Semax Nootropic Spray – a.k.a. Russian Cemakc


Semax Nootropic Spray Review

Semax is a nootropic spray developed by Soviet researchers in 1982. It delivers a strong dose of a Noopept-like substance through your nose. Here’s our review.

What is Semax Nootropic Spray?

Semax, also sold in Russia as “Cemakc”, is a heptapeptide nootropic that comes straight out of Russia. In 1982, researchers at the Institute of Molecular Genetics at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow were trying to treat stroke victims using nootropic chemical compounds.

After experimenting with Noopept – which is one of the strongest nootropics on the market today – these researchers came up with an intranasal spray that offers similar effects to Noopept. The spray and Noopept share a similar chemical makeup and potency.

Like Noopept, Semax stimulates the central nervous system, increasing memory, focus, physical performance, and analytical skills. It’s also reported to have fewer negative side effects when compared to stimulants like Adderall, Ritalin, and Ephedrine.

Let’s find out how Semax works.

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How Does Semax Work?

Chemically speaking, Semax is a neuroactive peptide derived from corticotropin. Corticotropin is a peptide hormone and neurotransmitter that is released by your body during times of stress. When your body is stressed, it needs to think more clearly, which is why corticotropin has a significant effect on your brain.

Semax has the following chemical structure: Pro8-Gly9-Pro10ACTH(4-10).

More importantly, Semax has been described as being 1000 times stronger than Piracetam and provides similar benefits to Noopept, Sunifiram, and Unifiram.

Interestingly enough, Russia’s love affair with Semax didn’t stop when the Soviet Union collapsed. Since 2011, Russia has classified Semax as a “Vital and Essential” drug. The drug is commonly prescribed across Russia – especially when physicians are dealing with conditions that require neuroprotective or neurorestorative effects.

So how does Semax actually work? Semax modulates receptors in the Limbic Reticular complex in your brain. It specifically targets the receptors that handle serotonin, adenosine, histamine, dopamine, and acetylcholine.

At the same time, Semax activates NMDA receptors for glutamate in your central and peripheral nervous systems.

Furthermore, Semax also boosts neuroprotection significantly, which means your neurotransmitters degrade less frequently. To boost neuroprotection, Semax increases synthesis of neurotrophins, proteins, and biosubstrates. This protects and repairs active neurons and reduces inflammation throughout the nervous system and brain.

As you can see, Semax affects more areas of your brain than most other nootropics. Instead of just targeting say, acetylcholine neurotransmitters, for example, the drug targets a wide variety of areas of your brain for maximum effectiveness.

Ultimately, that leads to benefits like:

— Increased Memory
— Better Learning Ability
— Increased Reasoning
— Improved Perception and Concentration
— Better Immune System Functionality
— Higher Cognitive Energy Levels

Some users also report feeling a better mood while taking Semax – likely due to its effects on your dopamine receptors.

Semax Dosage

As mentioned above, Semax is thought to be about 1000 times more powerful than Piracetam by weight – so you can expect smaller dosages and weaker concentrations when you’re shopping around for formulas.

Typically, Semax is sold in a 0.1% or a 1% nasal spray in bottles of 3mL. Each bottle contains 60 doses.

How to Use Semax

Semax is different from other nootropics in a lot of ways. However, one of the most immediately noticeable ways it’s different is that it’s taken as a nasal spray.

You stick the bottle of Semax up your nostril and spray. The ingredients are absorbed through the blood vessels along the side of your nose.

This makes some people wary of Semax. Some people avoid Semax entirely because of the perceived danger of the spray.

Of course, just because you’re not ingesting it orally or dosing it under your tongue (sublingually) doesn’t mean that Semax is dangerous. Applying it through your nasal mucous membranes makes Semax more effective, but since the spray doses are controlled, it’s no easier to overdose than it would be with a standard nootropic.

If you’re planning on taking Semax regularly, then you should cycle it. Most users recommend cycling on Semax for 14 days at a time before staying off it for 14 days and then starting again.

Semax Dosage

The recommended Semax dose for cognitive enhancement is two to three drops of 0.1% solution in each nostril, twice per day.

This gives you 50 mcg of active ingredient in each spray. If you spray twice in each nostril per dose, that’s 200 mcg of Semax every time you take it.

Like with all nootropics (and especially stimulants), you should start off small when taking Semax. Err on the side of caution. Some people may find the only need half the dose listed above – or even less.

Semax also has a relatively long half life compared to other nootropics. Most users report feeling effects for anywhere from 12 to 24 hours.

1% Semax Solutions

Keep in mind that the above dosing recommendations are exclusively for 0.1% Semax solutions. 1% Semax solutions are typically not used for mild cognitive enhancement purposes. Instead, they’re only prescribed for use by stroke victims or those with other serious brain conditions.

If you do find a 1% Semax solution available online, just recognize that your dose will need to be 10 times less than what we’ve listed above.

Semax Side Effects

Semax is not associated with many major side effects. It doesn’t interact with other drugs, nor is it very addictive. Users don’t typically report withdrawal symptoms after cycling off Semax.

The drug also has a low toxicity profile in the liver and in the brain.

Nevertheless, Semax is under-studied – especially outside of Russia. Its full effects are largely unknown, and more research needs to be done before we can universally say that Semax is safe to use.

How to Buy Semax

Semax is commonly used (and prescribed legally) throughout Russia as well as some countries in Eastern Europe.

Nevertheless, Semax has not been approved for any purposes by the United States Food and Drug Administration and is not prescribed anywhere stateside.

Complicating matters further is that Semax is relatively difficult to find even on US nootropic vendor websites.

However, Semax is becoming more and more popular. Because it’s new and hard to find, you’ll pay a premium on most websites.

Some nootropic users argue that the best way to get Semax is to purchase it from Ukrainian or Russian-based retail websites. However, this can be a huge headache in itself: not only is there a language barrier, but your product also has a fair chance of being seized at the border by customs (some retail sites offer refund policies to help you avoid this hassle).

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