Rockin’ Body Review – Burn Up To 1500 Calories A Day Dancing


When people want to lose weight the easy and fun way, there is a solution. Rockin' Body claims people will burn at least up to 1,500 calories a day. This dance workout combines exercise moves along with dance moves in order to lose weight.

What is Rockin' Body?

Rockin' Body is an exercise dance program that infuses dance and exercise. The program allows people to lose weight by burning a lot of calories in one day. There are 7 workouts all together on multiple DVDs that people can try.

About Rockin' Body

Shaun T performs this exercise program. He got his education in the world of sports, dance, and has had some success with working with the biggest entertainers in the world. In 2008 Shaun T came up with Rockin' Body, and it has helped kids all over the nation fight obesity.

How Does Rockin' Body Work?

Rockin' Body comes in 5 entertaining workouts. Each workout claims to give people results. These hot workouts are available on DVD for people to try in their own home.

  1. Mark, Move & Groove.

This workout is for people who are interested in dancing while working out. Shaun T shows people his Mark It and Move It technique that takes 15 minutes to do. People will sweat with this exercise.

  1. Party Express.

It’s a 25-minute workout that will show results. This exercise doesn’t take long at all. It is the perfect dance program to try if people only have 25 minutes to spare.

  1. Rock It Out.

45 minutes is all the time people need to reshape the body. Beach Body claims that people will get a toned and lean body. A great metabolism is also a result of trying this workout.

  1. Disco Groove.

This 35-minute workout makes people groove to the music. The company states that people will burn a lot of calories during the workout. The dance floor is where dance and exercise result in weight loss.

  1. Shaun T’s Dance Party.

It’s a real party in 45 minutes. Shaun T shows people how to burn calories to songs like “Holiday” and “Don’t Stop ’Til You Get Enough.” It all happens right in the living room.

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What Else Does The Workout Come With?

Successful tools come with the Rockin' Body workout. 4 free gifts are also available to get the best results. These tools and gifts are a great addition to the Rockin' Body program.

  • A Quick Start Guide – This workout calendar will help people keep track of their results.
  • The Never “Diet” Again Guide – People will get an inside look on how to eat healthy along with Shaun T’s own recipes.
  • Online Support 24/7 – People can talk to Shaun T live as well as a community online that wants to help people improve their health.
  • Hard-Core Abs – It’s a 10 minutes workout for the abs.
  • Booty Time – This 30-minute workout gets the butt in shape by working the buns, hips, and abs.
  • 3-Day Slim Down – This workout guarantees results in 3 days in a simple and healthy way.
  • Party Guide – It’s a guide by Shaun T of what is healthy to eat and drink at a party.

Success with Rockin' Body

Many men and women have seen success with Rockin' Body. Alexandra lost 33 pounds and James lost 43 pounds while using Rockin' Body. The results differ depending on how people approach their workout.

The Cost of Rockin' Body

When people visit, they can purchase Rockin' Body. Shaun T’s Rockin' Body costs $19.95 plus $7.99 shipping and handling. People have the option to choose standard, express, or rush shipping depending how fast they want the product.

Rockin' Body Customer Review

People who have bought Rockin' Body have had some things to say about the program. There are negative as well as positive comments made by some customers. The Beach Body site is the place to check out these comments.

According to the website, one customer had problems with the audio of the DVDs. The music was louder then the instructions given by the trainer. The customer went along with the moves on the DVD anyway but was disappointed that they couldn’t hear the instructions. Another customer didn’t like Shaun T’s interaction with the women.

Some people had positive things to say about the program. One customer thought the workout was great. They enjoyed the workout and had a lot of fun achieving the goals they set out to do. Another customer commented on how they were seeing amazing results while working out to Rockin' Body and losing weight.

Rockin' Body’s Money Back Guarantee

There is a 60-day money back guarantee for Shaun T’s Rockin' Body workout program. If people are not satisfied with the product, they can return it in 60 days of purchase and get their money back. People will not be asked why they were not happy with the program they are returning.

In Conclusion

The Rockin' Body workout program, by Shaun T, brings together exercise and dance to burn off calories and lose weight. These workout programs get people’s bodies in shape. The results show in the tightening of the abs to the toning of the muscles.

This workout kit comes with the necessary tools to help people see the results of weight loss attained while “rocking”. There has definitely been a lot of success when using Rockin' Body at the great price of $19.95.

Additionally, the company offers an iron clad money back if the product is unsatisfactory. Individual results will vary and success is dependent on people’s commitment and dedication.

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