Bellamia Quench: Collagen Rich Anti-Aging Complex Skin Cream?


Bellamia Quench is a topical skincare remedy that helps consumers to give their complexion more moisture and structural support to avoid and/or erase wrinkles. The treatment is available as part of a trial before the user is charged.

What Is Bellamia Quench?

Aging is different for everyone, but the onset of wrinkles is guaranteed. Most people do not change their skincare routine as they get older, which is the primary reason that the skin becomes deficient in so many chemicals and moisture. Even though Botox and plastic surgery are becoming commonplace, the use of the right skincare remedy may help.

Bellamia Quench is one of the newer products on the market, and the official website claims that it can:

While the website highlights how important the included “clinically proven ingredients” are, they also provide a list of those substances. Read on below to see what contributes to the effectiveness of Bellamia Quench.

How It Works

The ingredients include:

  • Phytoceramide, which are lipids from plants that help the skin to hold onto the moisture it is given
  • Retinol, which helps the skin to replenish the lost collagen
  • Acmella flower extract, which increases firmness and supports a more youthful skin structure
  • Black currant seed extract, which reduces the toxins that cause the skin to look more aged

Each one of these substances provides major support for the complexion. However, without knowing the amount of each one that is included, it is difficult to say if the treatment can keep up with the claims it makes.

Using Bellamia Quench

Before using any cream like Bellamia Quench, consumers should start with a clean and dry complexion. It can be massaged into the skin, allowing it to completely absorb before any makeup or sunscreen should be applied.

Due to the tightening effect, consumers may want to check with their doctor about the use of the formula, if they have recently had any surgery or Botox used with their complexion.

How To Get Bellamia Quench

Bellamia Quench can only be purchased through a trial offer from the official website, which gives the remedy a sense of exclusivity. The trial is two weeks long, after which time the user will be charged $89.97 and will be able to keep the jar. After the first month of use, the participant will start receiving the cream in monthly shipments for the same amount.

To cancel the trial or the subscription, reach out to customer service.

Contacting The Creators of Bellamia Quench

If the new or potential user has any other questions about Bellamia Quench, they can get ahold of customer service with a phone call or an email:

Bellamia Quench Review Summary

Bellamia Quench is meant for women that have existing wrinkles that they want to remedy. Unlike other products, the company actually describes some of the ingredients included, which may help consumers to be more comfortable with its use. Furthermore, each of the ingredients is meant specifically to help with aging skin, though there is no indication of whether the product is good for sensitive complexions.


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