Radiant Revive – Healthy Skincare Cream & ShadeMedics Makeup?


About Radiant Revive

Radiant Revive is a specialist brand of eye shadow for women that can help accentuate female attractiveness around the eyes.

Radiant Revive offers a range of different colors and textures so that its customers can match and choose the style that they think suits their facial features the best.

Eye shadows by Radiant Revive make use of what they call PBL Shadows, which stands for Pigmented, Blendable, and Long Lasting. The company claims that they wanted to make sure that they could deliver on those 3 features no matter the color or texture of the eye shadow used.


The special pigmentations used in Revive Eye Shadow means that the Radiant Revive is able to offer a vast range of different colours and contours previously unseen in the cosmetics market. Not only can its customers choose from the classic light and dark styles of shadow, but also sparklers, glitter, and other raised pigmented profiles.


Secondly, the eye shadows by Radiant Revive are blendable into a broad range of skin types. Even people who have the fairest or darkest skin are able to blend the eye shadows by Radiant Revive with ease, thus making them a versatile cosmetic choice.

Long Lasting

Finally, the Radiant Revive eye shadows are guaranteed to stand up to the tough conditions of humidity, moisture, free radicals, and other environmental factors. Each eyeshadow contains special ingredients guarantees the shadow will hold its texture and color, and can reportedly outlast even the strongest of their competitors.

About the Radiant Revive Shademeics Formulations

Officially, Radiant Revive has termed the technology it uses for its eye shadow Shademedics.

Shademedics is a formulation of different ingredients that help to keep the user’s skin healthy and looking vibrant and attractive. Additionally, the ingredients are first tested inside a GMP certified facility in the United States before they are used in the final product. This quality testing process is to ensure that one can use the shadows safely and without fears of side effects.

What Shadows Are Offered By Radiant Revive?

Radiant Revive offers a number of different colours, contours, textures, and pigments that can accentuate the user’s best physical feature: their eyes.

Some of the shadows include:

  • Coconut Shell
  • Hot Sand
  • Papaya Goddess
  • Afternoon Espresso
  • Hammock
  • Petals

And many more and in the process of being developed and released to the market.

The price of the above eye shadows varies depending on the customer’s shipping destination. Yet the average price for a single eye shadow alone should cost between $4 and $5. Delivery charges may be in the ranges of $10-$20.

About The Company

The company claims that its mission is to provide safe, beautiful, and valuable products that women everywhere can enjoy to contour their eyes and make themselves look beautiful.

The company accepts major credit card brands as methods for payment, and has an integrated shopping cart that can be accessed through the company’s website.

Once an order is placed through the site, customers should expect to get their eye shadow within three to five working days.

Radiant Revive Review Summary

Radiant Revive could be seen as a versatile brand of eyeshadow for women who always like to experiment with the look of their skin and eyes. The ingredients are reportedly safe and easy to use, and most can be found for as little as $5.

More details about Radiant Revive can be found on the company's website, including the full ingredient listing for each eye shadow.

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