Soniclear Michael Todd Beauty

Michael Todd Beauty is no stranger to beautiful, and quality skin care and accessories. In 2014, the Sonic Clear line was introduced and has continued to be improved and expanded on since. Soniclear Michael Todd Beauty was the first antimicrobial skin cleansing system in the world. It has enabled them to receive global recognition and brick and mortar type distribution.

In 2016, Michael Todd Beauty released the Sonicblend which became the first in the world for anti-microbial sonic makeup brush and a long list of tools for beauty to go with it. They were designed to help consumers get the most out of their beauty and skin care products.

These products in the Soniclear Michael Todd Beauty have allowed consumers to have access to a wide variety of beauty tools that both in an elite class and affordable. The newest addition to this line, the sonicblend PRO will launch in December 2017 is patent pending and a clinically validated device. It is a total refresher microdermabrasion and micro-mister along with the SonicERASER, also clinically validated and travel friendly. A portable infusion device – say what?

One of the best parts about this brand, Michael Todd Beauty – is they are relevant. They have strengthened their offerings and have become ‘Social Media Sensations’ and collaborative efforts with influencers.

Soniclear Michael Todd Beauty Collection

There are nine (9) different categories in the Sonic Collection that include:

  1. Sonicblend
  2. Sonicearaser PRO
  3. Soniclearelite
  4. Soniclear Elite for Men
  5. Soniclear Petite Deluxe
  6. Accessories
  7. Antimicrobial Brush Heads
  8. Soniclear Petite
  9. Soniclear Elite Deluxe

The Sonicblend retails for only $79.00 and is the first of its kind in the world of makeup brushes. It allows you to apply makeup faster and more powerful due to its rotating abilities. This is ideal for blush, contours, highlights, setting powders and bronzers and does so without streaks or lines. Imagine airbrushed look every time! This product also contains the microbial contamination protection as well – has your look cleaner and more refreshed longer.

The Sonicearaser PRO retails for $119.00 and is a new product to the collection. Look at it like a 3 in 1 delivery. Clinically validated to apply your products more effectively than by hand. This will help improve the aging effects on your skin and is proven to increase brightness, firmness and hydration. These results can be seen in as little as 14 days. And, dramatic difference in the appearance of reduced fine lines and wrinkles. Cutting edge – right?

Soniclear Elite retails for $149.00 and includes the C-Boost technology and acts as a massager too. Ready for the best part? It protects against 99.9% of bacteria that can build up in makeup brushes so this lets your brushes stay cleaner, longer.

Can’t leave men out! They want great skin, too right? The Soniclear Elite for Men is like the one mentioned above. It too comes with six (6) speeds, rechargeable and waterproof. Guards against 99.9% of bacteria. Described as easy to clean and effective. It works to scrub away dead skin and give that soft silky feel every time.

Soniclear Petite retails for $89.00 and comes in some funky and fun colors! This one comes with three (3) speeds and is the first in the world to protect against microbial contamination. Patent pending and a 100% rating from users who would recommend this product to others.

The description of other products is available in detail on the website including the pros and cons of each device. And, an excellent comparison chart to determine which device is best for you.

What Are Others Saying About Soniclear Michael Todd Beauty?

In addition to the 100% recommended rating, there are dozens of verified customers whose testimonials are available on each product. They comment on the easy to use and charge capabilities – how their skin is left feeling silky, smooth and healthy after each use.

Some of the products can be used with scrubs that people appear to love. Others, comment on how they ae seeing less breakouts on their skin and the ability of closing pores is exceptional!

Overall, the Soniclear line is a powerful combination of devices that help keep your brushes, but more importantly your skin at optimal health and clear of contaminants that can build up with product use, or the inability to clean brushes the way they should be.


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