slimphen garcinia cambogia

SlimPhen Garcinia is a garcinia cambogia diet pill that promises to help you “lose the weight and feel great”. Find out everything you need to know about SlimPhen Garcinia today in our review.

What is SlimPhen Garcinia?

We’re all looking for an easy way to lose weight. SlimPhen Garcinia promises to be that easy way. By taking it daily, you can suppress your appetite, block fat production, and flatten your belly – at least, these are the claims made by the supplement’s manufacturer.

Of course, these are all of the same claims made by thousands of other garcinia cambogia diet pills sold online today. Garcinia cambogia is a trendy diet pill ingredient that comes from the rind of a fruit from Southeast Asia. In some small studies, the ingredient has been shown to trim away fat and suppress your appetite. Most studies on humans, however, have indicated no significant health benefits.

Despite the lack of scientific evidence, garcinia cambogia diet pills remain popular to this day.

So is SlimPhen Garcinia yet another garcinia cambogia diet pill scam? Or is this the real deal diet pill you’ve been waiting for? Let’s take a closer look at how SlimPhen Garcinia works.

How Does SlimPhen Garcinia Work?

SlimPhen Garcinia uses a 60% HCA garcinia cambogia extract, which is the exact same concentration we like to see in other garcinia formulas. HCA is hydroxycitric acid, and it’s the unique enzyme-inhibiting compound thought to give garcinia cambogia its active benefits. In most scientific studies on garcinia, researchers use an extract with between 50% and 60% HCA content.

This HCA purportedly leads to the following benefits:

-Helps your liver burn fat instead of storing it

-Increases serotonin so you feel fuller for longer and reduce your cravings

-Balance stress hormones by reducing cortisol levels and reducing fat accumulation

SlimPhen Garcinia claims to use pure garcinia cambogia extract with no fillers or binders. It also claims to be made in the United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified manufacturing facility.

The makers of SlimPhen Garcinia don’t actually list their ingredients label online. They claim the recommended dosage of garcinia cambogia is 1000mg (which is true). That’s the same dosage used in most garcinia studies to date. At this dosage, garcinia has shown some mild weight loss benefits. However, SlimPhen Garcinia only claims that the “recommended dosage” is 1000mg – the manufacturer refuses to tell us the dosage in its own supplement.

That’s a big problem: we’ve seen plenty of other garcinia cambogia diet pill scams hide low dosage information by refusing to list their label. Without dosage information, it’s impossible to say whether or not this supplement is effective.

SlimPhen Garcinia Ingredients

All we know about the ingredients in SlimPhen Garcinia is that it contains some dosage of garcinia cambogia with 60% HCA. The manufacturer claims garcinia cambogia is the only ingredient, but we never see an ingredient label to confirm this.

SlimPhen Garcinia Pricing

SlimPhen Garcinia makes you jump through a few hoops before you see pricing information. It forces you to fill in basic contact information to see if you “qualify” for the free trial. Everybody qualifies. The trial isn’t actually free, and it can actually cost you hundreds of dollars in hidden charges. Here’s how the pricing works out:

-14 Day Trial: $4.99

So what’s the catch with this 14 day trial? The catch is that the trial bottle isn’t actually $4.99: it’s $79.95. You’re just charged that full amount at the end of the 14 day trial. You never receive a trial bottle: you receive a full one month supply of the supplement at the normal retail price.

Then, 30 days after that first $80 charge appears on your credit card, you’ll be charged $79.95 again and be charged repeatedly every 30 days thereafter. You’ll continue to be charged every month for the rest of your life or until you cancel.

To cancel or request a refund, call 855-295-6113. If you do this within the first 14 days of ordering your trial (not the date you receive it), then you’ll be able to return your product for a partial refund.

Ultimately, we’ve seen plenty of garcinia cambogia diet pill use a similar scam online, where they hide the true pricing information upfront while listing the hidden fees in the fine print of the terms and conditions.

Who Makes SlimPhen Garcinia?

SlimPhen Garcinia is made by a company that simply refers to itself as SlimPhen or SlimPhen Garcinia. You can contact that company by email at [email protected] or by phone at 855-295-6113.

There’s no information about the company online, and even the official website,, simply redirects to a blank page. It appears that SlimPhen Garcinia is the only product made and sold by the company. When you Google Search the phone number, you get no additional information.

Should You Use SlimPhen Garcinia to Lose Weight?

SlimPhen Garcinia is yet another garcinia cambogia diet pill scam. The manufacturer refuses to list the ingredients label. They charge a ludicrously high price (without even mentioning that price upfront). And they tell us little information about themselves online – all we have is an email address and phone number.

For all of these reasons, SlimPhen Garcinia is one diet pill you should definitely avoid. It’s more likely to take money from your wallet than it is to take pounds from your waistline.


  1. I sent a bottle back, been waiting a month for $84.99 refund, they received the bottle over 30 days ago, I have tracking info. They argued with my husband for over half an hour, then admitted if we hadn’t called, we would NEVER have gotten refund. Now they have had product back for over 30 days and say it will be 7-10 more business days before we get a refund. TOTAL SCAM!!! Will update after 10 days about refund.

