Shine Water: Vitamin D, Plant Extract & Electrolyte Drink?


The Shine Water brand is a company that produces three variants of hydration formula drinks. The variants are the kiwi cucumber, poma-grape, and strawberry lemon. Each of the individual products are loaded with vitamins, plants' extracts and electrolytes that ensures a refreshing body hydration. Thus, the consumer is assured of a ready to use re-hydrating package to suit his active everyday schedules. The Shine water products are designed to have a positive impact on the health of people through the provision of products that have been enhanced with natural inputs. Every of the variants no matter the flavor difference, have been formulated by physicians to contain ingredients that propels bone health, electrolyte balance, and general body fitness.

Basically, all of the three variants have very similar nutritional composition. This is asides the fruit composition that is different for the variants. Thus, irrespective of the variant you may choose, you still are able to derive equivalent satisfaction as you will get if you take another variant.

Why You Should Choose Shine Water Products

It Is Suitable For All Categories Of Persons

Shine Water hydration products are suitable for virtually all categories of persons as each of them contains body aiding nutrients and elements that helps put the body in optimum conditions for all of its metabolisms.

Shine Water Vitamin D, Plant Extract & Electrolyte Drink Ingredients

Some of the ingredients common to all three variants are the stevia leaf extract and green tea extract. The stevia leaf is said to have high value phytochemical health benefits. The benefits of the plant include its excellent sweetening traits even with less debilitating effects than sucrose sugar (it in fact helps in blood sugar control) and its ability to help step down blood pressure. Tea leaf extract on the other hand is beneficial for a number of health purposes. It is a great source of antioxidants that works against free radicals in the body; making it effective for reducing the risks of cancer, and also effective for promoting body organ functions. Other nutrients that are found in the hydration formulas are vitamin D3 which aids absorption of calcium and potassium in the body, vitamin B12 which assists in the body nucleic acid formation.

Considering the importance of folic acid in pregnant women, Shine Water products are a good source of folic acid and are just right for pregnant women. Folic acid is also essential for red blood cell formation and replenishment in every other human.

Every bottle of Shine water hydration drink contains 20 calories, with an insignificant calorie input from vitamins A, vitamins C, saturated fats, cholesterol, dietary fibers, and trans-fat. The derivable nutrients from one bottle of the product has a nutritional equivalent to the obtainable potassium from two medium sized bananas, magnesium from approximately four cups of raw spinach vegetables, zinc from about nine 8 ounce servings of low fat fruit yogurt, and equivalent caffeine from one cup of green tea.

Shine Water Summary

The Shine Water company has adopted a decision to provide a portion of its sales revenue to meet nutritional needs in Africa and Central American countries.

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