IBEX Tumbler – Keep Your Drinks Hot & Cold Longer?


Whether you enjoy a beverage once in a while or are planning on hosting friends and family, there really no better way to make the most of the occasion than to have a tumbler on hand. But, not just any tumbler, one that can cool or warm your beverage and that provides you with the necessary insulation. Finding the right device is a challenge, as most stores carry traditional tumblers that are not much use.

One brand that is changing the world of tumblers is IBEX. This product is engineered to provide you with everything you need to make the most out of any beverage. Before you buy, here is what you need to know.

What is the IBEX Tumbler?

The IBEX Tumbler is a beverage holder that has extraordinary features. Rated as the #1 tumbler in America, you are bound to be pleased with every quality that it has to offer. You’ll no longer need to worry about your beverage tepid, which can seriously diminish the quality of the drink. Now, you can take this device anywhere and enjoy. The device keeps your beverages at the perfect temperature so that every sip you take is a good one.

Moreover, if you are planning on inviting guests, then this is a great way to serve drinks. Your guests will be surprised not only about the quality of the drink, but the device you used to make it in.

About the Brand

Sometimes, it is useful to learn a bit about the brand behind the product. In this case, the IBEX Tumbler is brought to you by IBEX, a brand that believes in enjoying a drink just the way you like it. As the brand explains, its product departs from fancy water bottles, useless coffee mugs, and koozies. Each of these items fails to provide the key quality, which is to keep the beverage warm or cold.

As a result, IBEX decided to create a rugged and stylish cup that would prevent ice from melting or that would maintain the warmth of a beverage. Best of all, this quality doesn’t just last a few minutes to an hour, but for hours on end. Enjoying a drink doesn’t become any better.

A Tested Product

The IBEX Tumbler was tested by everyday people just looking for a quality beverage holder. IBEX reached out to a groups of construction workers, athletes, and parents. Each of these groups found the IBEX Tumbler to be a useful and effective cup. With that, the product is not only tested by numerous people, but it is approved by them too.

Chances are, you’ll be just as satisfied with most users – and if not, then you can certainly tap into the 100% satisfaction guarantee.

A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The IBEX Tumbler comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. IBEX takes pride in its product and it wants to ensure that you are completely pleased with your purchase. If you have any issues or are dissatisfied, then you can return the cup for a full refund.

What Makes the IBEX Tumbler Special?

There are many great qualities to the IBEX Tumbler, making it into one of the most special beverage cups that you’ve encountered. Here are the main reasons why you might want to invest in the IBEX Tumbler:

Amazing Insulation

First, the IBEX Tumbler features major insulation. There are two layers of “extra thick kitchen great 18/8 stainless steel.” This stainless steel component is further fortified with a vacuum seal. The seal ensures that the cup is able to fully retain the temperature level that you expect. If you have ice in the cup, then the insulation mechanism will protect the ice form melting. The inverse is true as well – if you have a warm beverage, then the cup will keep your drink warm.

BPA Free Lid

Second, the cup can be used by adults as well as children, without having to worry about safety. The IBEX Tumbler comes with a BPA-free lid that ensures that you feel safe and comfortable using the cup. Moreover, the lid itself is “virtually indestructible.”

A Strong and Durable Cup

Third, the stainless steel component not only keeps your beverage warm, but it also lends itself ot the durability of the cup. That is to say, you can take this cup with you anywhere and not have to worry about damage. As the brand explains, the cup is made out of “food grade” steel, which is the one you’d find in restaurants and factories. This quality safeguards the strength of the cup and makes sure that it lasts for years to come.

A Lifetime Guarantee

Finally, the cup also comes with a lifetime guarantee. If you have an issue with the cup, you can either return it of you can get a replacement cup. To tap into this benefit, simply contact the brand when an issue arises and the representative will take you through the return process. It is simple and only takes a few minutes.

As you can tell, there are many excellent benefits to using the IBEX Tumbler. The cup does an excellent job at keeping your drink hot or cold, it is made out durable and high-quality components, the lid is large and is BPA-free, and there is a lifetime guarantee involved. Your purchase is completely risk-free and you’ll be able to enjoy from the benefits that the cup has to offer for years to come.

Where to Buy

If you are interested in purchasing the IBEX Tumbler, then you can do so from the brand’s website. It is important to keep in mind that supplies are extremely limited. Therefore, to get your own IBEX Tumbler, visit the website sooner than later.


Overall, the IBEX Tumbler is a high-quality and effective beverage holder that features all of the components you need to truly enjoy your drink. When you order, you’ll find the payment system to be completely secure. If you are ready to get your own IBEX Tumbler today, visit the brand’s website. The ordering system is completely secure.

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  1. they told me it was free pay shipping nothing was said they were going to take 39.99 out of your checking account should have canceled my card not a good way to do business that's deceptive

  2. This tumbler is junk it doesn't keep Ice any longer than my $10 insulated cup I purchased from Meije rs. Don't believe any of there information. It doesn't keep things hot either. This is just a scam. Try and get your money back this is a joke too. They advertised that this free all you had to do was pay the shipping. Then they charged me $39.95 before I even had received the cup.

