Slendera Review

Garcinia cambogia supplements are littered throughout retail stores and online shops and finding a quality supplement can be incredibly difficult. Since the garcinia cambogia craze began, one of the best selling garcinia cambogia supplements is called Slendera.

Slendera is known for its’ quality ingredients and pure garcinia cambogia extract, which is of course the best combination for weight loss results. For this reason, Slendera is considered one of the best weight loss supplements and is definitely one of the top garcinia cambogia supplements.

How Slendera Works

Slendera contains pure garcinia cambogia extract and like most experts recommend, Slendera has a 60% concentration of HCA extract. This has to main effects:

Suppresses Appetite: HCA extract, the active ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia, increases the secretion of serotonin. Serotonin is a powerful brain chemical that controls your mood and appetite. As Slendera increases your serotonin levels, you naturally have less food cravings and therefore do not desire those calorie and fat-filled snacks.

Blocks Fat: HCA extract also inhibits the function of an enzyme called citric lyase. Citric lyase’s main function is to help the liver convert carbohydrates into fat. Slendera helps to stop fat production in the liver by inhibiting this enzyme, allowing the liver to burn fat instead.

Does Slendera Really Work?

The million-dollar question is, does Slendera really work? Let’s take a deeper look.

The first thing to look at is ingredient quality. After all, if a supplement uses inferior ingredients, it simply isn’t going to work. However, Slendera’s label indicates that the only ingredient is pure garcinia cambogia extract. It also appears that Slendera is manufactured in an FDA-approved lab, which indicates that Slendera is a high-quality supplement.

Second, HCA concentration is very important. Any garcinia cambogia supplement with less than 50% HCA concentration is fairly ineffective. Luckily for Slendera, it has a 60% concentration, which is recommended by weight loss experts.

The third thing to look at is price. Slendera is actually offered via a free trial offer, which means you get to try Slendera before actually buying it. The price after the trial seems reasonable though, especially since Slendera seems to actually work better than most garcinia cambogia supplements.

Is Slendera Safe?

Some supplements have been found to be unsafe, mainly due to inferior ingredients and filler ingredients. Slendera on the other hand has zero binders, fillers, or artificial ingredients and we’ve already found that Slendera uses premium garcinia cambogia extract.

Therefore, there are zero severe safety concerns involving Slendera.

Slendera – Worthy Trying?

While it’s safe to have your doubts about garcinia cambogia, Slendera does seem like a brand to consider if you’re going to try Garcinia Cambogia. Slendera seems to be safe, uses quality ingredients and has a free trial period to test it out to see whether or not you like it.

You may not lose a ton of weight with Slendera but if you’re interested in Garcinia Cambogia, then Slendera is worth giving a shot. Who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised by the results.


  1. I am being ripped off too. I didn’t realise they would automatically keep sending the supplements and deduct money. I read everything carefully before signing but obviously missed it somewhere. I’m trying to get it cancelled. The first payment deducted out was only a day or so after I actually received “free trial”. Beware, do not sign up for Free Trials.

  2. It is a rip off DO NOT TOUCH THIS PRODUCT OR COMPANY> they come back in months after all you can do is change your account no.

  3. I too was ripped off with the free trial. The product did not work, and when then automatically sent the second bottle, It was IMMEDIATELY returned. Then I received my credit card statement for the 2 bottles totaling $189 and change. The company refused to credit me for the returned bottle, because I had not contacted them for a RMA! Even my credit card company could not reverse the fees for the second, unused, unordered bottle!!!! I think this company should be investigated for their “criminal” activity. I too am canceling the credit card, that I have had for 35 years, to keep them from billing my card again. By the way, you can by CG at the store for 1/5 the price.!!!!!!!!

  4. I am one of those patients that got ripped off as well. It was supposed to be a free trial offer with just paying the shipping. I was charged for an order I didn’t receive in September and I received an order in November that I was charged as well. I asked them to refund my money since I didn’t receive the first order and they refused. Then I asked them if they would let me send the order November order back because I couldn’t take it because it interfered with the pain pills I I take.. They said no. I told them I didn’t order any pills but that didn’t even help. Just so you know I am out of almost $400.00 charged to my credit account. These pills are distributed my Worldwide Capital, Ltd. dba. Natural Cleanse, 2 Avon Court, The Avenue, Pinner,Middlesex, UK HAS4UU. I am an eldery lady and don’t have the money to throw away Listen people, do not buy these 2 products, SLENDERA and NATURAL CLEANSE. I Think the Better Business Bureau needs to hear about this.

  5. I purchased both the Slendera natural weight loss and the Slendera Cleanse. I was led to believe it was a free trial offer. I paid the $5.68 and $5.71 shipping costs and got charged these prices plus $98.03 + $86.52 US Dollars. I am not impressed. If I HAVE ANOTHER CHARGE ON MY CREDIT CARD. I will NOT pay it and will cancel this card so no additional charges can be applied. This is bogus FREE?????? I think not.

    • I went through the same thing. I returned the product unopened and the are telling me they won’t refund my money. Your card may automatically be charged monthly. I am waiting for legal papers to fill out in irder to get my money back since they have their product back.


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