RejuvoLASH Review

RejuvoLASH is a new mascara that promises to nourish and plump your eyelashes to give you a “supermodel” appearance. Here’s our RejuvoLASH review.

What is RejuvoLASH?

Have you ever been sensitive about your eyelashes? Maybe you felt they weren’t full, lush, or noticeable enough?

That’s where RejuvoLASH wants to help. RejuvoLASH promises to use clinically proven “stimulation ingredients” like enzymes, peptides, antioxidants, and key vitamins to make your eyelashes look as beautiful as possible.

Basically, this is mascara that also contains nutrients. These nutrients are absorbed by your eyelash hair follicles, which purportedly helps make them more beautiful than ever before.

The mascara is available as part of a risk-free trial, where you pay $8 for shipping and receive two test capsules of RejuvoLASH in the mail. If you don’t return those capsules within 14 days, then you’ll have to pay the full price for RejuvoLASH, which is priced at a whopping $110 USD per bottle.

How Does RejuvoLASH Work?

The creators of RejuvoLASH promise to revitalize your eyelashes in as little as 21 days. They also claim that eyelashes are what “95% of men notice first” about a woman. The creators of RejuvoLASH don’t provide a source for that stat, and I personally find it a little hard to believe. But hey, it probably helps them sell mascara.

In any case, RejuvoLASH promises to use scientifically proven ingredients that were specially formulated in a lab. These ingredients are chosen to promote longer, thicker, and denser lashes “in a matter of days.”

The formula was created by Dr. J. Goco, the Director of Eye Research Associates Intl. We’ll talk more about Dr. Goco and this organization down below.

Some of the key ingredients in RejuvoLASH include:

— Enzymes
— Antioxidants
— Key vitamins

What exactly are those ingredients? Where do the ingredients come from? Are they artificial or produced in a lab? RejuvoLASH never provides any further details about the specific names of these ingredients.

When you’re paying over $110 for a small bottle of mascara, you expect that mascara to be open and honest about its ingredients. With RejuvoLASH, the manufacturer is quiet and mysterious about its ingredients.

In fact, the only place we learn any information about the ingredients is from an alarming source: in the fine print of the terms and conditions, the creators of RejuvoLASH have casually mentioned that some of the ingredients might cause severe side effects.

Here’s what the medical disclaimer section looks like:

“…certain ingredients such as Cascara Sagrada and Cape Aloe leaf extract have the potential to cause muscle cramping, vomiting, diarrhea, and have been linked to colorectal growths.”

You may get colorectal growths by applying mascara to your eyelashes? That sounds very bad.

Customer reviews posted online will often mention that RejuvoLASH irritated their eyes and made them puffy and red. In that sense, RejuvoLASH appears to be a bit of a dangerous product.

How to Buy RejuvoLASH

RejuvoLASH can only be purchased from, where the online sales form is filled with motivational items to persuade you to buy. There’s a timer countdown constantly ticking by at the top of the page, and there are numerous notices talking about how RejuvoLASH is always out of stock but you just happened to arrive at the page at the perfect moment to buy.

None of these things are true, of course. RejuvoLASH has never sold out of its stock and nothing happens when the timer ticks all the way down.

There are a few different ways to but RejuvoLASH, including as part of a free trial offer or in a package with multiple units. Here’s how the pricing breaks down:

— “Free” Trial: $4 for shipping each (two capsules), and then $110 USD per bottle if you don’t return your order within 14 days.

— 1 Month Supply (1 Capsule): $69

— 3 Month Supply (3 Capsules): $159

— 5 Month Supply (5 Capsules): $165

That ordering form has a unique promotion currently going on where if you pay with VISA, you’ll get a free gift.

Orders are shipped within 24 hours of your payment.

At first glance, the free trial seems like the cheapest way to buy RejuvoLASH, but it’s actually the most expensive by far. That free trial initially charges you $8 total for shipping and handling, and then that turns into $220 USD for the two capsules you’ve already received. Worse, those charges go through just 14 days after you pay for your order – which means you might only have 1 or 2 days to try the product and ship it back to the manufacturer.

The manufacturer doesn’t make this very clear on the ordering form. That ordering form only makes sure you check the box beside accepting the “Terms and Conditions”. The actual pricing details are hidden deep within the terms and conditions. Ultimately, a lot of people will be scammed by RejuvoLASH because they didn’t read the terms and conditions.

The best way to buy RejuvoLASH is to avoid the free trial and choose the number of capsules you like.

Who Makes RejuvoLASH?

RejuvoLASH was developed by “an elite team of beauticians and scientist [sic]”, according to the official RejuvoLASH ordering form.

Leading that team of scientists was Dr. J. Goco, Director of Eye Research Associates Intl.

There’s very little information about Eye Research Associates Intl. available online. In fact, the only real source of information about the company is this Facebook page. The company does not appear to have an official website, as all links towards an official website simply redirect you to the RejuvoLASH homepage.

The company appears to have previously sold RejuvoLASH under the similar name “RejuvaLASH” (there’s just one letter different). At this point, that appears to be the only product sold by the company.

Ultimately, RejuvoLASH is a ludicrously expensive mascara product that appears to contain a dangerous list of ingredients. Making matters worse is that the manufacturer never discloses those ingredients. Customer reviews posted online are overwhelmingly negative. There’s also no clinical or scientific evidence supporting the bold claims made by the creators of RejuvoLASH. For all of these reasons, RejuvoLASH is a risky purchase.

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