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SensiLight Mini Review – Worth Buying?

For most women, hair remove is a troublesome and time consuming process, especially without the use of shaving utensils. Unlike shaving, other methods like waxing and epilators remove the hair from the follicle, thereby slowing down the hair’s growth cycle. With a slower growth cycle, you can enjoy smoother and silkier legs for longer.

The two most common non-shaving hair removal procedures include waxing and the use of an epilator device. While both are great options, neither provide you with permanent hair removal. Fortunately, there is one product on the market that does, and it is known as sensiLight Mini by Sensica. As the brand notes, “your skin is in good hands.”

About the sensiLight Mini

The sensiLight Mini is a permanent hair removal device designed and manufactured by Sensica, a brand that produces advances esthetic tools that enable you to implement professional beauty treatments right from your own home. The company was founded by a group of beauty professionals with experience in medical esthetics who wanted to make it easier and more convenient for women to adopt self-care methodologies, without having to trouble themselves with going to a beauty salon.

The sensiLight is an affordable and easy-to-use device that is created with the company’s premier technologies, which include Reactive Pulsed Light, Adapt2U, DynamicRF, and PH Feedback. These technology are not only used by sensiLight, but they are also widely adopted by major professional institutions. The sensiLight Mini is not only able to remove unwanted hair, but the device also works to rejuvenate and exfoliate your skin throughout the entire process.

Best of all, Sensica technology is clinically approved. In particular, the sensiLight Mini functions well both on facial and body hair. The ergonomically designed device gives you long-lasting and effective results so that you do not need to spend hours and a great deal of money on professional hair removal.

SensiLight Mini: The Options

There are two models of the sensiLight Mini: sensiLight Mini 50 and sensiLight Mini 100.

To begin with, the sensiLight Mini 50 can be considered an “introduction” into sensiLight products. This permanent hair-reduction system is an alternative to expensive salon treatments. Not only is this system affordable, but it is also safe, very intuitive, and it is cleared by the Food and Drug Administration.

Alternatively, the sensiLight Mini 100 is a stronger version of the sesiLight Mini 50. That is to say, instead of using a device that implements 50 pulses, this version implement 100 pulses in order to remove hair.

The pulse rate is significant because the more pulses the device produces, the higher amount of flashes. The flashes are directly correlated with the device’s hair removal ability and also with the longevity of the device. For example, with the sensiLight Mini 100, the lamp is high capacity. The high capacity lamp does not require you to refill the cartridges, making the device extremely low maintenance. While both are very good options, if you are looking for one that does not require a lot up upkeep and that removes hair faster, you may be better off with the sensiLight 100.

Since the power of the lamp is the most significant difference, the next section is going to cover the shared qualities of the sensiLight mini products that make this hair removal device so great.

How Does the sensiLight Mini Work?

The sensiLight Mini is a pretty innovative product. The device utilizes Reactive Pulsed Technology. This technology addresses the unique needs of your skin through every single pulse. By gauging your skin type and texture, the device is able to then provide your skin with flashes that work to remove hair straight from the hair follicle. Once the heat from the flash attacks the follicle, hair growth slows down, ultimately resulting in smoother hair-free skin.

The technology also works on various areas of your body. You can use trigger mode for focused areas such as your underarms and bikini line. Alternatively, if you want to treat large portions, then you can set the device in automatic flashing mode. This mode will provide you with a continuous stream of flashing technology that removes hair effortlessly.

A Safe Product

As with any device that utilizes heat to remove hair, one of your main concerns is safety. One of the best features of sensiLight is that the maker of the device is wholly committed to ensuring that users receive the best quality and care. That is to say, Sensica has ensures that the device is completely safe to use through clinically testing the technology and also clearing it with the Food and Drug Administration.

You certainly do not need to be concerned about any discomfort or issues arising with the device. If anything, most users just feel a bit of warmth when applying the technology to their skin.

Price and Money Back Guarantee

Considering this device is a permanent hair removal solution, the cost of the product is quite affordable and reasonable. For the sensiLight Mini 50, the current rate is $199.00. On the other hand, the sensiLight Mini 100  is a bit more expensive. For this product, you can expect to pay $299.99.

Another wonderful feature of the product is that if you are not satisfied for whatever reason, you can take advantage of the money back guarantee. The money back guarantee is good for 60 days and it applies to products that are purchased online at the Sensica website. For purchases conducted outside of the website, you will need to contact the individual establishment for their return policy.


Hair removal is a pain, but you can make it so much easier and much more infrequent by choosing a product like the sensiLight mini. If you would just like to start slow and see the overall effects of the product, then you may want to opt for the sensiLight Mini 50.

Alternatively, for a more powerful solution, the sensiLight Mini 100 is the better choice. Regardless of what you choose, you are bound to be pleased with the results.

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  1. I recently purchased the sensica, but I read one of the reviews that it cannot be used on the face.
    I called the customer service to cancel the order but they said that it can be used on the face and I should try it. However, if I don’t like the results I can return it back with their prepaid label.
    I didn’t cancel the order. I used the sensica, but I didn’t really like it. I didn’t find any improvement in my hair growth. It’s kind of weird machine or maybe mine was defective. I called the customer service for the label and they didn’t want to give me prepaid label anymore!
    I told them that I am not satisfied with the results but the manager kept telling me how the machine is built in so that it wouldn’t damage my skin. She wasn’t even answering my questions, she was basically trying to tell me that machine is perfect, it’s just not suitable for my skin. In that case, I will have to return it and pay for the shipping. She wasn’t even letting me speak, she was speaking over me, such unprofessional attitude!!
    Later, while I was speaking, she just disconnected the call!
    Now, I will have to pay the return shipping for this defective product to get my money back!!

  2. Hi there. I am ordering the sensor light 100 mini from the tv shop and costing me 500$, Is this the correct pricing. Can I use this product on my chin area? Thanks

  3. I’ve been using sensiLight mini for the last few month, the results are truly amazing.
    the device is easy to use, and the fact it can be use at home is a major bonus!
    I highly recommended.

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