  3. Really pissed off customer…. bought mine for 6.95 just pay shipping and now get a bill for$39.95 called customer service told them hell no im not paying 6.95+ 39.95 = 46.90 told my credit card DO NOT PAY… Told customer service I'll send your shit back !!!!!! I'm not paying that much for a tumbler no way in HELL !!!!'nnnn

  4. This company is a rip off!!! They say free with shipping but there is nothing no where on their site that let you know you will be charged $39.95. Seven days after receiving the item. They know tha no one would order the tumbler at the cost of $40 + dollars…..NO TUMBLER…CUP ECT IS WORTH THAT AMOUNT UNLESS IT IS MADE OF GOLD! I am highly irrate at beimg ripped off!!!! Dont order from theses people!
    I hate that I did not find this review before I fell pry to their SCAM.

    • I received my cup on march 20th and charged the $39.95 on the 22nd….. nowhere does it say 7 days I'm as mad as you right now

    • I almost got caught myself. I emailed them a letter telling them that bad news travels faster then good news, and that the public will be mad at their company for not making it clearer that it is NOT a free tumbler. There was a smaller notice on the right hand side of the ad, but I was so intent on filling out my info on that page that I almost missed it. Something told me not to complete the order. I got out of it, went back, and that's when I saw the rest of the “promotion.” Next thing I know, I get an email from them asking me to complete the order. I replied to them, letting them know that I read the rest of the ad and it was indeed NOT FREE!

  5. I too fell for the just pay shipping SCAM! I got the cup pretty quick and when I opened it the paint on the cup was chipped off on the bottom. I will not do business with an unethical company that will not stand by their product and has to be dishonest to sell them.

  6. I took advantage of the deal of just paying postage and nowhere did it state that you would be charged full price afterwards. I was charged the postage and 10 days later (before receiving cup) was charged the full price. This is a rip off. Guess I should have listened to Mama; If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I can get the Ozark Trail cup from WalMart for 9.96 and it keeps my drink colder for a lot longer than the Ibex cup. I am going to contact them and request a return of the items/refund. Hope I have good luck because I sure can't afford the full price.

    • Same thing happened to me. Charged full price before I even got the cup! They issued me a RAM number and said they will refund me but I'm not holding my breathe. I didn't even open the box. I'm sending it right back and will stick with my WalMart cup. If you do call be prepared to wait on hold for 30 mins to an hour.

  7. I bought the IBEX Tumbler when they had a promotion of “only pay for shipping” $7.95.
    I paid that and then had a $39.95 charged a few weeks later. I know I checked the Site for something like this- didn't see it so decided to order.
    The tumbler is NOT worth $39.95!!!
    It works just like my other coffee tumblers- this one is bigger (granted) but still not worth that kind of money.
    I do not recommend this product- it's a scam!

  8. This site is totally WRONG. Tried to order 1 cup and one lid ( which and by the way you have to pay separately for) and was charged for 4 cups NO lids….the site pops-up additional products for ordering after selection of cup(s) and or lid(s)….NO review process for the order. BAM you now have whatever the want you to order and your card is charged. Took several E-mails and a phone call to receive a refund. WHAT BS. Stay Away for this site. Review the FACEBOOK reviews of this product. Most are like mine …. BAD!

    The whole purchase process and return is nightmare. They do not comply with what their website states – 100% satisfaction guaranteed or money back. They are associated somehow with a company called TACAssets and they give different information than the IBEX website. The receipt I got did not include the detailed information as the website states. The customer service email noted never returns responses. The package was delivered without any enclosed documentation and the packaging was barely taped shut and nothing holding the items stable so they rattled around in the box. Comforting – not! Then when you dig around on websites, etc and finally get a phone number it's different than what IBEX states. I returned th mugs within 30 days of getting my RMA #, however I was give 2 different addresses. I went with the documented one that was in the email follow-up. Then when I called 20 days later, I was told that I did it wrong and would not get a refund. So they have the mugs and my money and not one communication was sent to me! When I called I was told I had to return them in 30 days or no refund, I asked for a manager and was told she was the manager. I had to call back while she researched my original call. When I called back 20 minutes later I was told I had been issued a refund and they weren't understanding my issue. DON'T BUY THESE – Get a YETI on Amazon!!!!!

  10. As I read the “review” I quickly realized it was just an ad labeled as a “review”. When I see claims like these I remember what Daddy said “If it sounds to good it probably isn't”. Reading what you guys shared made my vetting easy, and for that I'm gratful.

    “It is a smart man who learns from his mistakes, however it's a smarter man who learns from others mistakes”

  11. Glad I read these before purchasing.
    They make it sound like the best think since sliced bread, but I haven't seen a single positive review. Thanks folks for saving me my hard earned cash from this.

  12. The online advertising and invoicing for this tumbler is completely misleading! I am canceling my order! They invoiced me for $29 then I checked my credit card and the pending charge is $203.00!!!!! Shame on Ibex for misleading customers. They mean $29 per unit but they don't list the total on the statement they email you. Disgusting tactic!

