Raybaby – Baby’s Non-Contact Healthy Breathing Sleep Monitor?


The Raybaby is a baby monitor different from those before it. It is a non-contact monitor that tracks your child’s breathing and sleep patterns. The makers of Raybaby are currently asking for backers/donations through a campaign on Kickstarter.

What Is Raybaby?

Raybaby is the latest in baby monitoring technology, a non-contact monitor. This device is supported by Johnson & Johnson and HAX as part of the Joint Consumer Health Device Program.

The Raybaby safely monitors your baby’s breathing and other vitals. The respiration tracker was developed along the same technology and principles as ultrasound.

You are notified of variations in your baby’s respirations that may be caused by respiratory illnesses such as asthma or bronchitis. You are also notified if your baby is running a fever.

The sleep tracker monitors how much your baby has slept and notifies you. It also tells you when your baby has rolled over or woken in the night, and it can tell you how much your baby needs to sleep.

Doctors believe this is a critical measure of health because sleep benefits your mood, memory and concentration. It also promotes growth and development, while stimulating the immune system, as well as the nervous system.

This device has been clinically tested and with its FDA approved components, its measurements are comparable to what you would expect to find in a professional sleep study conducted at a hospital or sleep center.

How Does Raybaby Work?

The Raybaby can be placed on a tabletop or mounted to a wall. It utilizes ultra-wideband radar technology and can operate at a distance while accurately measuring the tiniest of movements from a baby’s chest. That is only one of its many features. Here are a few more:

  • It notifies you when the baby is running a fever
  • It is accurate up to 98.3 percent
  • It monitors and tracks your baby’s sleep cycles letting you how much your baby has slept and how much he/she needs to sleep
  • It alerts you when your baby rolls over or wakes up in the night
  • No lithium batteries are used, and it comes with a built-in power backup which lasts for three hours
  • Your WIFI/Bluetooth 4.0, and GSM-voice/SMS remote notification feature allows you to be just a tap away from seeing how your baby is doing
  • It creates a journal to use when visiting your pediatrician and discussing your baby’s vital signs, sleep cycles, and overall health
  • It looks great and comes in your choice of three primary colors – red, blue, and yellow, and it is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand

Using Raybaby

The Raybaby is easy to use. Simply signup with an account and it begins to search for your wi-fi. Once found, there is a one-time sync up that takes approximately 10-20 seconds to complete.

The home screen displays a variety of information including whether your baby is sleepy or sleeping, or if your baby is wide awake. It also displays your baby’s live respiration rate.

At the bottom of the screen, you are shown live respiration rate and sleep pattern graphs to aid you in developing goals for your baby’s sleep.

The monitor is encased in wood and can be mounted on the wall or placed on a nearby shelf or table up to about 8 feet away from your baby. The video camera allows for an easy change in orientation to assist you in placement.

Purchasing Raybaby

The Raybaby is still in its funding stage as supported by its Kickstarter page. In order to urge potential customers to take part in making a pledge, the company is offering rewards based on the amount of your pledge. Here is a sampling of the rewards offered:

  • Pledge $10 to support the Raybaby technology
  • Pledge $129 to receive a Free Raybaby unit in your color choice, complete with charging cable
  • Pledge $279 to receive 2 Raybaby units in your color choice, complete with charging cable

Once funded, the makers of Raybaby will email a form to acquire any information needed to deliver your reward (address, color selection).

Please note: If this project is successfully funded through our supporters on Kickstarter, your credit card will be charged on Fri, March 17, 2017. If for any reason you wish to change or cancel your pledge, please do so before then.

Raybaby offers a 30-day money back guarantee – if you do not think Raybaby is helping you and your baby, send the unit back for a refund.

Raybaby Conclusion

The need for the Raybaby arose from parents and grandparents alike who wish to better manage their life’s responsibilities and career choices with trying to raise a healthy and happy baby.

Sometimes we forget how helpful modern technology can be in accomplishing so many things – helping to watch over your baby is one of them. Why not let the Raybaby help you with exactly that?

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