Rapid Release Technology – High Speed Vibration Pain Relief?


The Rapid Release Technology Pro 2 is a high-speed vibration therapy that can make a difference in your life. Used by chiropractors, sports doctors, massage therapists, and physical trainers, the Rapid Release Pro 2 is designed to alleviate pain by loosening up your muscles with high frequency, small strokes that will deliver relief for minor aches and pains.

Pain Shouldn't Control Your Life

Pain doesn’t have to control your life. Over 100 million Americans are living with pain, with almost ⅔ of them stating how it impacts how or when they can enjoy their life. Rapid Release was developed to help you alleviate that pain.

Masking Pain Vs Treating Pain

Many of us simply mask the pain, without ever dealing with the root source of it. But more pain will deter you from being active, and over time the cumulative effects will have you living a more sedentary life.

This can and will lead to an increased risk of diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease, amongst many other illnesses. With the Rapid Release Pro 2, the objective is to stay in motion so you can keep your body healthy, and live a pain free, more active lifestyle.

A Unique Therapy Device

The Rapid Release Pro 2 is a truly unique therapy device that is an all-natural solution for minor aches and pains. This comfortable and proven therapy will loosen up your muscles, providing relief for minor pains and achy muscles. You can easily begin to feel more limber, more able to go for that long walk with your dog, or go dancing with your friends.

A Winning Practice

The Rapid Release Pro 2 has been bringing people in the field of pain management a product that has become the force behind their winning practice. Rapid Release has become a proven and patented device that is safe and effective on a wide variety of minor aches and pains.


For chiropractors pain treatment has been redefined, and has quickly become the “go to” for pain management practitioners. The fast and pleasant treatments are comfortable for everyone involved. The high frequency, the small strokes, and the multiple treatment heads all work together like nothing else you’ve experienced.

This versatile vibration therapy is a useful way to have patients moving again and enjoying life. You can easily target the pain with 5 unique treatment surfaces and vary the effect almost instantly.

Athletic Trainers And Physical Therapists

Athletic trainers and physical therapists have been using the Rapid Release Pro 2 to take the sports world by storm. Whether they are competing, or are in an off season, the high-speed vibration technology is helping athletes reach their best potential, and their best performance.

Athletes don’t have time for technology that doesn’t deliver results, but the Rapid Release Pro 2 is quickly becoming the high-speed vibration technology for relieving pain and stiffness. Keeping the athletes off the sidelines by alleviating pain has been the number one goal of this vibrational therapy.

Massage Therapists

Massage Therapists love the results their clients are getting from the Rapid Release Pro 2, and as a massage therapist, they also know the power of chronic pain. Clients often begin to avoid their massage therapist because of the soreness that can precede a session, and to be totally honest, the massage therapist's hands could use a break.

This is where Rapid Release Technology type of technology comes into play. It offers this high-speed vibration device that will easily loosen stubborn, stiff muscles and those aches and pains in minutes. Used in addition to the current modalities used, you can now have another great device to your pain relief arsenal.

Take Your Practice to The Next Level

Improve your practice by offering state of the art technology that can improve the results of your patients and clients, and leave them feeling happier and pain free. The power of the healing arts has grown to include this incredibly easy to use and effective device, one that will have all your clients and patients talking about how great they feel.

Rapid Release Technology Pro 2 Has Taken The World By Storm

Rapid Release has recently taken the sports world by storm. It has become trusted by trainers within the professional sports leagues and Olympic teams. This would never have happened if they hadn’t found the Pro 2 to be effective and fast pain therapy. The aches, pains and stiffness related to training for athletes can hold them back from their best performances. The Pro 2 technology can keep them pushing their limits.

Whether you are a professional athlete, an avid runner, a CrossFit enthusiast or in a pain relief practice, the results from the Rapid Release Pro 2 will have you and your clients happy you have added this to your pain relief tool box. Helping yourself and others remain active and agile is the best gift you can give them to live a life of looking and feeling great.

How To Order Rapid Release Technology

You can purchase your Rapid Release Technology Pro 2 online for $1495.00 and free shipping.

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