ForsLean Review

ForsLean is a proprietary formula that contains a derivative of plant-sourced forskolin. Find out how this weight loss formula works today in our review.

What is ForsLean?

ForsLean is a proprietary formula owned as a registered trademark of Sabinsa Corporation. It contains a standardized extract made from the roots of a plant called the Coleus forskohlii plant. That plant has the unique advantage of being the only known plant source of Forskolin.

The formula promises to help you promote lean body mass while also treating mood disorders. Today, the formula is supported by US Patent # 5,804,596. The manufacturer also claims that Canadian and European ForsLean patents have been obtained as well.

Who Makes ForsLean?

ForsLean is a registered trademark of Sabinsa Corporation, a New Jersey-based company that sells a wide range of nutritional formulas. Popular Sabinsa Corporation formulas include Bacopin, Bioperine, LeanGard, and Venocin.

The company’s formulas are particularly popular with multilevel-marketing nutritional supplement companies. These companies often include ForsLean as part of a weight loss formula. ForsLean is perhaps best known for being a key ingredient in the Thrive DVT patch made by Le-Vel.

Sabinsa formulas are so popular with multilevel marketing companies that the company actually maintains an office near Salt Lake City, which is the capital of the MLM industry. Sabinsa Corporation’s corporate office is based at the following address:

20 Lake Drive, East Windsor
NJ 08520-5321

Meanwhile, the company’s Utah office (its only other office) can be found here:

750 Innovation Circle
Payson, UT 84651

You can reach the company by phone by calling (732) 777-1111.

How Does ForsLean Work?

ForsLean relies on the active compound forskolin to achieve its weight loss effects. The manufacturer provides a more scientific explanation for ForsLean here:

“Forskohlin is a stimulator of the membrane-bound enzyme, adenylyl cyclase. Adenylyl cyclase catalyzes the synthesis of the second messenger molecule, cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP), which activates cAMP activated protein kinase (PKA). PKA triggers hormone sensitive lipase (HSL).”

ForsLean has the additional benefit of being extracted from sustainably-grown Coleus forskohlii. It’s also non-GMO and all ingredients are Kosher and Halal certified.

Scientific Evidence for ForsLean

Clinical trials on ForsLean have been performed in the United States, India, and Japan. Here are some of the notable clinical trials that have taken place:

Open Field Study at Hilton Head, S.C. in 2002

In 2002, researchers gave six overweight women 500mg of ForsLean corresponding to 50mg of forskolin per day. After 8 weeks, these six women were observed to have “significantly decreased” mean values for body weight and fat content, while lean body mass was significantly increased.

2001 Clinical Study in Japan

In Tokyo in 2001, researchers gave 14 volunteers (1 male and 13 females) ForsLean and evaluated them over the course of 12 weeks. Participants received a dose of 125mg of ForsLean twice a day, which worked out to 25mg per day of forskolin. After three months, participants had lost 1.2kg of weight (74.7kg on average at the onset of the study to 73.5kg on the third month). Participants also improved their body mass index from 29.9 to 29.4, and lowered their body fat percentage from 38.2% to 37.1%.

2002 Double Blind Study on American Females

In 2002, researchers studied 23 females who had their diets supplemented with ForsLean (250mg of 10% Coleus forskohlii extract), twice per day for 12 weeks. Participants experienced no significant differences in body mass, fat mass, fat free mass, or body fat. Subjects, however, “tended to report less fatigue, hunger, and fullness.”

2004 Randomized Double Blind Study in Mumbai

One randomized, double blind, 12 week study in Mumbai involved 60 obese subjects who received 250mg of ForsLean (25mg of forskolin) twice per day. Participants who received ForsLean lost an average of 1.73kg (4.02%) of their total body weight. Meanwhile, the placebo group gained an average of 250g (0.29%) of total body weight.

2004 Study on 30 Subjects in America

In 2004, researchers performed a randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled study involving 30 subjects. Subjects received a dose of 250mg of ForsLean twice daily for 12 weeks. Obese male subjects “significantly increased lean body mass and decreased body fat”

Ultimately, ForsLean studies have been small in scale. Most studies have involved 30 or fewer subjects, with some studies involving as few as 6 or 12 individuals. Furthermore, the results of these studies appear to be small, with some participants losing an average of just 1.2kg (2.6 pounds) after 3 months of ForsLean supplementation.

There’s even one study (the 2002 study on American females) where participants experienced no significant changes in body mass or body fat after 12 weeks of taking ForsLean twice per day.

With that in mind, scientific evidence for ForsLean is limited.

How to Use ForsLean?

The manufacturer recommends taking 25mg of forskolin 30 to 60 minutes prior to your meals, twice per day.

Benefits of ForsLean

Sabinsa claims that ForsLean users can enjoy all of the following benefits:

Weight Management, Fat Loss, Fat Metabolzation, And Lean Body Mass

Better Circulation Support

— Sports Nutrition And Athletic Recovery

— Higher Testosterone Levels In Men

Basically, weight loss is the primary benefit with ForsLean.

How to Buy ForsLean

ForsLean supplements can be purchased from retail stores and online supplement shops. Supplements are priced anywhere from $25 to $50 for a one month supply.

This supplement at Puritan’s Pride, for example, is called AFI ForsLean and contains 90 capsules containing 250mg of ForsLean. That supplement is priced at $24.99.

Many people are also now taking ForsLean as part of Le-Vel’s Thrive DFT skin patch system. That skin patch delivers ForsLean and other weight loss formulas directly into your bloodstream through the skin in order to facilitate weight loss.

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