Sams Natural – Natural Deodorant & Personal Care Products?


Sams Natural is a website dedicated to providing customers with wholesome, all natural product. There is wide range of all natural products on Sams Natural website. Read this review to find out more about Sams Natural.

What is Sams Natural?

Sams Natural is one of the best websites online, according to the founders, of all natural supplies for your home. A majority of the supplies are for personal hygiene and are designed to be used without the worry of any harmful chemicals causing damage to you in any way. At Sams Naturals you can count on High Quality products that will help you with your desire to stay clean, healthy and to avoid any un-natural, synthetic substances.

How Does Sames Natural Work?

Sams Natural works by providing customers with a one stop source for all their all natural, personal hygiene needs. At Sams Natural, you can find everything you can imagine to help stay clean and healthy. According to the founders of Sams Natural, a lot of companies that provide personal hygiene products these days are full of a lot of harsh chemicals and heavy metals. Also, substances that are supposedly linked to causing illnesses like cancer, can be found within many of today’s personal hygiene products.

At Sams Natural, they understand the importance of being able to take care of yourself without the fear of causing any type of damage to yourself. They believe that the best way to stay healthy and clean is through the use of all natural products. Their products are all made with all natural and organic ingredients and designed to be 100% safe and able to be used by anyone.

What Products Are On Sams Natural?

At Sams Natural they have several different products you can purchase for personal hygiene use and general care of the body. They offer full product lines for men, women and children, understanding that each of the groups has specific needs that must be met through their personal hygiene products. You can also find other categories on the website for natural deodorants and beard oils. Candles, skin care products and soaps are other categories you can find on Sams Natural.

Each of the categories has a dozen or more sub categories. They are basically the different types of products you can purchase on the site. For example, in the deodorant section, you can find deodorants made sandalwood and oak moss. The scents of their deodorants and salves and skin care products also tend to be more on the natural and earthy side. There are different deodorants like leather and tobacco as well. Although it’s not known how those types of deodorants actually smell.

Candles also come in a wide range of products and have different scents as well. Nordic, maple and whiskey are just a few examples of the scents you can find on the website. It seems like a majority of their candles are scented with unique smells that you won’t likely find on most other websites.

You can also get products like beard oils and mustache wax to help keep your face looking young and healthy. There are a ton of other scented oils for your face too, and each of them is made with all natural compounds and substances so they likely have other health benefits as well.

In the Skin Care section, you can also find everything you need apparently to keep your skin looking young and smooth. They have different types of lotions, hand creams, body salves and oils. Also, there are scented body scrubs and washes that are likely better for your skin then most substances you would be over the counter. Apparently the chemicals and substances used in many over the counter cleaning products are harmful to your body.

Soaps on Sams Natural contain all natural ingredients as well. You can find soaps with ingredients like oatmeal and charcoal for example. And they claim that their soaps are 100% safe and healthy for your skin and body. Many soaps that people use have artificial ingredients in them and harsh perfumes that leave your body dried out and they also cause aging.

Sams Natural on the other hand, claims that all of their products will help you stay young and healthy and even combat the effects of aging. All in all, they have a very large product base of high-quality, hygiene products. Each product is made with all natural ingredients and is safe for you to use without the fear of causing rashes and skin problems.

Also, even though this is a highly specialized site. Sams Natural has relatively good prices when compared to other specialty stores of this types.

How Much Are Products on Sams Natural?

Products on Sams Natural range depending on the product type. And they offer specials like by 2 get one free and buy 3 get two free on several item types. Single items like deodorants typically go for about $10.00. And lotions seem to be priced in the $15.00 range.

After researching and comparatively speaking, Sams Natural has some of the best prices for specialty, all natural products on line. They claim they are the best products for your body and will leave you feeling young and fresh.

What Do Customers Say About Sams Natural

According to reviews on website like lifehacker and men’s journal, Sams Natural are high quality products that honestly work. They are some of the best rated products on the two sites listed.


  • All natural
  • Huge product base
  • Affordable prices


  • Can only be ordered online at this time from research has shown

Shoud I Use Sams Natural?

According to reviews on top rated website, yes. Sams Natural provides customers with high quality products that work great to help you stay healthy, smelling good and feeling young.

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