Radha Beauty – Pure Skin Care Oils, Gels and Creams?


Radha Beauty Review – Why Buy?

Radha is a maker of multiple skincare products, which primarily focus on the use of pure oils to help everyday ailments. This is our review.

What is Radha Beauty?

Radha Beauty is a company that helps to promote healthy hair, healthy skin, and a healthy body. Many people are too busy to keep up with a regimen to take care of themselves. When you have many obligations on your plate, you may find yourself pushing aside the ways that you indulge in. Putting yourself last isn’t a noble act; it is just one more way you neglect your overall health. If you work or have children, you may not have enough hours in the day to take on a regular beauty regimen. After all, if you’re so busy with all of these commitments, you won’t have time to be ready for a spontaneous plan anyway, right? Wrong. That’s where Radha Beauty comes in.

Radha Beauty is a line of products that was co-founded by Rebekah Letch. Letch grew up in an Indian household, which meant that she regular participated in oil baths. These oil baths would enrich her skin and hair, giving it the strength and energy she needed to continue with her day. With a special blend of ingredients, this regular treatment would leave her with skin that was ridiculously soft and healthy. She noticed that these oils were used to safely treat any ailment, and that she often had less significant results when using medications.

Over the course of ten years, Letch worked with a variety of people in the entertainment industry, which usually would result in makeup treatments that would cause her skin to break out. She began to learn about the toxic ingredients that were in all beauty products, whether they came from a value brand or from something more expensive. At this point, she decided that enough was enough. She became determined to make products that were effective, safe, organic, and environmentally friendly.

The company was founded in 2014, with the desire to find beauty products that did not compromise the health of any living thing, including the earth. Letch combined her experience with different oils and products to create an entire line of oils and makeup products that are safe for any skin type.

Radha Beauty Products

All of Radha’s beauty products are safe for consumer use and safe for the environment. They are produced in an FDA-approved facility, which means the methods used to make the products are also safe. In order to ensure that Letch’s results were the same as the consumers’, the oils are imported from other countries for a high-quality product.

None of the products are tested on animals, which maintains the mission of Radha Beauty to prevent harming any living thing with their products. All of the products are free from harsh chemicals, which means you are less likely to have a negative reaction from using them.

All of the products can be divided into two different categories – skincare and essential oils. The skincare products include cleansers, moisturizers, serums, and eye care products. However, the Pure Oils are another group entirely.

100% Pure Oils

The 100% Pure Oils are a staple product of Radha Beauty products. Each of these products are designed to help you elicit certain responses from your body, depending on the particular oil you use. All of the oils are made from organically-grown plant sources, which means you are getting fresh and pure oils in every order. All of the oils contain no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances or dyes, of GMOs. There are multiple different products offered by Radha Beauty for your ailments. Here are just a few of the available products, along with what they can do for you.

  • The Essential Oil Diffuser (120 ml) ($24.95)
    • Essential to using any of the oils in a household or office setting
  • 100% Pure Radha Rosehip Oil ($13.95)
  • 100% Pure Radha Lavender Oil (13.45)
    • Safe for all skin types
    • Helps promote relaxation
    • Reduces multiple respiratory issues
    • Able to repel insects
    • Improves your blood circulation
    • Promotes a healthy night of sleep
    • Makes your home smell fresh and clean
    • Alleviates and prevents headaches, coughs, migraines, and multiple other illnesses
  • 100% Pure Radha Argan Oil ($12.95)
    • Intense moisturizer, which is meant to be used for your hair
    • Helps to eliminate problems like frizzy hair, blemishes, acne, inflammation, and other issues
  • 100% Pure Radha Fractionated Coconut Oil ($14.95)
    • Designed to treat the skin, and protect it from toxins
    • Promotes hydrated skin and hair
    • Gives healthy shine to your hair
    • Prevents dry skin and the appearance of aging
  • 100% Pure Radha Frankincense Oil ($19.95)
    • Controls the impact of bacteria in your body
    • Helps to increase immunity
    • Promotes relaxation and eliminates stress
    • Strengthens your hair
    • Helps to heal wounds

Using Radha Products

While the skincare products are fairly common in any adult’s regimen, the oils are new to many consumers. The oils are actually incredibly versatile, and can be used in many ways.

  • Aromatherapy Diffuser Application
  • Personal Application
  • Household Application

To use the oils in an aromatherapy diffuser, you only need to add up to three drops to your diffuser for each water cycle.

The personal use of the oils depends on the oil. Some oils are meant to be smelled, which means you will need to apply a few drops of the oil to a cotton swab. Other oils are meant for topical application, which means you need to rub in a few drops of oil into your skin. Follow the directions listed for personal use.

If you want to use the oil in your household application, you can add some to a spray bottle filled with water, allowing you to spray around your home like an air freshener.

Contacting Radha Beauty

If you have questions about your order or any of the products listed, there are many ways to get ahold of someone. The easiest way to reach a representative is by calling 1-800-379-0602. You can also email the company at [email protected]


Radha is a great company that wants to promote healthy habits for your skin and body. All of their products are safe for use. The pure oils offered are even safe for use with children. At affordable prices, there is no reason not to include these remedies in your daily life.

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  1. Radha is just an oil re-seller that uses a toll manufacturing facility for bottling their cheap Chinese oils.
    Call them what they are – SCAMS

  2. Customer service is terrible! I have placed several calls and sent messages with no response! Will not purchase Radha again.

  3. radha is a scam…you can google “retinol cream alibaba” and “vitamin c serum alibaba” and find the exact jars… alibaba is the chinese version of amazon. people are just buying in bulk for pennies on alibaba, repacking and reselling in the states on amazon. but basically the products are made in china… you get what you pay for. also, check out radha on fakespot.. lots of paid reviewers publishing on amazon.


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