RocketBody: AI Wearable Fitness Tracker For Metabolic Rate?


There are dozens of wearable devices on the market that fulfill different purposes. Those who are fitness and nutrition-oriented will find themselves grappling with the right wearable device for their needs as well. With the right device, users can get the full support that they need for their fitness and health routine. The good news is that this review may have just the right suggestion and as a result, it would like to introduce RocketBody AI Wearable Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist. This product provides users with several stellar capabilities for their needs.

What is RocketBody AI Wearable Device?

RocketBody is a wearable fitness trainer and nutritionist whose capabilities are powered by artificial intelligence (AI). As the brand explains, this device can help individuals work out more efficiently so that they are able to achieve their health and fitness goals more readily. Further, this wearable device is made for everyone – anyone who incorporates it into their fitness and health routine may be able to get closer to achieving their health and fitness goals. Better yet, dissimilar from other device, this one is even compatible for those who are just starting out their fitness journey or who have a head start too.

RocketBody Features

Every fitness and nutrition device tracks different metrics. In this case, RocketBody is a pretty comprehensive device. That is to say, it tracks several qualities that can help men and women take their fitness and health routine to the next level and the metrics measured as as follows:

Metabolic Rate

First, this device tracks metabolic rate. This metric measurement makes it easier for users to determine when the best time is to workout and how to maximize their fitness routine as well. As the device tracks one’s rate, it also builds nutritional recommendations that are tailored towards one’s body and fitness goals.

Real-Time Coaching

Second, the device also features real-time coaching. This coaching system is powered by artificial intelligence, which reacts to the body’s capabilities in real time. With this feature, users will be able to ensure that their recover period starts when needed, they’ll learn about the right supplements for their fitness routine, and the device may also direct users as to when they need to increase or decrease their fitness load.

Goal Guidance

Third, the device may also provide goal guidance. That is to say, those who are looking to burn fat, build muscle, or who want to stay in generally good shape will find that this device can provide support in such areas. Further, users may gain a better understanding of their energy levels, what they need to incorporate into their diet, workout load, and so much more.

May Improve Well Being

Finally, this device is equipped with features that may enhance one’s well-being as well. For instance, the device measures features such as heart rate, sleep quality, energy levels, and so much more. This type of data may make it easier for users to make the right decisions concerning their health and wellness. Very few fitness measurement devices on the market provide users with such qualities, which is what makes this product an appropriate option for their needs.

Clearly, the RocketBody Wearable device may be just what users need to maximize their health, fitness, and nutrition. The product is set to be affordable too. Currently, the brand is holding a Kickstarter campaign. If successful, the device’s estimated delivery date will be October 2018. Further, the product can be shipped anywhere in the world so that those who are interested in applying it to their lifestyle will be able to do so.

RocketBody AI Metabolic Rate Tracker Summary

Overall, those who are interested in applying a quality fitness device to their health and fitness routine may find the RocketBody Wearable device to be the appropriate option. To learn more about this product, to join the campaign, and to get started, just visit the brand’s website today.


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