Salus Defense Structured Silver: Immune Boost Liquid Supplement?


Is Salus Defense Structured Silver The Solution To Health Problems?

The digestive system and gastrointestinal tract are a vital part of our health system. However, most of us don't focus on these sections until when a stomach pain or disorder arises. These common stomach problems are an outcome of bacteria and other infectious bacteria from the food we eat. But there is a way you can eliminate these bacteria and ensure a healthier lifestyle through certified medical solutions that use next generation technology.

Salus Defense is a wellness and pharmaceutical company that has come up with a doctor-proven formula of liquid silver to help cure and prevent the rise of pathogens within the whole body. The Structured Silver works on the concept of using bonded silver and water molecules to trap and kill bacteria within the system.

The company, Salus Defense has for a long time worked on using silver as a health solution to our healthcare problems. The Structured Silver is an example of their understanding of the inherent properties of the silver in combating the issues of poor health.

Apparently, silver is somewhat underrated when it comes to its healing and medicinal properties. With Structured Silver, Salus Defense plans on proving the possibilities of silver for positive health outcomes within a brief period.

How Salus Defense Structured Silver Works

Although almost similar to regular silver, Structured Silver works in a contracting manner since it can change its format. Additionally, the structured silver water is not pure silver but has a higher silver ratio.

The two main components are silver combined with a specially prepared water in a complex molecule structure. This property helps the product have an alkaline pH level that kills pathogens and other bacteria. The diseases, toxins and other infectious bacteria are not able to survive in the mild salty environment. That is also a unique feature with the Structure Silver since most Silver products are known to be acidic.

Once ingested, the Structured Silver water bonds with the bacteria and destroys them with electromagnetic energy. The pH levels are also modified not to hurt your digestive tract. In essence, the structured silver will only kill the pathogens. The silver particles absorb the disease-causing organism and are expelled together from the body. The use of this unique silver does not allow build up within the body making it is a much safer alternative.

Currently, few silver products can work or support the same level of health benefits as the Salus Defense Structured Silver components. On matters of use, there isn't much word from the manufacturer. The product only indicates two tablespoons, twice a day.

Apparently, there isn't a direct regime or lifestyle to follow. There is also no mention of any need to use with a specific diet. With such medication, it is wise to consult a medical professional on how you would best use it and get the benefits.

Benefits of Salus Defense Structured Silver

Cleanses Your Gastrointestinal Structure

The gut is the number one cause of most illnesses. It is also the source of most of the bacteria in the body. The structured silver formula kills this bacteria through its medicinal properties and in return get your gut to perform more healthily. Eliminating the bacteria will, of course, lead to better digestion and fewer stomach illnesses, which are becoming more prominent with the unhealthy lifestyles.

Promotes Hormonal Balance

Hormones are also a vital part of our day to day work. Usually, a hormonal imbalance may leave you feeling less alert, inactive or low on energy. The Structured Silver helps improve the body functioning by bringing balance to the body with its alkaline properties. The alkalinity helps to bring stability to the body by leveling the pH balance of the hormones.

As a result, the silver ensures your hormones are sufficient, and active on a regular basis. Users should expect to see an immediate change in their body functioning and consequently an improvement in their lifestyles.

Improves Skin Health

If skin care is a challenge for you, Salus Defense's product can help you overcome the problem. Most skin problems are products of bacteria, especially acne, which is a result of bacteria in the hair follicles or sweat glands.

The bacteria dissolves the skin tissue, and this leads to the occasional scars. The Silver gel expects to reduce the acne size and damages with days to establish a total improvement of your skin within weeks. You should expect a full rejuvenation of your skin from the top layer to the bottom.

Lowers Inflammation

Structured silver is also an essential tool in fighting inflammation. As one of the standard causes of health problems, inflammation usually is a result of bacteria, parasites, and viruses.

If left unwatched, high inflammation levels can cause serious health problems which can impact the whole body. The silver formula fights these causes, mitigating the inflammation to give the individual with fewer health issues.

How Do I Access It?

Any products from Salus Defense is available through the company's official website. All purchases are done through Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Additionally, there are essential online retailer websites like Amazon and E-bay among others.

But the official shopping portal of the Structured Silver is cheaper compared to the online retailers. There is also no mention of whether the supplement is available in the local health stores.

The Salus Defense Structured Silver Verdict

If you are dealing with frequent infections affecting your body, then Salus Defense Structured Silver can be an excellent option to prevent the viruses and bacteria from occurring. A daily remedy of the supplement offers a probiotic influence that other silver products have failed to do. It is also a unique probiotic solution since it has no effect on body tissues which makes it safer for consumers.

Based on customers reviews, the product can eradicate toxins and make a significant difference in your overall health. You can learn more about the silver liquid through the company's website. However, make sure you talk to your doctor before you take the step of purchasing the supplement.

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