PhysiqueSeries – Real Fat Burner Formula For Weight Loss?


In today's day and age, physical fitness and health have taken on a new meaning. This is primarily due to the fact that various studies exposing the ill effects of obesity and poor eating habits have been published across various scientific journals. These studies have shown a direct correlation between the fat, sugars and carbohydrates consumed and the fat deposits that may be present on one's body.

Also documented are various diseases which have been shown to be caused as a direct result of obesity and unhealthy dietary habits, these ailments include type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, high cholesterol and blood sugar levels amongst various other diseases.

Studies conducted by John Hopkins Medicine centre found a significant increase in the number of overweight adults over the past 20 years. These findings were in conjunction with a study conducted by the NCHS (National Centre for Health Statistics) which showed that one third of all adults in the United States aged over 20 years (over 100 million individuals) were medically obese.

More startling facts from these studies showed that this trend had started seeping into younger age categories as well and 18% of children aged between 6-11 years and 21% of young adults aged between 12-19 years were also diagnosed as obese. Such figures for younger populations were unheard of a few decades ago and show the ill effects of over consuming packaged and fast food.

Packaged and fast food have become a part of many lives but as time has progressed studies have revealed that these food items are one of the main sources of weight gain. This is primarily due to the fact that such food contains high amounts of saturated fats, sugars and carbohydrates.

These nutrients while essential, when consumed in excess quantities lead to undesirable fat accumulation throughout one's body. There are various ways of maintaining one's health and body weight, one may choose to frequent the gym, maintain a healthy dietary regime or incorporate activities such as running, jogging, walking, yoga, pilates into one's schedule.

Another method that has become immensely popular in the past couple of decades is to feed the body various supplements which have been designed for specific tasks. These include supplements for burning off fat, gaining lean muscle mass, faster protein synthesis, suppressing one’s appetite or a host of various other desired effects.

What is PhysiqueSeries fat burner ?

PhysiqueSeries fat burner is a scientifically derived tool designed for individuals who are aiming to lose weight quickly, maintain their current muscle mass and density, sculpt their bodies into their desired physique while providing excellent supplementary nutrition and external conditioning to the body.

PhysiqueSeries fat burner has been created as a result of immense scientific research and findings that have been published in respected medical journals worldwide so as to provide maximum benefit to its users.

How does PhysiqueSeries fat burner work?

PhysiqueSeries fat burner has been primarily designed for three key purposes. These functions include increasing the body’s basal metabolic rate, this is done in order to maintain a healthy balance of energy in the body by reducing unnecessary energy expenditure on various internal activities and focus the same energy on burning calories and reducing fat depositions.

Similarly, PhysiqueSeries fat burner is a powerful appetite suppressant and is highly useful in controlling hunger cravings that one might be affected by. It contains various scientifically studied nutrients which reduce hunger pangs and promote a sense of fullness and wellbeing.

Lastly, it promotes an “enjoyable weight loss lifestyle” which is focused on creating a healthy weight loss regime which includes a lifestyle based upon wholesome nutrition, balanced exercise and workout sessions instead of depending on ill advised crash diets, magic fat burning pills to provide one with a balanced and healthy body.

What ingredients does PhysiqueSeries fat burner contain?

PhysiqueSeries fat burner has been scientifically formulated by using only highly potent ingredients that have been widely researched for their benefits and have been utilized throughout the world.

It contains a thermogenic blend of Forslean, Green tea extract, Synephrine, ingredients which have all been studied for their ability to increase the base metabolic rate of the human body, something which would not be possible through just good nutrition alone. Similarly, ingredients such as HTP-5 (Hydroxytryptophan) have been clinically proven to reduce appetite and prevent incessant hunger cravings.

Lastly, PhysiqueSeries fat burner contains L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine and Salicin along with extracts of Synephrine and green tea to reduce mental stress, physical fatigue, curb excess energy loss, improve the overall effects of thermogenesis.

PhysiqueSeries fat burner has been designed specifically for people who are looking to lose weight using scientifically researched ingredients, improve their body’s metabolic levels, reduce their unnecessary food cravings and maintain better energy and focus levels throughout the day .

Dosage and other important dietary information.

PhysiqueSeries fat burner is ideally consumed before meals (30 -60 minutes prior) so as to aid in maximum output from the capsules. Recommended dosage includes 2 capsules which are ideally consumed with 8-10 ounces of water twice daily.

If unsure, one may start by consuming 1 capsule, twice daily to assess and monitor one's response to the supplement and then proceed to increasing dosage after 3 days of observation. It is of utmost importance to understand that more than 2 capsules should not be consumed within a 4 hour period, and a maximum of 4 capsules should be utilized in a 24 hour span.

Pricing and availability

The easiest and most convenient route to purchasing PhysiqueSeries fat burner is to place an order online. The capsules are sold in bottles containing 120 units each and are moderately priced at $49 per container. Substantial discounts can be availed of when purchasing two or three bottles at a time, and all orders are shipped on the day following the completion of the online order.

Payment can be done using a variety of safe and secure transactions options such as paypal, mastercard and visa. Shipment is available worldwide but will incur additional costs depending on the freight charges for that country.

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