Rocky Mountain Tumbler – 24 Hour Cold Beverage Drink Cooler?


Can the Rocky Mountain Tumbler Keep Your Drinks Cool?

Tumblers that can keep beverages cold and hot for thousands of hours are all that you see advertised nowadays.

It is not uncommon to see decals on people’s vehicles relating to these companies that sell these tumblers, making them die-hard fans.

Okay, “thousands” may be a bit of an exaggeration but apparently it is important to cut down on the amount of times you have to refill your ice or the time it takes to make another cup of coffee due to it no longer being hot.

This review will outline one product in particular that offers a tumbler of this sort.

It is a well-known fact a warm beverage that is meant to be cold, or a cold beverage that is meant to be hot is not enjoyable.

People often complain at stores if the cooler where their beverage is kept does not keep their beverage at a temperature that is considered cold or at a restaurant when their coffee arrives only room temperature.

Rocky Mountain Tumbler is here to offer 24 hours of continuous cooling for your beverage and 12 hours of continuous warmth of your beverage.

This isn’t to say that it will no longer be kept cold or warm after that period of time, just that the temperature would have changed.

The advertisements even go as far as boiling the tumbler with ice inside in order to demonstrate its capabilities. Spoiler alert, the ice remains intact.

Who It’s For

Working in an office environment where people often sit for countless hours make this tumbler ideal. How often is it that people have to refresh their drinks because the ice has melted causing it to no longer to cool or the coffee is just barely warm no longer being a satisfying stimulant.

Rocky Mountain Tumbler appeals to athletes, construction workers and even your everyday people wanting to enjoy a refreshing beverage.

These tumblers would also be ideal for trips where access to beverages may be few and far in between. Let’s take hiking for example, where would you have access to a refreshing beverage while scaling the mountain? Or camping? This tumbler covers those bases.

How the Rocky Mountain Tumbler Is Made

Their tumblers are kitchen grade stainless steel which offers ease at maintaining cleanliness. The difference between kitchen grade stainless steel and other versions is what makes these tumblers hold the temperature of whatever beverage is poured into them.

Paired with the kitchen grade stainless steel is double wall vacuum insulation that also aids in maintaining the temperature.

Other tumblers in today’s market start being covered in condensation as the day progresses showing obvious changes in temperature of what’s inside. The Rocky Mountain tumbler does not, keeping your area clean and free of water marks.

Paired with the kitchen grade stainless steel is a clear lid allows you to monitor the level of your beverage. Other tumblers often have a dark lid, making it impossible to know how much is left without opening it or lifting it to get an estimate.

The Rocky Mountain tumbler is only available in the original color of stainless steel. It does not offer more variety or customization.

This tumbler also does not have a handle. That does not hinder its functionality however.


The shape and size is also another key component in what works with the Rocky Mountain tumbler. The average tumbler is considered small when compared to the Rocky Mountain Tumbler, weighing in at 16 ounces. The Rocky Mountain Tumbler holds 30 ounces.

Let us put into perspective how large of an amount that is.

Your soda at a convenience store is 24 ounces. That means you could fit the entire bottle plus ice in this tumbler with ease.

That also means less refills needed.

The Rocky Mountain tumbler is also BPA free which means no harmful indigestion of chemicals that are found in some plastics. There is also no taste associated with the materials used to construct the tumblers so all you taste is your favorite beverage.

 How to Purchase the Rocky Mountain Tumbler

When looking to purchase the Rocky Mountain tumbler one is only faced with a single option. Online.

It has not been introduced to stores yet and the website does not elude to when it will be.

After all of these benefits price may be a question worth answering.

The Rocky Mountain tumbler is currently available now for 19.99. This includes two tumblers. However, in the small print it is mentioned that it is your responsibility to pay a 7.99 free for the second tumbler. So realistically you are paying 27.98 for the two tumblers.

What this fee is for, the world may never know. Normally it would be for processing or something of that sort.

It is not for shipping and handling, which you are responsible for paying for as well and will be added to your total.

What People Should Know

In conclusion, the Rocky Mountain Tumbler is ideal. It is what’s popular right now.

The materials it is made with will not affect the taste of your drink but will ensure you get the same quality/temperature up until the last sip (within a 12-24 hour window).

The beverage can be seen without opening the lid.

27.98 is what you are expected to pay, but for 2 tumblers that makes the cost less than 15 dollars each. However, that total DOES NOT include shipping and handling.


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