Secure Heels: Non Slip Heel Hugging Gel Pillow Shoe Insert?


Shoes are a part of our everyday life. shoes are so essential that they have come to play a central role in fashion today. Coming in several variants, a lady’s shoe adds to her beauty, fashion and style. Apart from shoes with bands and buckles, the variety of shoes for ladies come free with only heel-grip. The holding force of the shoe is placed on the heel of the shoes. The heels are made tight enough to have a firm and tight grip on the lady’s heel, a few inches below her ankle.

The grip around the heel needs to be firm in other to prevent the shoe from slipping off as the lady walks. Despite the need to have a tight firm grip around the heel, this grip sometimes poses a number of troubles for the lady. Many a times, the grip of the shoe on the lady’s heel is so firm that it bruises her heel so bad. Where a lady’s heel is bruised by her shoes, it becomes impossible for her to wear shoes in a while.

She would be forced by the situation to stay off shoes for some time, pending when the bruise is healed and her foot is restored to normalcy. This can be a very limiting and sad situation for the lady. staying off heels for a lady can be akin to moving around without shoes on feet. Because many a woman’s fashion glitz is complimented by her sterling choice of shoes, she becomes delimited in fashion and style, and can get completely off the hook.

Why You Need Secure Heels

Scientific innovations have come to rescue our ladies from this very disheartening trend and before now helpless situation in which they are regularly faced find themselves.

Soft Friction Absorbers

Secure heels has come to redeem the trend. With the unique blend of technology and design, ‘Secure Heels’ is producing soft friction absorbers to reduce the friction between the lady’s heel and the shoe’s hind grip.

Prevents Slippage

‘Secure Heels’ come in different variants to fit perfectly into the lady’s shoes. Strategically positioned to the rear of the shoe, it prevents direct contact between the shoe and the heel.

Fine Texture Rubber

The ‘Secure Heel’ is made from soft fine textured rubber that gives a gentle feel on the heel. The ‘Secure Heel’ also provides additional grip between the shoes and the heel. With the use of the ‘Secure Heel’, the lady’s foot is prevented from slipping out of the shoes as she walks.

Secure Heels Promotional Offer

To ensure that as many ladies as possible enjoy the stunning benefits of this innovation, ‘Secure Heels’ has come up with a promotional offering. For every two pairs of ‘Secure Heels’ bought off the market stall, the buyer get two additional pairs of ‘Secure Heels’ free of charge. A pair of the ‘Secure Heels’ currently sells for $19.99. With the sum of 2 cents shy of $40 ($39.98), a lady is able to walk home with four pairs of the ‘Secure Heels’.

Secure Heels Gel Pillow Shoe Insert Conclusion

The ‘Secure Heels’ is a necessity for every lady who desires to be up in the trends of fashion and style. It also comes with a number of health benefits, principal among which are keeping the lady’s heels safe from bruises and blisters usually occasioned by the friction between the shoe and the heel, and keeping the lady's foot firmly fitted in her shoes. Ladies can now wear their heel shoes in glamour and style, totally forgetting their troubles, and having only reminiscence of the bad old bruise and slippage days.

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