Gel Syringes – $139.95
  • Trays and Nine Whitening Gel Syringes – $154.95
  • Teeth Whitening Gel

This is the gel that separates Smile Brilliant products from all the store bought options available. This gel is at the same professional strength as those used by dentists, so it offers better and faster results. Plus, the sticky gel used for this whitening product is stickier than usual, so it spreads evenly and adheres to the teeth, making sure it does its job.

The purchasing options for the teeth whitening gel and its prices can be found below.

  • 3 Syringes – $34
  • 6 Syringes – $54.95
  • 9 Syringes – $69.95

Sensitive Teeth Gel

Not everyone can handle the Smile Brilliant teeth whitening process. Some people have extremely sensitive gums, which makes the entire process uncomfortable for them. However, just because people have sensitive gums, doesn’t mean they can’t have beautiful, white smiles. This sensitive teeth gel can be applied 15 minutes before the whitening process starts to help protect the sensitive gums of users. This way, those with sensitive gums don’t have to worry about any discomfort, but can still get beautiful, white teeth.

The purchasing options for the sensitive teeth gel and its prices can be found below.

  • 3 Syringes – $19.95
  • 6 Syringes – $29.95
  • 9 Syringes – $39.95

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