Slim In 6 Review – Debbie Siebers’ Lose 6 Pounds And 6 Inches In 6 Weeks


 When people want to lose weight, they want to know how to lose weight quickly. The Slim in 6 workout claims that people will lose weight in six weeks when they use their program. This fitness program also promises that if their customers are not satisfied, they will get their money back.

What is Slim in 6?

Slim in 6 is a workout program that takes 6 weeks to complete. It contains a three-step workout program that involves cardiovascular, callisthenic, and weightlifting exercises. This is called Slim Training, and it helps people lose weight quickly and in a healthy manner.

Slim In 6’s Creator

Debbie Siebers, a workout trainer, came up with the workout program because she wasn’t satisfied with the way her body looked. She was fed up with trying to control her weight and dealing with her body image issues. This low impact program was made for Siebers because she doesn’t like extreme workouts.

Debbie was overweight like a lot of people, and she lost 40 pounds using her own workout. She’s been able to manage her weight for years now. She wants to show people that through her workout program, they can achieve their weight loss goals.

She’s been a professional trainer for 20 years in the field of fitness and being a part of the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America has enabled her to help her clients reach their weight loss goals. She swears by this product that people will see a change in their bodies, get rid of fat, see an increase in energy, and develop strong, lean muscles. She loves to encourage people to be healthy through exercise.

How Does Slim In 6 Work?

Slim in 6 is a better workout then most because it helps people lose weight quickly. It does this by using low impact and light resistant exercises to help people burn fat in the best way possible. People stay in the fat burning portion of the exercise longer, and this results in shedding the fat from the body while gaining lean muscle.

What Does the Slim In 6 Include?

The Slim in 6-workout program contains 3 workout DVDs, a workout calendar, and a weight loss eating plan, information on how to succeed, 2 extra workouts for free on DVD, and a bonus gift.

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3 DVD Workout Program

The first workout is 30 minutes and helps people slim down and burn fat with low intensity moves. The second workout is 45 minutes and allows people to have a more challenging workout by burning calories in the hips, thighs, and abs. The final workout is more advanced and is less than an hour, revealing that a slim and toned body is possible.

A Workout Calendar

People can keep up with their weight loss with this calendar. They will be able to see the progress they’ve made and see the results of their workouts. People can see their hard work paying off as the pounds just melt away.

Eating Plan For Weight Loss

On this pamphlet people will see the kinds of food they can eat along with their workout. Dieticians have developed these meals. The meals not only look delicious, but they aid in losing weight faster and with ease.

The Key To Success

Two exercise guides are available in the Slim in 6 programs to help people succeed. The first guide is the 6-Day Express Plan that shows people how to lose weight in a healthy way by losing 6 pounds and 6 inches. The other guide is Simple Steps to Success! Siebers shows people how their body can change step by step with the Slim in 6 programs.

2 Free Extra DVD Workouts

The Slim & 6-Pack is a 10 minute workout. It focuses on tightening the abs and building up a strong core. The Slim & Limber is another workout that involves stretching in order to keep the body lean, strong, and feeling healthy.

Bonus Gifts

The Slim Training Resistance Band helps with keeping the body toned. There’s online support 24/7 if people need to talk with Debbie live as well as other experts. Another gift is another DVD called Cardio Core! Express. This workout helps with burning fat and strengthen the core with new exercises.

Success With Slim In 6

People have lost weight with Slim in 6. Real women have seen the result of this program. Jocelyn has lost 84 pounds, Paula has lost 27 pounds, and Zinnia has lost 25 pounds. These success stories and more show that Slim in 6 does work, but the results differ depending on where people start, their weight loss goals, and the amount of effort they put into the program.

Where To Buy Slim in 6

People can purchase the Slim in 6-workout program on It is 2 monthly payments of $19.95 plus $9.95 shipping and handling. People have the option of selecting standard, free, or rush shipping that adds an extra $9.95 to the purchase.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Beach Body will give people their money back if they are not satisfied with the Slim in 6-workout program. Their return policy is no hassle, and people will get their money back in 60 days if the program is not to their satisfaction. Shipping and handling charges will be returned as well.

In Conclusion

Slim in 6 helps people lose weight faster, and it’s been proven to have positive results. It’s a 3-step workout created by Debbie Siebers to burn fat, tighten the core, and develop lean and toned muscles. The workout comes with the necessary tools to lose weight the healthy way and is available on their website to purchase. The product also has a 100% money back guarantee if people aren’t happy with Slim in 6. The Slim in 6 workouts are different for everyone depending on what they want to achieve on their road to weight loss.

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