ProFractional – Surface Cosmetic Laser Skin Treatment?


ProFractional is a professional skincare treatment that helps to treat a number of blemishes and ailments. This treatment can only be administered by a professional.

What is ProFractional?

Finding a way to keep your skin healthy and fresh is a constant struggle for many people. For that reason, it comes as no surprise that treating your skin during your senior years can be a difficult endeavor as well. Previously, the only real worry you needed to concern yourself with was keeping up with your cleanser and moisturizer each day. However, when wrinkles form, you aren’t able to treat and eliminate them with your average routine. You may need to try something with more significant results, like ProFractional therapy.

ProFractional was developed by Sciton to help consumers that have reached a point in their life that they are developing wrinkles and loose skin. While you may have tried topical treatments at home, this therapy gives your skin the penetrating attention it needs to create a smooth complexion. You don’t have to spend much time to heal, but the treatment will require a small amount of time to let your skin adjust. The results, however, are undeniable. This laser therapy can help to fix:

In Chelsea Handler’s show on Netflix, titled “Chelsea,” she recently made this treatment a trending topic when she showed off a younger complexion. She’s also taken the time to tell fans about this treatment on her SnapChat account.

Without an endorsement (presently), you can view the dramatic difference between the wrinkles that adorned her face before on her social media accounts. While the immediate after-effect appears to be a little graphic and bloody, the results after her skin settled are smooth and beautiful.

Comparing to CO2 Resurfacing

There are some individuals who have tried professional therapy before, but not this fractional laser therapy. While a CO2 laser can require you to take up to three weeks to heal painfully and uncomfortably, ProFractional laser treatment has less pain and can heal in under a week.

You will experience redness during either treatment, but ProFractional therapy leaves you with an irritated complexion for only a week, whereas CO2 treatments take upwards of four months to heal. You don’t need to waste all this time, when you can have a new complexion with no side effects after a week instead.

How Does ProFractional Work?

There are many technical aspects that go into the ProFractional therapy. The main reason that this treatment is different from any other treatment you may receive is due to Tunable Resurfacing Laser (TRL) technology. TRL technology allows you to determine the depth of the ablation that you administer to your skin, but controls coagulation separately, rather than using them together. Basically, you are able to customize this treatment with ease, which makes it so you can treat your skin with precision.

While the treatment is administered, the laser creates small ablated channels in your complexion, which helps to trigger fibroblast production. Basically, a fibroblast is a cell that helps your skin to heal with the use of collagen. By stimulating this response from your skin, you are telling your body that your wrinkled areas need healing, and you are able to change the way your collagen is distributed. As a result, you end up with skin that feels thicker, without disturbing areas of your skin that are free of wrinkles.

As this treatment takes the time to heal, you are allowing your skin to improve the production of collagen, while “remodeling” your skin to adjust to that smoothness. It can be used on any area of the body, and it is safe for all different skin types. However, since it is meant to stimulate collagen where it has been depleted, you may only need to use it if you are developing wrinkles.

Using ProFractional

ProFractional treatments are only performed by a professional, and cannot be administered by an untrained person (like yourself or a friend). The facilities that offer these treatments seem to be places that you can receive medical therapies or plastic surgery.

If you want to enhance your results, then your technician can combine ProFractional therapy with other treatments. Some of the most common therapies to combine with this treatment include:

  • MicroLaserPeel™, to help eliminate “irregularities” in your skin, before stimulating your collagen to eliminate wrinkles and blemishes
  • BBL™, which helps to eliminate discoloration and pigmented lesions before smoothing your skin
  • SkinTyte™, which helps you to modify the elasticity of your skin

The therapy may seem abrasive and intense during the procedure, but the healing results speak for themselves.

Pricing for ProFractional Treatments

The price that you will have to cover for ProFractional treatments seems to be subjective to the facility that you visit for the experience. You will need to speak with that facility for pricing beforehand, based on the treatment area.

Contacting the Creators behind ProFractional

ProFractional therapy was created by Sciton, as one of the many technologies that they’ve developed to help you and other consumers. Their customer service team can answer any questions you have about the treatment or results. They are located in California, and can be reached by either phone or email.

To call the company directly, dial (888) 646-6999. Since hours of operation aren’t listed, then you can choose to follow the normal business hours for the Pacific time zone. However, if you are still unable to reach someone, you can email the company at [email protected].

If your questions are in regards to scheduling or pricing, then you should call the facility where you plan to receive the treatment.

ProFractional Review Conclusion

ProFractional laser therapy is all about helping you to show your youthful radiance, and it has been used by many different consumers that rave about the results. While it appears that the treatment is fairly expensive, you experience a lower level of discomfort and greater results than what you would get with other comparable lasers. Even though it’s important to maintain your skincare routine, ProFractional treatment may be the next big thing in the industry.

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