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Not sure where the bad odor is coming from? Confused as to why water is not moving along the drains?

In such cases, the main concern might be a hindrance in the drains. For instance when it comes to the kitchen sink, allowing food to enter the drains can cause a blockage, which can block water from smoothly flowing, which might increase the chances of an odor.

Normally, consumers are advised to place a P trap or a net-like item that accumulates food into it, which is likely to prevent it from going through drains. Unfortunately, it is not always efficient, as too much food can lead one to remove the P-trap to release water, which may also release some food particles. What can be done to ensure that one's drainage system is not clogged? This is where SANI STICKS may come into play.

By using SANI STICKS on a monthly basis, consumers are likely to clean out anything that can potentially block one’s drainage system, while preventing odors from occurring. The purpose of this review is to introduce SANI STICKS with respect to its purpose, its works, its uses and its affordability.

What Are Sani Sticks?

SANI STICKS are designed with the intentions of cleaning and sanitizing drains. Ultimately, they are believed to eliminate anything from hair, food, and other residues that may have accumulated by passing through the drains.

Unfortunately, this is of great concern, as it can deteriorate the quality of the drainage system, while inducing bacteria and toxins’ growth.


SANI STICKS are said to contain a wide range of enzymes. When placed within the pipe traps, the SANI STICKS dissolve and through slow-release, they claim to stop backups, clogs and odors by digesting organic deposits. Similarly, it is believed that they can block off grease and prevent its buildup, which are responsible for clogging drains.

How Should Consumers Make Use of SANI STICKS?

Since SANI STICKS are designed to clear up drainage blocks, consumers can insert them in the drains found in the bathtub, shower place and sink, and kitchen sinks. It must be done once a month to ensure that the drains and clean and running smoothly. It has also been declared safe for plumbing and septic tanks.

How Much Do SANI STICKS Cost?

For a pack of 24 SANI STICKS, consumers can expect to invest approximately $10, excluding shipping and handling fees. Currently, an offer holds in which consumers can get two packs of SANI STICKS, given that one pays for the shipping and handling of the additional pack; totalling approximately $22 for the entire set.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it is important to ensure that the drains are maintained regularly. Otherwise, consumers are likely to experience a complete blockage in which the presence of a plumber may required.

With the use of the SANI STICKS, consumers can potentially save time and money, as one is simply required to drop a stick per month, which is activated upon hitting the pipe trap. Moreover, one pack alone can last up to 2 years, making it an inexpensive commodity.

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