  13. BE WARNED:
    I bought 2 of these and I can only wholeheartedly agree with all of the above complaints. These tumblers are a total RIP-OFF!!! Coffee barely stays warm for an hour. The spill proof lids are a joke and not insulated in any way.
    They look great but are useless.

  14. DO NOT BUY!! rip off, I wish I had read reviews before I sent for them, was a buy 3 get 1 free, did not honor, never sent an invoice, postage outrageous, I would love to send back, but figure I my as well take the loss. I will never order anything again without reading reviews…

  15. I wish I would have read some of these comments before I ordered 4 tumblers for the family. Took almost a month to get, I kept calling and they said they were back ordered. My wife laughed at me when she saw what I paid, and the real farce is it doesn't keep my coffee hot for more than an hour and a half, I guess if I would have purchased the $15 lid it might stay hot longer, the lid cost as much as other tumblers on Amazon that come with two lids and a handle. I hope others read this before they buy, shop around this is a real shady company!!!!! Do not buy from 👹

    • Your info is to late for me to follow. I did get the lid and I like the spash proof feature, but it isn't insulated or worth what it cost. I have a Yeti, and it is identical to it. The lids are interchangeable, and dimensions exactly the same. I wonder who has the original patent?

  16. I need a phone number for this company-can anyone send it to ne please! They sent me dupe orders and charged me double-and they didnt reply back when i requested one be cancelled. Wondering if we need to report ibex -receipt doesnt even have a company name on their nor their phone number or web site. 😣

    • Since IBEX don't seem to keep stuff in their own company I was promised to have a “backordered” handle. I was told 1 week ago it would be in the mail. Ok excuses for Thanksgiving. I had one (actually 2) hand made out of para cord. What's the deal??? Am I going to get my paid for handle. Or am I going to get my money back?????

      • After six weeks, I still don't have the handle I ordered either. From the comments I read on this site, I think a refund may be an impossibility.

      • After six weeks, I still don't have the handle I ordered. From the comments I read on this site, I think a refund may be an impossibility.

    • Numbers from my shipping invoice. Lots of problems with their orders. Some short, some long, but not much customer follow-up by Ibex. I think Yeti, RTIC, or some of the other 30 oz tumblers are probably as good. The lids and, with some study, handles are interchangeable. Also they aren't as overpriced as the Ibex.

      Contact IBEX at the following:
      [email protected]

  17. I ordered a set of three for $36.00. A couple of days later I checked my credit card and discovered I had been charged $136.00. I called and cancelled the order abd they said I would get my refund within 3 to 5 business days. Five days later I called again and was told I would receive the refund within 3 to 5 business days. Today's the fifth business day and I still have not received it. I will never purchase anything from this company again. If I don't get my refund soon I will call my Attorney General's office to see if they can help. Please watch yourself if you are considering buying from this company.

  18. I ordered an IBEX tumbler, ($39.00) Tumbler Lid (15.00) and am IBEX Handle ($9.90) I have recieved the tumbler, and spill proof lid… but no handle….. I see some really bad reviews for the price everyone has paid and seriously HOW SLOW the service getting it was… I WANT MY HANDLE… this is a Christmas Present for a Truck driver, and I am wondering where my handle is??? I would appericate getting a reply to this problem PLEASE… Thank you

  19. I made the huge mistake of ordering these. There was a supposed promo to order 5 and get 2 more free. The promo was not honored. Still have not figured out how the charges were figured. I returned these. Return shipping was outrageous! Tracking says they were received October 24. Still waiting with trepidation on my refund. (I already have a Yeti and an Rtic which work great!)

    • Did you notice that the Yeti and Ibex are exactly the same except the Ibex is more expensive. I like the spash proof lid, but that is the only improvement they have. n I wanted the Ibex handle, but they didn't send it.

  20. They mug is okay but the lid will make you sick!

    You can't clean the stuff that accumulates under the slider. Disgusting!

    Also by the time it's in your hands they've somehow charged you way over what they advertise AND after you receive it you start to receive offers for it from them for less than you paid.

    AVOID! Buy a Jeti!

  21. This tumbler is no better than my Yeti Tumbler only it cost me $15 more. I did a test: I put 15 ice cubes in both my Yeti tumbler and my IBEX tumbler, put the lids on and left them each sitting on my kitchen counter. They each lost their ice volume in an identical manor and both were only holding water within 24 hours. I find it hard to believe that the IBEX tumbler can hold ice up to 72 hours, maybe in a refrigerator or outside in the cold, but in a normal kitchen environment….no way. This tumbler is not bad but no better then other tumblers on the market at a cheaper price.

    • I put ice in mine at 7:30 in the am and the ice is almost gone. False advertising. I wish I would have seen the comments before purchasing. Hope the guarantee is honored.

  22. Don't buy this overpriced tumbler! Go to Amazon, there are other brands out there that are WAY cheaper and THE SAME DAMN THING! When you are online with their ‘customer service' it takes them over 30 minutes of playing games with you to cancel an order. HORRIBLE COMPANY! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM! DON'T FALL FOR THEIR OVERPRICED CRAP! You can buy the SAME THINGS ON AMAZON FOR MUCH CHEAPER!! RTIC is MUCH BETTER in price and it's the same thing. NO NO NO NO from here.


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