  2. I ordered this and recieved the pills only paid 4.99. I already called to cancel and I have proof I canceled and supposedly I won’t be charged. I felll for this scam too 😖 smh . I better not get charged for something I don’t want and canceled right away!!!!!!

  3. These folks are a a scam. I contacted last month to cancel. When i called this month they denied that i ever called. Order# 4297535. Caused my account to go – by $185 dollars. I’m going to the state attorney general office th file complaint on monday if my money not returned

  4. Dear Slim/Phen, please cancel my future supplement of Forskolin andGarcinia Cambogia. Please e-mail my confirmation of cancellation to e-mail. Thankyou, PDP

  5. Same here. Didn’t know they would be charging the 79.99 until it appeared on card then on next bill they charged for the forskolin that I did not want. Called company, person who answered phone was rude, then said I didn’t cancel by 14 day. This is a scam and the product did not work.

  6. SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This company should be evaded by the FBI because they are SHADY! Nowhere did I even see where it would charge $79.95…However, I am on my 14th day today, so within the trial period, and they will not reverse the $79.95 charge… They offered 35%, then 50% then 70% after speaking to an unprofessional supervisor. He said I had 14 days but not if my card is charged on the 14th day… What?! I have so many bills auto-drafted from my account and the bank is recommending I close the card before they scam me again. These people are criminals… I asked this one girl how she slept at night! I have never cussed anyone out when calling a customer care department but I did today because they did nothing but cut me off when I was speaking, argue with me, and I had a girl literally say it was my fault I didn’t read the fine print… Yes, but it’s still day 14 so refund my money?!

    • I am getting shipments and the packing slip has no phone number, no address only the name of this SLIM/PHEN and I wnat to stop them from coming. Do you have a phone number you have called? I agree this is a scam.

  7. I called several times and my order was “cancelled” but I was still charged. I’ve called three times and they show I’ve never called except once after the magic 14 days

  8. Im being charged 79.95 when i was supposed to only be charged 5$ for shipping. Ive been on hold for over 20 minutes. Theres no email to contact. SO its a scam

    • Hi Olyvia, can you tell me how it show on your credit card. I’m getting these shipments and dont’ know how to stop them. The packing sleip show you no phone number or email … nothing.

  9. I called the number and stayed on phone 15 mins holding to speak with someone. The lady told me to send back the product and within 10 days I’ll get credit for the $79.95 in my account.

  10. Huge Scam!!! placed the order before I read all the reviews made a big mistake and now the customer care phone number provided will not pick up been on phone for 30 mins 3 times today just hung up and immediately called my cardholder. I can’t cancel my order at all no response what so ever so praying my cardholder can help me…..but probably only way to stop charges is to cancel my card nd get a whole new one with different account number if possible! I have learned my lesson now a huge Hassel to resolve ….I recommend to everyone not to make any sales online what so ever.

    • Same thing here! Then they tell you my card was declined ; and they never received payment . Even tho I was looking at my bank statement at the same time showing where 2 payments had already went thru.!! Liars and criminal activity going on with this product, which is probably no more than sugar pills!! Class action law suit should be in order

  11. I’ve been calling the number and emailing. I was just laid off from work. I’ve GOT to cxl my order. The call and email won’t go thru. HELP!!

  12. Email [email protected] does not work ! Emails are returned
    Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

    [email protected]

    Technical details of permanent failure:
    Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain [].

    The error that the other server returned was:
    550 No Such User Here

  13. I do not want these pills anymore , just wanted to buy garcinia and all of a sudden i purchased 3 bottles of different things i never even wanted to purchase never even clicked on to buy those pills. i Need a Refund ASAP . ! I do not want to purchase i need my Money Back ASAP .
    Thank You

  14. I’m returning the bottles that came in the mail. I didn’t ask for them and you have no right to charge and then send them. I expect a full refund

      • I was having issues as well. After weeks of calling and emailing. I decided to try one last time. The seller picked right up and I was able to cxl my order. They stopped shipment on what to be delivered and I’ve had no other problems. They even sent me a confirmation by mail. My suggestion to anyone would be keep calling. I think I tried a few times a day for a few mins each. But THEY did pick up and the lady was very nice. Good Luck!

        • I’m with the folks that think this should be reported to the FBI. A real shamre that they are cheating people out of money.


  16. September 30, 2016. Please immediately stop any shipment of both:Garcinia Cambodia AND Forskolin. Neither product has delivered what promised. I would like an confirmation that you have received this. Thank you. Last Order #2952781 and #2969715.

  17. I just received my order confirmation letter. I only wanted SlimPhen Garcinia not the SlimPhen Forskolin also. I apologize. I forgot to select “Do not include with order”. Please remove the bottle of SlimPhen Forskolin and correct my order to be ONLY the bottle of Slimphen Garcinia.

    Also, how long is the risk-free trial period?


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