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About HydraSense

Did you know that somewhere between 40 and 60 million American suffer every day from nasal discomfort?

This could be related to allergies, asthma, immunology and other conditions. Symptoms can vary from person to person – especially whether they are related to allergens or not, but the most common ones experienced are:

  • Stuffy nose
  • Runny nose
  • Itchy nose
  • Post-nasal drip
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Facial pain
  • Slight loss of smell

… and many, many more. Whether the condition is related to allergies or not, these symptoms are generally felt when your immune system detects an allergen or substance that can trigger this from happening.

These things can be harmless to most people, however depending on the allergy status this can also be dangerous. To put it simply, your body reacts to allergens by releasing a chemical called histamine. This, is what causes the nasal discomfort – most of the time.

People who suffer from seasonal allergies are often told they have something called hay fever. These allergies generally happen in the springtime and early fall. Depending on the severity of this allergy – people can also react to things like grass, trees and flowers. This is especially prevalent in mold spores or air pollen.

Outside of the environmental allergies that people have trouble from, many people also experience this nasal discomfort due to pet dander, dust mites, smoke and even cockroach droppings. This may also include air pollution, foreign materials in your nose, infections such as cold viruses, weather changes, certain foods, perfumes, etc.

Given the amount of reasons or triggers – it is no wonder there are so many people who suffer from this type of discomfort.

Now, what we also understand is that there are many of the things on this list that simply can’t be avoided. Sure, you can do your best to stay away from things like perfumes, smoke or pets – but the reality is the most common irritants are ones that you simply cannot avoid. So, what can you do?

We are glad you asked! Keeping the nasal cavity moist and hydrated is ideal. And, this is exactly what HydraSense does.

What Is HydraSense?

HydraSense is a salt water solution that your entire family can benefit from. It has been able to transform the refreshing power of seawater and turn it into a gentle hydration device for your nasal passage. Each drop that is found in this machine is sourced from the Bay of Saint-Malo, France.

This area is best known for its powerful tides and currents that are constantly renewing the sea water there. This allows it to create a natural occurring mineral source and once purified by HydraSense, it helps attain isotonic levels for the best nasal comfort.

You see, there are many other saline nasal sprays available that do not contain this type of mineral structure. They often include purified water, sodium chloride and bicarbonate.

Since the primary goal of these sprays are to add temporary relief, with the inclusion of these powerful minerals in the HydraSense spray – you can expect a deeper, and far longer relief.

More About HydraSense

This nasal saline solution is made of purified seawater that contains more than 70 minerals and trace elements that are found naturally in seawater. And, because of this availability naturally, HydraSense offers two (2) different options;

  1. Isotonic
  2. Hypertonic

The isotonic solution possesses a salt concentration that is the same as 0.9% found in our bodies. This is gentle enough to help soothe and hydrate the nasal passage. This solution includes; ultra-gentle nasal mist, gentle nasal mist and nasal care single-use.

The hypertonic solution has a concentration that has a greater salt content in the human body. This can happen because it uses a process called desalinating – to the degree of 100% naturally sourced seawater until it attains saline concentration.

The hypertonic HydraSense solution includes; eucalyptus nasal mist that contains the scents of eucalyptus and mint. Both of which, are known for the ability to clear nasal passages especially those congested due to colds and/or allergies.

Why Should You Choose HydraSense?

HydraSense, is easy to use and available in easy to use bottles. The Dual Cleanse is a hit that contains two (2) irrigation methods in one bottle. Each bottle contains a comfort tip that will not cause further irritation in the nasal passage upon application.

Also, the tips are equipped for safety. This is especially helpful for the use on babies. The safety neck will prevent the tips from penetrating too deep in the passage way.

As mentioned above, the Dual Cleanse Nasal Rinse Kit allows the user to choose which bottle is best suited to their needs. HydraSense appreciates that clearing and hydrating your nasal passage isn’t always a one size fits all. Therefore, they have made a variety of options available to help you achieve the comfort you deserve.

The Dual Cleanse Kit also offers a gentle gravity technique function like a neti pot. It uses gravity to help rinse the mucus from the nasal passages. And, this kit offers a squeeze technique. This function allows for a more intense rinsing ability for clearing stubborn mucus from the nasal passage.

Steriflo Dispensing System

Each HydraSense bottle solution contains a PET insert pouch that is covered in a sleeve that creates pressure for a continuous flow. This dispensing system allows for no use of compressed propellant gas to dispense which makes this not only easy, but efficient too.

The one-way valve allows for sterile usage because it does not allow any contaminants to renter during each use.

HydraSense Summary

The HydraSense products can be used frequently, and directions for each are available on the box. This also includes any expiration date. Most, have a shelf life of one year except for the Eucalyptus mist which is best used within six (6) months.

Overall, your nasal passage comfort is HydraSense top priority. Be sure to visit your local Walgreens to pick up one for you and your family, today.

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