1st Personal Diet – Dr. Cohen’s Customized Whole Food Meal Plan?


According to clinical data, a person's diet plays an integral role in their overall weight management capacity. To be more specific, it was shown that from a percentage standpoint, our exercise output contributes about 30% towards our overall weight loss, whereas our nutritional intake consist of a large 70% of our total weight loss capacity.

Couple these statistics with the fact that most people now lead sedentary lifestyles, it becomes increasingly clear that we need to monitor what we eat. However, this diet selection process needs to be carefully crafted and guided.

Research has shown that many people make the mistake of following the ‘current dietary’ fads that are prevalent, and thus cause their bodies immense harm in the process. This is because, all human beings have different bodies which require specific types of nutritional compounds to help them run at a high level.

This is where ‘specialized meal plans’ come in. They are crafted after clinical research into one’s body type, fat content, Mass index etc. Using these samples, a nutritionist is able to develop a plan that includes the use of many natural plants, herbs, fruits that deliver optimum quantities of healthy carbohydrates, proteins, EFA’s, and sugars.

Also, these diet charts make sure that the foods being ingested help in optimizing our body’s LDL/HDL (cholesterol) levels, blood pressure levels and overall heart efficiency.

What Is 1st Personal Diet?

Before we get into describing the tenets of the Diet program, it is important to have a background about the creator of the program itself. The 1st Personal Diet is the brainchild of Dr. R. Cohen MD, who started his medical career in the field of Cardiology and later specialized in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

However, after years of research, Dr Cohen began conducting research into the field of ‘obesity and weight loss’. From the early 1980’s he started to conduct active clinical trials in relation to nutrition that is beneficial in improving health and fitness levels in people. As a result of immense research, Dr Cohen finally formulated the 1st Personal Diet program.

What Makes 1st Personal Diet Different?

A key aspect of the program which makes it different from all existing ‘Meal Plans’ is its unique use of our ‘blood test results’ to craft one’s diet plan. The chart is specifically tailored to help fulfill our body's needs and nutritional requirements.

The formula is based upon years of research that has been conducted by Dr Cohen during the course of his medical practice.

How 1st Personal Diet Works

Dr. Cohen’s program has been described by nutritionists as a ‘rapid fat and weight loss diet that works in a fast yet healthy way’. In its bare essentials, the program is based upon a balanced eating plan that does not exclude or include too much of any particular nutritional components (like sugars, carbs etc).

Similarly, it does not require individuals to consume specially ordered foods but instead, allows the user to consume foods that are already available in our local supermarkets. Some of the core components of the diet include foods like red/white meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, and dairy products.

The core mechanisms that the program employs include:

  • Blood samples are sourced from an individual in safe, small quantities. Users are requested to send in their blood sample for analysis to the provided address.
  • Upon receiving the samples, a dedicated team of specialists look into the blood and carry out various tests. Dr. Cohen then assesses, monitors and formulates each client’s eating plan personally.
  • Subsequently, when clients have received their eating plans, they will begin to rapidly lose fat and weight in a completely natural and healthy way.
  • Apart from the weight loss, users will also start to see that the balanced eating plan allows them to tone up their loose muscles and overall skin elasticity levels.
  • Lastly, all clients receive regular updates and advice from Dr Cohen . The diet and fat levels will be assessed on a regular basis, and accordingly modification will be made.

Other Aspects Of 1st Personal Diet

An underrated aspect of the diet plan is the importance it lays upon the production of HGH (Human Growth Hormone). Through Dr Cohen’s research it became increasingly clear to him that a health individual needs to optimize his/her HGH levels.

The growth hormone provides benefits like:

Cellular Regeneration:

When there are healthy levels of HGH present in our bloodstreams, the regeneration and preservation of our cellular capacity is maintained. This results in faster body recovery, improved organ health and enhanced muscle tissue production.

Fat Oxidation:

The hormone has been clinically demonstrated to increase the fat oxidation capacity of an individual quite substantially. When this happens, our bodies are able to turn lipids and fats into fuel sources which eventually power our tissues and muscles.

Blood Pressure Regulation:

Through a systemic action upon our CNS, the hormone is able to control and regulate our overall BP levels. Thus, allowing us to stay fit and active well into our old age.


An often underrated aspect of HGH is its ability to increase our overall metabolic potential. When this happens, a user automatically feels more youthful vital, energetic and full of stamina


HGH helps in the maintenance of our LDL/HDL levels. This not only improves our overall well-being, but also enhances our arterial capacity to transport blood and other key nutrients through our circulatory network.

Purchasing 1st Personal Diet

If you're looking to lose weight while being monitored by professionals the 1st Personal Diet program can be easily accessed and purchased by visiting the official web portal. To register for the service, users need to leave their name and address on the contact page.

Consequently, a blood sample will have to be sent from the users end to receive further instructions.

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