PuraDyme Review

PuraDyme is a company which manufactures a range of “lifestyle enhancing” products. The products are built upon four principles, including:

— Cellular Communication
— Cellular Environment
— Cellular Exercise
— Cellular Nutrition

These four principles have been used to create a lineup of about a dozen different products, including probiotics, amino acids, colon cleansers, and digestive enzymes. The official PuraDyme website also sells kitchen equipment like food dehydrators, water filtration systems, and blenders.

Clearly, PuraDyme offers a wide range of products and solutions. Learn more about this interesting new company in our PuraDyme review.

History of PuraDyme

PuraDyme has a fascinating history. It was founded by a guy named Lou Corona. When Lou was 21, he suffered from a number of debilitating illnesses and conditions, including chronic asthma, severe allergies, constipation, candida, arthritis, severe acne, and even a tumor. Yes, he suffered from all that at just 21 years of age.

Lou claims he was near death one night suffering from an asthma attack in bed. He started praying and said the following:

“If now is my time then I will serve you in spirit, but if it is not my time then show me how to live and I will serve you here until you see fit to bring me home.”

After this moment of surrender, Lou claims that four basic principles appeared in his heart, and he went on to found a lineup of wellness products based on those principles.

What are the Benefits of PuraDyme?

Lou Corona claims that his four principles (mentioned at the top of this page) can help anyone lead a more “radiant and healthy lifestyle.” He claims that the principles can be used to treat all of the following conditions:

— Acid Reflux
— Allergies
— Arthritis
— Asthma
— Cancer
Chronic Fatigue
— Diabetes
— Fibromyalgia
— Obesity
— “And More”

Ultimately, PuraDyme is more than just a lineup of products: it’s a whole new lifestyle. At the official PuraDyme website, visitors can order products or they can learn simple at-home recipes, read company newsletters, and learn about the success stories of others who have followed the PuraDyme system.

PuraDyme Products

PuraDyme currently sells a number of nutritional supplements at the official PuraDyme website. Those products include all of the following:

Liyfbiotic Multi-strain Probiotics ($39.95): This probiotic is designed to boost intestinal tract health using five strains of bacteria which work together to restore healthy flora.

LiyfZyme Plant-based Digestive Enzymes ($39.95): Our stomach relies on enzymes to digest food. This formula contains 16 different powerful enzymes which encourage digestive health.

PuraZyme Cell Regenerator ($49.95): This cell regenerator is a simple pill which you take every day on an empty stomach. It’s designed to fight degenerative diseases and neutralize free radicals in your body, which is thought to help fight off illness.

PuraLiyf Enzyme Enhanced Probiotics ($59.95): This product combines the benefits of the multi-strain probiotics and the digestive enzymes listed above. It’s meant to boost intestinal flora levels, stimulate the immune system, and strengthen your digestive tract.

Liyf Essentials Amino Acid ($39.95): Amino acids are the building blocks for muscles. This supplement contains a grand total of 21 amino acids and a complete profile of essential nutrients.

PuraCleanse Herbal Colon Cleanse ($39.95): This supplement is a blend of specialized herbs designed to boost digestive health, rebuild strength, and gently cleanse the body.

Many of these products come in two different varieties: as capsules or as a powder. With the powdered supplements, it’s easier to control your dose and you can also save a bit of money. The capsuled PuraDyme products, however, are convenient and easy-to-take.

These products contain a wide range of different ingredients. Most of the ingredients are natural extracts taken directly from the environment. It’s refreshing to see that PuraDyme publishes all its ingredients and formulas directly on its website, so you can rest assured that the company isn’t hiding anything.

In addition to the supplements listed above, PuraDyme sells a juicer, a food dehydrator, a blender, and a water filtration system.

Conclusion: Is PuraDyme Right for You?

PuraDyme is designed to enhance digestive health and support smart cleanses. The company’s slogan is “A new leaf on life.”

I can’t tell you if PuraDyme will give you a new “leaf” on life, but if the benefits listed above appeal to you, and you’ve always wanted to try a cleanse, then PuraDyme may be the right choice for you.

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