Slimdrene Weight Loss Pills & Diet Cleanse Review


Slimdrene Review

Slimdrene is a new diet pill that promises to flush away unwanted pounds and detoxify your body.

Find out how Slimdrene works and whether or not it’s a scam today in our review.

What is Slimdrene?

Slimdrene and Slimdrene Cleanse are two dietary supplements that claim to help you lose weight and cleanse toxins from your body.

Some of the advertised benefits include:

— Lose Your Cravings
— Burn Stored Fat
Retain Muscle Mass
— Stop Feeling Hungry
— Eat Less While Feeling Better

Meanwhile, the benefits of Slimdrene Cleanse include:

— Naturally Increase Your Energy
— Boost Your Metabolism
— Enhance Weight Management

Clearly, Slimdrene is advertising itself as an extremely effective weight loss pill. Unfortunately, the good news about Slimdrene seems to stop there.

How Does Slimdrene Work?

One of the main problems with Slimdrene is that the manufacturer never really explains how it works. It simply uses catchy slogans that say things like “Lose weight automatically without having to think about it!”

If you do a little digging, you’ll find that Slimdrene contains some type of raspberry ketone-based formula. Raspberry ketones are popular in the modern dieting community because some studies have shown they can suppress your appetite and burn fat.

Most studies, however, indicate that raspberry ketones have little to no effect on weight loss – despite enthusiastic recommendations by Dr. Oz and other alternative medicine doctors.

Even if you think raspberry ketones are a good diet pill ingredient, you may still want to avoid Slimdrene. Slimdrene never explains how much raspberry ketones are in the supplement, nor does it list the other ingredients.

Many diet pills contain high levels of caffeine to “trick” dieters into thinking the weight loss pill is more effective than it actually is. That may be the case with Slimdrene. Since the supplement doesn’t list its full ingredients list or dosage information, we just don’t know.

Fortunately, Slimdrene does list some of its ingredients. Those ingredients include: raspberry ketones, green tea, pure green coffee, African mango, and resveratrol.

Slimdrene Cleanse, on the other hand, claims to contain aloe, white oak, blue vervain, gentian root, and goldenseal.

The “green tea” and “pure green coffee” parts of the ingredient list are important because they usually consist mostly of caffeine. Since we don’t know the amount of the caffeine dosage, Slimdrene could possibly be dangerous to those who are sensitive to caffeine or have a weak heart.

How to Buy Slimdrene

Slimdrene and Slimdrene Cleanse are both only sold in the United Kingdom. At the official Slimdrene website, you’ll see numerous advertisements for a “free trial” offer.

That free trial isn’t really free. It can actually end up costing you hundreds of pounds. Here’s how the pricing for Slimdrene works out:

— You pay £2.99 for the initial free trial and you receive full-sized packages of both Slimdrene and Slimdrene Cleanse

— 14 days after you sign up for the free trial, your credit card will be charged £104.99 for each product. In other words, you’ll end up with a total charge of around £210 on your credit card for both products, which is probably more than you were expecting to pay for a “free trial”

— As if those charges weren’t pricey enough, Slimdrene also operates an autoship program. You’ll receive repeated orders of Slimdrene and Slimdrene Cleanse every month until you directly call the company to cancel. Your second order comes just 14 days after you were initially charged £210, and 30 days after you first ordered the free trial.

Most of the negative Slimdrene reviews you see online are centered around the autoship program and the dishonest “free trial” advertisements.

Of course, you can buy raspberry ketone supplements from other sources online for a much cheaper price than £210.

Slimdrene Refund and Contact Information

Slimdrene, understandably, doesn’t put much contact information on its official website. However, if you want to request a refund from the company or cancel your autoship program before it maxes out your credit card, then you’ll need to contact the company using one of the following two methods:

Phone: 0800-368-6101
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Customers haven’t written many positive things about the customer service department, so expect to be placed on hold for long periods of time and be greeted with rude customer service agents when you call those numbers.

Is Slimdrene Worth A Try?

Slimdrene is a low-quality diet pill that comes with a ludicrously high price tag and a dishonest autoship program. Unless you’re desperate to try every weight loss pill in the world today and love raspberry ketones, we recommend avoid Slimdrene and Slimdrene Cleanse at all costs.

If you are looking to lose weight, we would suggest you go with a supplement that has been reviewed by hundreds of people with great results. You can see our review here: Pure Natural Forskolin Extract.

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    • Beljic,

      Thank you for leaving a comment. But please know if you have an issue with the company that sells Slimdrene, you need to contact them personally.

      We do not sell this product. We only left a review for others to read.

      — Supplement Police

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